I would like to address a few issues I have with Vetra Nyx.

  • The Embarrassed Older Sister
  • Tactical
  • That Voice
  • Knows how to Awkwardly Flirt
  • Knows how to Actually Flirt
  • Told a Krogan to bASICALLY STFU
  • Beautiful, Wonderful, Ethereal, 30/10 Would Recommend
  • Visor!!!
  • TH A T  V O I  C E E E E !! !!  ! ! ! !!!
  • Is Killing Me Softly
  • Celebrates Her Kills
  • Congratulates Me on MY Kills
  • Is Perfect

Please consider your mistakes in making this character, Bioware. 

Jay Baruchel & Alfred Molina

Just another ‘messing around’ post :P 

I watched this 2010 movie ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ yesterday, and I was thrilled that I found a Jay-Alfred confrontation scene just like in the RTTE!

(If you haven’t watched the movie and you want to check it out yourself, please skip my post, since the pictures below may spoil the movie to some degree…)

Dave Stutler & Maxim Horvath in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Hiccup Haddock & Viggo Grimborn in Race to the Edge

Thus, when I saw Horvath asking Dave for the Grimhold, it was all Viggo asking Hiccup for the Dragon Eye…


Horvath kidnapped Dave’s girlfriend Becky…

Viggo kidnapped Hiccup’s girlfriend Astrid…

When the villains were defeated, Dave and Becky kissed…

When the dragon hunters were defeated, Hiccup and Astrid kissed…

EVERYTHING’S JUST SO FAMILIAR!!! Such an interesting discovery XD


                                                  🎊So this happened…👶🏾

bring on the

  • headaches & back pain…
  • dizziness & fainting…
  • hormones & mood swings.

& @mysimbrotherskeeper thinks I’m crazy now…just wait 😂