Stiles: from now on we’ll be using code names. I will be Eagle 1

Stiles: Erica is: been there, done that

Erica: *winks*

Stiles: Derek is: currently doing that


Stiles: Boyd is: it happened once in a dream

Boyd: ???

Stiles: Allison is: If I had to pick a human

Stiles: and Isaac is… Eagle 2

Isaac: oh thank god

my alpha.

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pairing: derek hale x reader

warnings: SMUT, swearing, dirty talk, NSFW GIFS. porn without a plot, basically.

prompt: going into heat while living in the loft with derek being the only available alpha. 

the cold loft was deserted as you laid in the middle of your bed, beads of sweat ran down your sore skin and your breathing was coming out harder than usual. you’d turned down the AC as soon as you’d woken up, the icy air doing very little to calm your raging hot skin. you had lived with derek and issac in the loft for 6 months after being turned by scott and having no where else to go; at first you thought of yourself as an inconvenience yet derek and issac constantly reassured you that you weren’t. al though they had said it many times, you still didn’t bother them with any of your problems and tried to keep to yourself in your room.

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Can I request numbers 1, 2, 49, 51 and 60 with Derek Hale? Pretty Please. <3

Derek Hale - “You are my sunshine.”

Derek had his arm wrapped around your shoulders. Absentmindedly he was staring at the television. He had no idea what he was watching. He just knew that you were enjoying it, which was all that really mattered to him.

“Are you still awake?” You lifted your head up. You had a hand on his chest and a smile on your face.

“Yes, I am. Don’t worry.” Derek nodded and he pressed a soft kiss on your forehead. “Do you like the movie?” He already knew the answer, but he asked it anyway.

“I’ve already seen it a thousand times. Do you like it?” You raised your eyebrows and you cocked your head. “We can watch something else if you want?”

“No, it’s fine. If you enjoy it, I enjoy it too.” Derek shook his head and he tightened his grip on you. “I didn’t really pay much attention to the movie, but I just stared at you for at least an hour and I liked every second of it.”

You grinned and you grabbed the remote control to turn the tv off.  "You’re too good for this world, Derek Hale. I don’t know that many men who would sit through a boring romantic comedy where you can see the end coming from the very first second just to watch their girlfriend enjoy it.“

“Most men have no idea what they’re missing out on.” His lips curled up into a slight smile. He still couldn’t believe that despite everything you were here in his arms, calling him your boyfriend, telling him you love him, assuring him that he was too good for this world. He still couldn’t believe that the happy end he had thought he would never get seemed to be here eventually.

“I’m sorry that I have such a horrible taste in movies and that you have to sit through them all. You deserve better than me.” You giggled and your finger tapped the tip of his nose.

“I don’t.” Derek grabbed your wrist and he pulled you a little closer towards him. “I don’t deserve better than you, because there is no better than you.” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “I have to tell you something.” He took a deep breath. “I really thought that this, being together with someone, quiet evenings on the couch, watching movies I don’t even like just because someone else likes them, was not gonna happen to me.” He licked his lips. “I wasn’t really lucky when it came to love. Happy endings were something for Scott, for Stiles, maybe even Isaac. I didn’t think there would be one for me.”

You shifted your weight a little and you kept your eyes locked with his.

Derek wasn’t much of a talker and he was glad that when he did talk you simply let him. “After our first date I was sure that something would happen. You would move out of town. You would get killed. You would turn out to be some kind of dark creature responsible for a massacre.” He swallowed, pushing the memories away. “And the first time you came here and left again, I realized that maybe this time could be different and I had almost asked you to stay for the night.”

Your lips curled up into a smile and you pressed a soft kiss on his cheek. “I hated going home that day and if you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.” You spoke softly and Derek’s heart skipped a beat in his chest. “I hope you don’t doubt anymore that you deserve a happy ending and that I want to be part of that?” You kissed his lips. “Because you make it sound like I’ve saved your life, but it’s the other way round. You are my sunshine, Derek. And without you my life wouldn’t be half as beautiful.”

The Slasher of South Hill

A/N: A request from @dakota-dream for one where the reader’s father is a notorious serial killer (much like Ashley) and she doesn’t tell anyone (unlike Ashley, lol). One day, the case gets brought up again, because although her father is in prison, it is believed he may have a partner who has started up again. Although the two aren’t romantically involved, Spencer is right there comforting her and all that good shit. LOL @coveofmemories


The only one on the immediate team that knew was Hotch - and he had to know because of the background check you’d undergone when you started. You remember begging him not to tell anyone.

“What happens if it comes up?” he asked.

You mean someday someone might just come right out and ask, hey, Y/N, is your father a homicidal maniac? “You think that’s just going to come up in conversation, Hotch?” you said with a taut smile. “I don’t think it’s going to come up. If god forbid, someday, something comes about that leads us as a team back to my father, then I’ll come clean, but until that point, I really don’t feel like announcing that kind of information. Like, hello, my name is Y/N, and my father killed 10 women while I was in high school. Kind of a conversation killer.”

He smiled at your starkness. “I’ll of course keep it to myself, but just so you know, I’m sure everyone would be able to separate you from your father. You’re not the same.”

“No,” you said. Thank fucking god for that. “But I am who I am because of the disgusting and despicable things he did. And I really hate the idea of being associated with him. Hence the last name change.” As soon as you turned 18, you legally changed your last name to your mother’s maiden name. It was kind of an old lady last name, but it was sure as shit better than being associated with your father in any way. 

He nodded your way - a silent affirmation that he would keep your deep, dark secret. As you left the office that day, you though that with any luck, nothing would ever lead the team back to your father and that way you’d never have to tell anyone about what he was doing in your neighborhood as you were asleep in your bed.


But now…

Now, as you stared at the TV screen, you took in the images before you, thinking how similar the two women looked to your father’s victims. 

Your grandmother, his father, had tried to abort him when she was pregnant. She claimed she knew her child would be evil. But the failed attempt led her to give birth at eight months, and it was a troublesome birth at that. The cord was wrapped around his neck for an extended period of time. Honestly, your father probably didn’t stand a chance with the genes he’d inherited, the house he grew up in, and the traumatic birth he’d suffered. Even before he was born, his surroundings spelled serial killer.

While you were going to school and playing soccer, unaware of the insane bullshit that was about to unfold, your father was killing ten women in your neighborhood and the surrounding areas that looked an awful lot like your grandmother did when she was young. Your father’s case was so oedipal is was cliche. 

As a home security installer, he had the best access anyone could possibly have. At the drop of a hat, he knew what women were vulnerable, how he could get into their homes, how long he could be there without getting caught, and so, could fully prepare whatever he needed to bring to their homes so he could torture them. Once inside, 100 positive that he wouldn’t be interrupted by anyone, he knocked the women out and tied them down to a bed, waiting for them to wake before he started his sadistic routine. First, he would make small cuts on their bodies with an extremely sharp knife - not enough to draw much blood, but enough to painful. You remember hearing a recording of one of his prison tapes where he said how that was always his favorite part, when they realized they would never make it out of their ordeal alive. It always happened quickly, but it was the part that made him the happiest. He would increase the depth and length of his cuts until the women were begging for death at which point he’d strangle them. After they were gone, he’d open them up, taking the reproductive organs as trophies. When he’d been caught, he proudly showed the authorities the ten jars he’d kept, the organs perfectly preserved so he could look at them whenever he wanted.

“Our two victims are suburban women, cut pre-mortem, strangled to death and then opened up post-mortem,” Hotch said. “The reproductive organs were removed.” When he looked at you, you could feel it. This would be the moment you’d have to share your deep, dark secret. The similarities were too much for this to be a coincidence.

As Spencer looked on, taking in each and every gory detail of the victims, he said what you’d hoped he wouldn’t. “The torture beforehand, the cause of death and the removal of the organs, plus the look of the victims make this look very much like the case of Kenneth Stanford, The Slasher of South Hill.”

Everyone started spewing out theories and possibilities as you sat there quietly, trying to build up the courage to say what you needed to say. Once you had, you gave Hotch a look. “Anything to add, Y/N?”

“You all know me as Y/F/N Y/L/N, but that’s my mother’s maiden name. Until I was 18, I was a Stanford. The Slasher of South Hill is my father.”

My Cinnamon Roll//Derek Hale

(A/N): Holy crap it has been a long time, I want to start updating more frequently soon since my life is kind of being sorted out. I know, I’ve said that a million times already, but I think it’s finally true. Anyway, thanks for sticking around my loves!! To kick off my return, I wanted to leave you guys with this short Derek imagine! Enjoy

Warnings: Cuteness, lack of proofreading


“Y’know, you’re like a giant cinnamon roll,” you hum, snuggling into your boyfriend’s warm chest. The linen sheets clung to your body as the bed slightly rattled from the gentle movements.

“W-What?” Derek sputtered, his abdomen rumbling with a low chuckle. You feel his lips curl up against your forehead, causing a smile to peak at your own lips. “Are you hungry? I can go make you cinnamon rolls if you want.”  

He began to sit up, but you were strong enough to heave him back to the mattress, given his lazy state. Shaking his head playfully, Derek wraps his arms around your shoulders and pulls you in close. You draped your leg over his waist, clinging onto him like a loving koala. He places a gentle hand over your knee cap, drawing gentle circles over the bare area. You returned to drawing aimless patterns on his built chest.

“So, tell me, (Y/N)… What are my cinnamon roll qualities?” Derek asks teasingly, pulling you out of your sleepy daze.

“Well, for one, you are always warm and cuddly,” you hum, letting your lips brush against his bare skin. He intakes a sharp breath, making you smirk as you let your hand roam further down his chest.

“And you have a tough exterior,” you murmur, poking at his solid abs, “But on the inside, you’re all gooey and sweet. And you always kind of smell like cinnamon.” You smile widely straddling his hips while leaning close to his lips, just centimeters from touching.

“You put a lot of thought into this,” Derek beams, his eyes falling to your lips momentarily.

“Well, I am craving cinnamon rolls so that helps my thought process,” you say, taking a deep breath. Closing the space between you, you feel a slight turn at your abdomen, but you push it to the back of your love-struck mind. As if to prove a point, your stomach growls loudly.

“I’ll be back in fifteen,” Derek says, gently cupping your chin before placing a slow kiss on your lips. He pulls away much too soon for your liking, leaving you breathless and hungry for more than the sweets you were about to receive.


Sidenote: Wattpad is pretty chill, and I’m thinking about starting to post some stuff on there. Not just Teen Wolf or the stuff I post on here, but maybe some original stories as well. What do you guys think??

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Hey loves, your blog is SPECTACULAR!!! Thank you from the bottom fo all we Sterek shippers hearts<3 I was just wondering if you knew of any FICs in which Derek was effected by the gohstriders in S6...Like a Sterek version of that whole storyline?

I’m not sure if these are Derek being effected by the ghost riders. But this is sterek with the ghost riders plot. - Anastasia

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When I’m gone by MissJCM

(2/2 I 1,116 I General)

When a fight turns into a missing person.

break me on this lonely road by smallbeans

(1/1 I 2,140 I Not Rated)

The last person Derek expected to be knocking on his door at ass-o'clock was Stiles.

Or, Stiles runs away to Derek after everyone forgets him and before the Ghost Riders can take him.

Remember by DerekHaleGirl97

(1/1 I 3,558 I Teen I Girl!Stiles)

“You’re going to forget me, Derek.” Stiles, defeat already laced in her voice.

Derek looked at her, feeling his stomach fall and his wolf growl in protest. “I won’t.”

“Find some way to remember me, Derek.” Stiles squeezed his hand tight.

“I will.” Derek promises, holding her hand against his chest. “I will find you, Stiles. I promise.”

Stiles smiled sadly at Derek, tears streaming down her face. “Just remember that I love you.”

Unfinished by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

(7/? I 17,792 I Explicit)

Stiles stared at the monitor and succumbed to the urge to just… breathe.

He’d never believed in that trope about people not realizing they had been holding their breath. Stiles was an expert at holding his breath and making wishes for impossible things. It was forcing himself to breathe again that was the problem.

New Series Preview

So I promised a preview of my new Derek series and I’ve got it already for you guys. The title will be Witches & Wolves and here you go!

I’d never understand the phrase ‘are we there yet.’ Kids never asked that. They could obviously see they weren’t at point B by looking out the window, something my sisters had been doing a lot over the past three day. The real question was something along the lines of-

“How much time left?” That. That was what I heard far too often within the 36 hours of driving I’d covered.

“About half an hour, Magie.” I loved her to death, but a seven year old could only ask so many questions before you had a mental break.

“How long is half an hour” she questioned as she tried to adjust once more in her booster seat in the back.

“30 minutes,” Lorie chimed in before I could even wrap my fried brain around the question. Lorelai had definitely been my rock in the last week, though I had to keep pushing back my impending guilt for making a fourteen year old step up to responsibilities she shouldn’t have to worry about.

That’s all I’m willing to reveal for now! But you can read all of Part 1 on Tuesday, March 28

Also I have a request to put out there into the community and that is that I’m looking for some art/gif to use for the series. It doesn’t have to necessarily be the image I add to every part post, but hopefully at least for part 1: some things it could involve is witches, wolves, or both. Maybe it could involve Derek and another dark haired reader. If someone wants to find or make something just for the first part, it could involve a car driving cross-country, a flower shop, or subtle usages of magic. That’s all I can say for now. If you do want to sugest something, you can do so through submitting it or mentioning me in a post with it. Make sure to tell me who to @ for appreciation and grattitude!!

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