Some of the ones i enjoyed doing the most part 1
by Alex Jay Brady

1+2: “Smelost” (Enterprise) atomic ekranoplan ligt carrier from Charles Stross’ short story Missile Gap

3: 2 hour sketch on the topic “throne of bones”

4: Specialised interface to allow a crow to work in space

5: Chickenjet from “Is This Heaven” independent movie by Bastiaan Koch

6: 30 min sketch on the topic “harvest machine”

7: Sidewinder Shai-Hulud

8: “Entering Chicago at Speed” gyrocar

9: Living starship spawning

10: Boat for InMind Games

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Danneel does not deserve the bad rap she’s getting from this fan base and it’s really bothering me how many people are making such big deals out of all of this.

Mrs. Ackles just brought two babies into the world and yes, hundreds of women do this, and yes, hundreds of women have to raise 3+ kids on their own. She is a woman, and she did what women are evolved to do, produce young. But that doesn’t mean Danneel deserves any special treatment, and neither does it mean that she should be treated like dirt (for “creating an inconvenience for Jensen and the fandom” as someone said).

We claim to be a fandom where family comes first, and then some of you get unnecessarily mad about the fact that Jensen maybe did not want to spend his whole weekend at the con to spend time with his family.

HIS CHILDREN WERE BORN ON FRIDAY and yet he still showed up to SFcon with encouragement from Danneel because she probably knew about the backlash that would come from the fandom if he didn’t go.

To be honest, there would have been backlash from the fans either way.

If he stayed at home with his family, the fans would have felt cheated out of their money and sent hate his way for not being there for them.

He is not a therapist. He is a human being who deserves some time to himself. Be grateful for the time that he sacrificed for you guys.

If he did go for the whole weekend, even if Danneel had said it was okay, the fans would have wondered why he came to the con and not stayed home.

Please stop accusing Danneel of being an attention seeker.

On the note of the baby’s names:

I think they are awesome and unique and I love them.

Zeppelin Bram Ackles: I love this name and many people are accusing Jensen of naming the baby something that Dean would. This is not true. The umbilical cord was wrapped around him like a bend known as “Zeppelin bend”. Jensen confirmed this at SFcon.

Arrow Rhodes: This is an awesome name also. Both Jensen and Danneel wanted and A.A. name and both liked the name Arrow, also confirmed by Jensen at SFcon.

Chill out people. Those are their names. Just accept it and move on.

Many fans are being amazing with all of this and just focusing on being happy for the Ackles family. Which is what we all should be doing.

Just please shut up for a while and be happy for them.

jay-does-art  asked:

there is this song called 'higher love' by anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones and i tought it would fit the cinderella au!

I could easily see the beginning-most of the bridge in place of The Sweetest Sounds, and then maybe everything after that as a reprise at the end when they’re reunited.

(This is turning into less of a R&H’s Cinderella au and more of a “how many modern songs can we fit to the plot of Cinderella?” au. …I mean, no complaints here though, challenge accepted. pLEASE SEND IN MORE SONGS FOR THIS AU GUYS, I LOVE THIS!!)


Oh shieeee…… Jay Park (Aquaman xD) participating in the Climate Reality Project alongside other superheroes xD Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Joseph-Gordon Levitt (Edward Snowden), Edward Norton (Og Hulk)….HELL YEAH! First the World Aids Day, now Climate Change. Jay Park doin his bit to spread the good causes…. (Y)

“24 Hours of Reality” coming at you from Seoul! Performing “Me Like Yuh” and “Solo” to support South Korea’s participation in the greater movement for a cleaner world!
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