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hii :0 i was wondering do you guys have any young!derek fics like where derek is basically the younger version of him

We’re assuming you’re looking for some De-Aged Derek Hale so here, have some :D


Beware of the Spell by MemeKon

Seeing twenty four year old Derek smile is… Terrifying, pretty much. He has only witnessed such a thing a handful of times, and it always feels a little weird. Like the smiles get torn straight out of Derek’s soul in a hurtful way. Fifteen year old Derek does it all the time, though, with surprising ease.

(Or, the one where Derek gets hit by a spell and is suddenly fifteen again.)

Little Promises by crossroadswrite

Derek doesn’t really know what happened. He just knows there was a lady and she was pretty but she was also really mean and she was trying to hurt his friends.

“Holy fuck,” Erica mutters and is harshly shushed by Isaac.

“Don’t swear in front of the kid.”

“It’s not a kid,” Erica counters. “It’s just-“


Where Clouds Roll By by ohanotherday

Derek gets de-aged, physically *and* mentally, and immediately gravitates towards Stiles instead of his pack. Why? Because he can sense that everyone else (Scott, Erica, Boyd, Isaac, etc.) is a werewolf (or were-something, in Jackson’s case), and his family taught him not to trust unfamiliar weres when he was on his own. He can also sense that Allison’s a Hunter or connected to them somehow, (maybe she smells like wolfsbane? w/e). So Stiles ends up having to take care of him until he’s back to normal. In the meantime, bb!Derek gets very protective of Stiles, and adorable shenanigans ensue.

Gen is fine, but bonus points for Derek/Stiles either happening as a result if they weren’t already in some kind of relationship.

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Hey! Do you think you could update the de-aged derek tag? I noticed that it hasn't been update in almost a year and i'm just really in the mood to read some fics featuring an adorable kid derek


Chocolate and Werewolves by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle (1/1 | 3,939 | PG13)

Derek and Stiles have been dating for six months. Their anniversary just happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. Derek, understandably, proceeds to panic.

“This is what defines you, Stiles. The unexpected.” by limesnapdragon (32/32 | 77,464 | NC17)

“If someone had told him two weeks ago he would be on illegal drugs and hanging out with Derek Hale, he would probably have punched them. Life was funny sometimes.”

Stiles is about to turn seventeen and present, find out whether he’s an alpha, a beta or an omega. A lot is riding on it and Stiles is nervous as hell. He hadn’t expected Derek Hale, of all people, to be helping him out, but when you’re in deep shit and the guy’s handing you a paddle, what else are you going to do?

The Child Inside by nightlight9 (1/1 | 1,654 | G)

The witch had been hoping to turn him into something monstrous when she cast the spell on Derek; Stiles could have laughed at her attempt. The spell was crafted to reveal Derek’s true nature and to bring it to the surface, transforming him into whatever shape it took. She had been hoping that he was an angry monster inside, but Stiles knew better. Derek wasn’t a monster. Nothing about him was ever monstrous.

Of course, Stiles hadn’t really expected this outcome either.
In which Derek is de-aged and Stiles takes care of him

A Wrinkle in Time by LoveActually_rps (1/1 | 2,894 | G)

“But Deaton, how do we change him back?”
“I don’t know, Scott.”
“Does this potion contain wolfs bane?”
“A little.”
“What?! But he's… he is… ” Stiles watched as Scott struggled for the correct word, totally freaking out, and gestured at the twitching blanket in Cora’s hold. “… so small,” Scott murmured after a beat.
Stiles let out a heavy sigh. He strained his neck to get a better look at him, his lips curving a little when the two tiny hands peeked out from the edge of the blanket and tried to grab a gleaming stud on Cora’s dress.
“Aha, d’you like it, baby bro?” Cora cooed at the baby, rounding her painted lips for unnecessary cuteness, as if that would work. He might be a baby, but in there, somewhere, he was still Derek Hale for god’s sake.

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hello guuuiseeeeeesssss! i ned help finding this fic (i think its a tumblr one?) where derek its de aged and loses his memory bit when he goes with scott to his house stiles its his mate and they have a child (maybe a girl?) and derek its super happy and totes wants to be a teenage dad ok

We thought we had found it before. But here’s the tumblr one you wanted by @stileshale (really, should have check there first. their tumblr fics are the best.)

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i am having a really awful week anxiety wise, and my depression has been getting worse, and i don't wanna bother you but your fics always cheer me up, so, if you have time and are up for it, do you think you could write me something extremely fluffy and cavity inducing? i'd love you forever <3 (not that i don't already!)

I am so so sorry it took me two days to reply to this, but here. Please accept my offering of de-aged, baby!Derek and true love’s kiss! I hope you are feeling better today, sweet anon, but if not I hope this goes a little way in making you smile <3

Stiles never thought he’d see the day where Derek let Kira and Erica paint his face and smile about it. Then again, he never expected to be taking care of a four year old Derek either.

Stiles thought the first Derek got de-aged was hard enough. From the moment they found him, Stiles had panicked; all the way from Mexico to when Derek had been lying unconscious on Deaton’s table, it took all his self-control not to freak out, even though he didn’t know exactly why. His heart just about stopped, however, when he saw him going out that window with Kate, and, well, if that was also the moment he realised just how much he actually cared for the asshole…it wasn’t much of a revelation anyway.  

So, all said and done, Stiles thought this time would be a much simpler affair. Derek can’t climb out any windows without someone helping him- not funny Erica. He doesn’t have to convince anyone he’s his cousin, and finally Derek doesn’t question Stiles’ authority every minute of the day. Which, you know, is nice- so nice Stiles plans to record at least some of it to tease Derek with later-  but mostly, it just makes him miss his- uh, their- Derek more. Because, well, shut up, he just likes challenging people. He doesn’t get turned on by it or anything.

He doesn’t.

The problem though, the problem with this whole damn thing, is Derek’s face is currently painted like a bunny and he’s looking at Stiles like he’s his favourite person in the whole world.

An hour ago, Derek painted Stiles a picture of the pack and put Stiles in the middle of it, a blue and orange blanket wrapped around him, before proceeding to say in the most adorable and earnest voice ever, because you deserve snuggles, ‘tiles.

Yesterday, Stiles found him crying in the kitchen, sitting on the floor all by himself, because Aslan died in the ‘Narnia’ movie Scott had put on for him. His little fingers had clutched at Stiles’ t-shirt when he asked him what was wrong, little cheeks all puffed out and red from crying, only regaining their normal colour when Stiles put him in his lap and let Derek scent him for a while.

It just about broke Stiles’ heart when Derek whispered home before falling asleep with his face buried in Stiles’ neck.

And now, because Derek is intent on killing him, Derek is tugging at his sleeve, asking Stiles if he makes a good bunny.

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Do you have anymore de-aged Derek? ;O

i might

Hold On, Hold Tight (make it through another night) by callunavulgari (1/1 | 2,940  | PG13)

“You feel important,” Derek finally blurts out, the tips of his ears going red the second the words are out of his mouth.

Stiles blinks at him. “What?”

Baby-faced Derek bites his lip again, which is… distracting. “Something is wrong,” he finally says, slowly. “I don’t know what, because none of you are telling me anything—” and ah, there’s a hint of the old Derek. Stiles would recognize that scowl anywhere. “—but I know that everything smells wrong. And that I can’t feel mom anymore. I can’t feel anyone, except for you.”

The Time Traveler’s Prerogative by weathervaanes (1/1 | 9,234  | NC17)

After the events of “117”, Derek doesn’t magically transform back into his twenty-five-year-old body. Instead, he’s stuck as a sixteen-year-old for an unknown amount of time. So the pack has to learn to deal with it.

anything that’s dead shall be regrown by blueinkedbones (20/? | 38,363  | PG13)

“Derek,” the guy with the hands says. He’s still got his hands out, kind of reaching, kind of catching, kind of dropping to his sides. His voice is calm, but his eyes are too bright to sell it, and his heartbeat is out of control. “Are you—Do you know who we are?”
“No,” Derek decides. “Should I?”

Hormonally Yours by Nokomis (1/1 | 1,187  | G)

Stiles is on a stakeout with adorably teenaged Derek. Makeouts happen.

You Won’t be Seventeen Forever and We Can Get Away with this Tonight by  andthenonawednesday (1/1 | 1,769  | NC17)

Derek and Stiles are mates. They’ve had sex, but Derek has never knotted Stiles before, and being in a 17 year old body again leads to a slip in his control. Hijinks ensue.

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For like fic prompts if it was like Derek was super like fluffy and sweet around stiles it's like he just turns into a little mush ball ? Or like I remember reading a prompt that never got a story to it that was about when like Derek was deaged but normal Derek was there and stiles and him where married and a deaged Derek was there too so there was two Derek's.

It only took me over a week to write it (college can suck it) BUT it’s here!!! I wrote you a fic and I hope you like it, my lovely :)

“Scott, no phone or I throw it in the woods,” Derek orders from where he’s already pinned Isaac to the ground. Erica and Allison are sparring to the side, Allison stopping them so she can better demonstrate a move in slow motion and Erica nodding along. Scott rolls his eyes but does as he’s told, knowing that Derek would happily chuck the smartphone onto the trees just to have Scott track it down.

Jackson gives him a significant look as he walks back over to the group waiting for a turn to spar. Scott nods minutely and groans when Isaac walks past and shoves him in the direction of Derek.

Recently, he seemed to be going especially hard on the betas, drilling more often and less time to take breaks, more force behind each of his hits. The pack could feel the tension emanating through the bonds that connected them to the Alpha and no one liked it and indulged him, hoping it would eventually pass.

Scott had been thrown onto his ass no less than six times in the ten minutes it took Stiles to drive to the clearing just beyond the Hale House. Scott slumped with relief upon spotting the familiar blue Jeep and felt Derek’s grip slacken when Stiles’ scent drifted over, the Alpha being unable to see his arrival with his back turned.

“Hey, Stiles!” Kira waves to him as he makes his way over, Lydia in tow. Derek stands and smiles gently in the human’s direction while he’s distracted by Kira telling him about a new kind of Japanese herbal remedy for headaches that her mother taught her.

“Derek, put the heart eyes away,” Cora scoffs from inside the house, out of human ear shot but causes her older brother to jump. He shakes his head and scowls in her direction before walking towards the group on the porch. Jackson pulls up next to Scott as he watches Derek loom over Stiles’ shoulder causing the boy to flail and smack him when he finally notices.

“You asked Stiles to come by didn’t you?” Scott watches Derek carefully for signs of eavesdropping before answering in a quiet voice.

“Yep, thought it would save us some bruises.” Jackson nods along, patting Scott’s shoulder before they walk towards where the entire pack had gathered.

“Hey, can we watch a movie? I just bought a bunch of those popcorn pan thingies!” Stiles perks up, facing Derek with wide, hopeful eyes. The pack continues on with their conversation completely “ignoring” Stiles and Derek, but not all of them can resist the urge to side eye the pair.

Derek had told them explicitly that training would be for at least four hours today and to not plan for anything else happening. As of right now, they were barely hitting the two hour mark. But Derek just heaves a sigh and shoos Stiles inside with a nod of his head. The human dashes away with a smile and the pack exchanges looks.

“You’re whipped, Der-Bear.” Cora sighs with a shake of her head but unable to reign in the smile as she walks past her brother. He growls but she and the rest of the pack ignore him as they all rush past and try to get first crack at one of the three showers inside.

The truth was, Derek was fully aware of just how whipped he was. This wasn’t the first time he had cut training short in the wake of one of Stiles’ plans for a pack night. It wasn’t the first (nor the last, he was sure) time he would undermine himself for the sake of that bright, sunshiney grin that would grace Stiles’ impish face when he got his way.

Of course the pack had caught onto it, had used it against him more often then he would care to admit. But he was never angry for very long, always too consumed with the way Stiles jumped about and ran circles around him. Like now, when Stiles had managed to make all nine of the popcorn pans and then realized there wasn’t any Sprite to go with it. It was almost if on instinct he turned to Derek with those wide eyes that got to him every goddamn time, asking if he could go to the store. Derek had put up a front, telling him first a very flat no before continuing with plunking himself in his armchair and proceeding to growl upon the boy’s approach.

None of that seemed to deter the human and Derek was once begrudgingly impressed by his ability to power through. That’s not to say Derek ever grew to be happily impressed with it, just more and more annoyed until he was numb to Stiles’ pestering ways.

That didn’t explain why Derek was currently in the self checkout line at the closest grocery store to the house though. No, that could be explained by the yipping idiot that Derek called his wolf, the bastard. Derek wasn’t sure which was worse, if Stiles did or didn’t know that this appeased his wolf’s need to provide. It was something about Derek being the first he turned to when he needed something, acknowledging Derek as the one to satisfy whatever he needed, his wolf preened at the attention. Derek the man? Yeah, he wasn’t so pleased.

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hey babe, so let me tell you guys that your blog is my favorite so far because you two are my angels ever since i joined this fandom. will you please update on the kidfic or maybe the mpreg tag? de-aged things work too! thanks in advance. xx

The mpreg tag and the kid!fic tags were updated just a month ago so here’s some de-aged stuff


Age Defining Hale by KayReaper (3/? | 8,478 | R)

“Well, Deaton’s the one that knows about this kind of stuff, he researched everything when it happened the first time,” Scott answered and looked between everyone in the room, which consisted of Scott, Stiles, Braeden and mini Derek. “But he’s MIA right now. We’ll have to wait until he gets back,”

“Until then… we’ll have to keep an eye on you,” Stiles added to Scott’s sentence. “You might change back at some point and one of us will have to explain,”

“He’ll have to stay with one of us,” the Alpha mentioned and instantly looked at him, like he was the better option.

“No, no way, my dad’ll freak out if he sees Derek walking around the house, especially if he’s young again. Hell, he’d give me the talk again if he saw ‘that’ in the kitchen making coffee in the morning,” when he said ‘that’ he gestured to Derek’s more than gorgeous, slightly younger body. Seriously, puberty was incredible for this guy. “And I don’t have a guest room, so it’s either the couch or my room and I don’t think I’ll be able to live with waking up to that face every morning! I’ll die of hormone inflammation!”

young again by arakiel (1/1 | 691 | NR)

This was not his fault. It might have been his spell, his thoughts that might have caused this to happen. Allegedlly speaking but this was NOT his fault, not really.

Miguel by Majush (1/1 | 3,073 | NR)

This fanfiction is inspired by Teen Wolf´s episode from season 4, more specifically episode 2. It´s starting with a scene when Stiles is getting back from calling with Scott to Scott´s room but de-aged Derek is still there (in contrast with the actual episode where Kate took Derek).

Basically, de-aged Derek doesn’t remember people in Scott´s pack (or around it) but he is still somehow drawn to Stiles. Kate crave for triskelion and is desperate doing anything to get it.

And thank you, for helping me with correcting this fic. I realy appreciate it :)

I hope you´ll enjoy this fic and when somebody would like to talk I´m here: :))

Nacho Fortune by LillianDeLooney (8/8 | 17,952 | NC17)

Whoever thought it was a good idea to mix Mexican food and fortune cookies needs to be damned to the darkest place of Hell. Why, you ask?

Funny story …

Or: the one where Derek gets de-aged again, somehow gets Stiles pregnant, and they have to live with the consequences.


In the Age of Stiles by Olsies (1/1 | 9,676 | NR)

Stiles accidentally deages himself. Hilarity ensues.


Derek took Stiles up stairs for a bath, where Stiles proceeded to splash water everywhere.

“Stiles! Stop that!”

“Stiles! Stop that,” Stiles mocked, splashing more water at Derek.

“I mean it!”

“You’re not the alpha anymore, Scott is!” Stiles shouted. Derek sighed.

Baby One More Time by Castielific (7/7 | 14,693 | PG13)

Stiles is turned into a three years old. The Sheriff forces Derek to “babysit”. Neither Stiles nor Derek are happy about that, but it could be worse. Maybe. Well, the jury is still out on that one.

Bandaids by Horribibble (1/1 | 1,661 | R)

None of them are certain how it happened. None of them are certain how to change him back. None of them are certain how to break the news.

So Derek takes care of the little hurts, and puts the pieces together over time.

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Hi there! Do you guys have any Sterek fics where Derek is younger than Stiles? Thanks so much!

Here you are nonny. A switch up. - Anastasia

Originally posted by emotigifs

I’m Breaking Up With You by samsdawson

(1/1 I 972 I Teen I Sterek I Angst)

“Why?” Derek smiled in disbelief. “Why are you doing this to me? What did I do wrong? Is there something I can fix?” Derek walked toward Stiles frantically and grabbed his shoulders, forcing him to stand still and look at him again. “You tell me, and I’ll do it. I promise. I can fix this.”

or the one where Derek gets his heart broken and Stiles can’t tell him that it breaks him inside.

Inspiration by orphan_account

(1/1 I  1,104 I General I Sterek I Teacher/Student)

Stiles is a first year teacher who agrees to stay after school to help his student Derek try to get some homework done. Derek is more interested in Stiles.

2Cool + 2B = 4Gotten by FiccinDylan 

(1/1 I  2,507 I Teen I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

Braeden and Scott carry the listless body out of La Iglesia towards their ragtag pack. Malia’s eyes flash blue as she looks between the body and Stiles excitedly.

“Is that him? Is that Derek?” She waits impatiently for an answer as Stiles goes suddenly quiet, trying to process what he’s seeing. He swallows hard as his heart catches in his chest.

‘It can’t be, but… it is.’ Stiles blinks several times as an image he’s only heretofore associated with 2-dimensionality and horniness materializes in front of him. A boy, no older than 17 lifts his head weakly and peers at Stiles. He doesn’t seem to recognize him quite yet, but he seems to understand that some familiarity exists. He gives Stiles a shallow grin that hits him like a wave, crashing into his body and culminating in his balls. Want and desire emanate from his fingers, his toes and every pore on his body. His sweat is steeped in lust and he gets a little dizzy from the sudden u-turn his blood does as it rushes quickly south.

He looks at the boy once more and finally nods, answering Malia without moving his gaze.

“Y-yeah. Well, kind of, but mostly. That’s… that’s Derek Hale.”

Attachment by addictedtofics

(1/1 I  2,818 I General I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

Prompt: ok so talk to me about de-aged Derek like a witch hits him with a spell and he’s like 4 years old again and forms an attachment to Stile

Take You Down Another Level (Get You Dancing With the Devil) by Robomantic

(1/1 I  4,067 I Explicit I Sterek I DubCon)

Derek is tired of being seen as Laura’s good little baby brother so he doesn’t back down when she issues him a challenge. She sends him to the sheriff’s son to buy weed, but Derek ends up breaking the rules in ways he never expected once he gets there.

Returning from Then to Change the Now by NekoIzumi

(1/1 I  6,027 I General I Sterek I Mates)

Having turned the light on he went behind the counter to leave his jacket in the staffroom… only to blink at the confused form turning to him and staring with wide hazel green eyes. Even after all this time Stiles would recognise those eyes anywhere, even if they belonged to a boy he technically had never met. How had he gotten here, why was he here? Was it some spell gone wrong again? Wouldn’t be the first time.
“Derek?” he said softly… earning a slow nod. “What are you doing here?”

Oh Alpha My Alpha by PolarisTheYoungWolf 

(2/? I  6,330 I Teen I Sterek I Werewolf!Stiles)

Talia always warned Peter to keep his mischievous side in check or face the consequences when he gets in trouble. He doesn’t think much of it until he nearly gets him and Derek killed, and Ennis’s pack by hunters. Talia kicks Peter out. Derek doesn’t hear from Peter until about a year later. He’s found a new pack. From there, Peter and Derek communicate mostly from post cards…

Until the Hale Fire happens. When it’s just him, Laura, and Cora, without a pack or an Alpha, Derek reaches out to Peter, who asks his Alpha to consider letting the three other Hale’s join.

Stiles’ precious little Der-Bear by alphabetgirl

(2/2 I  6,374 I General I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

A witch has turned Derek temporarily into a three year old, meaning that Stiles has to look after the tiny tearaway. And if he gets one grey hair as a result there will be hell to pay.

Mr. Stilinski by alisvolatpropiis

(1/1 I  6,461 I Explicit I Sterek I Student/Teacher)

But he’s never really forgotten Wade or those guys from college, definitely not Brayden, the motorcycle-driving musician who devastated him senior year. He hasn’t forgotten the way a fuck-it-all attitude draws him in like a moth to a flame, speaks to his own rebellious nature that has always manifested as abrasive sarcasm and clever manipulation of rules and half-truths. And even though he’s never really forgotten, he’d thought he’d gotten over the bad boy thing, had grown out of it.

But then, in his last class on the first day at his new job teaching English at the high school he graduated from fifteen years ago, Derek Hale walks into his classroom and Stiles feels like he’s out in the parking lot back in 1995, nearly tripping over his own feet with stunned attraction, immediate and shockingly powerful. His lust is tinged with the familiar but long forgotten thrill needing to get closer to that mysterious cool, compounded infinitely now because this dangerous-looking bad boy is his student.

This wilderness of my heart by Kamalika

(3/? I  6,924 I Teen I Sterek I Angst)

What if the ages of Derek and Stiles are reversed. What if Derek is the sixteen year old kid devastated by his losses, but brave enough to try to take on the world single-handedly even though it frightens the shit out of him and Stiles is seven years his senior…but not necessarily more mature!

In a world where Stiles knew Derek since when he was just an adorable toddler and has a hard time reconciling him to his new serial-killing image, Derek is a surprising mix of sass and fierceness and heart-wrenching innocence. Also, legally emancipated or not, Derek is under-age.

Whereas the mad attraction Stiles feels for him is bad news from every angle and with Derek even refusing to acknowledge he knew Stiles from his childhood, it is up to Stiles to solve the mystery named Derek Hale without coming across as a ‘Goddamn paedo’! And he will need to walk on eggshells here for whatever has happened to Derek before or after the fire, it has changed him greatly, for the worse and Stiles is determined to change it back!

Anchor by Moosey

(4/6 I  8,602 I Mature I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

“Yeah?” he answered guardedly.

“Oh thank god. I need your help, seriously… I had to go back to visit my family in California and Cora’s brother offered to take me, I said okay and so we were taking a super long road trip, which was fine because he’s a quiet guy, and he never really seems to sleep all that much so we were making good time, but we were accosted in a parking lot just outside of Sacramento and I don’t even understand what happened because one minute they’re trying to drag me in to the back of a van, and they were so strong, and Derek was fighting to stop them and the next minute I wake up slumped next to the car with a little kid passed out next to me.”

It’s a Matter of Choice, Not Chance by Krissy_Stilinski-Hale (castiel52)

(5/12 I  13,533 I Teen I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia, Danny/Isaac I College AU)

Derek Hale is 19 and starts college as a freshman in Mechanical Engineering in the MIT.

He is quiet, sensitive, socially awkward who loves to be on his own, but when he meets senior History student Stiles Stilinski in the library, he knows has to go out of his way (and go out, literally) to make the older student notice him.

Fitting in Stiles’ circle of friends is not as easy as he thought; being a freshman, for one thing, and a reserved one at that.

Look After Me by alicuh

(7/7 I  16,805 I Teen I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

“It’s like a sleepover. With people you know nothing about, but who know everything about you,” Stiles said, regretting his choice of words immediately. “Fun, right?”

After months of being away, Peter turns up at a pack meeting with with an 18 year old de-aged Derek, showing up to drop him off and leave. Stiles has missed the sourwolf, and when him and younger Derek start getting closer, they both start dreading the day Derek will be changed back, and the odd circumstances take a toll on both of them.

As We Become Men by secretfanboy

(5/5 I  18,968 I Mature I Sterek I College AU)

The wildest frat on campus is the Kappa Beta house. Sheltered nerd Derek Hale, who has always done what was expected of him, is excited just to get to see the inside of the building. Once inside he meets man about campus Stiles Stilinski and his world is turned upside down. Stiles is nothing like anyone Derek’s ever known and Derek finds himself doing things he never imagined he’d do.

What is this power Stiles has over him?

And who is turning frat boys into werewolves?

Weave Soft Spells Over My Sight (As Thy False Eyes Do) by AgnesBlue

(2/2 I  51,424 I Teen I Sterek I Werewolves Are Known)

Derek had blossomed steadily over the past year, growing into his ears and turning even more handsome, if that were possible. But instead of going out and melting the panties off the girls, suddenly he was coming to Stiles all bashed in, demanding that he patch him up like Stiles was some freelance nurse. It was a familiar pattern by now.

In which Stiles has been living with the Hales for a few years as their assistant and friend. He needs to deal with Derek, who keeps coming to Stiles with bruises and cuts to be treated, while trying to figure out what the elderly alpha of the Hale pack is up to.


Teen Wolf AU part 3/?: In which Derek, still stuck as a teenager, needs a tutor for chemistry. Lydia volunteers, and Stiles isn’t too happy about it.

“Are you having any troubles with your classes?” Lydia inquires, quirking her eyebrow at Derek. “Just a little with chemistry,” Derek admits sheepishly as he set his bag down, before taking the empty seat next to Lydia, across from Scott and Stiles. Stiles continues to listen as Scott suggests Lydia tutor Derek, raving about how amazing the banshee was at chemistry.

While Stiles wholeheartedly agreed with his best friend, he couldn’t help but feel irritated. Why didn’t Scott suggest him? He was pretty good at chemistry, despite what Harris used to say. Or why didn’t Derek not just come to him in the first place? They were living together after all…. And more importantly, why did the idea of Lydia tutoring Derek make him so angry?

part 2/part 4

Originally posted by arian5a

Here. Look at Derek’s face. That’s the moment he realizes this kid, this Stiles person, actually means something to him. Derek has no idea who he is to his older self, but it suddenly became clear why he felt so compelled to trust the hyperactive spaz of a boy, in the first place, right off the bat.

Derek had just lost everything or, at least, had just been reminded of it all. And he hadn’t recognized the short hair, whiskey honey eyes and ivory skin. But Derek opened up to him like he would to… He didn’t know, a family member? A friend? A… lover? Was this kid his boyfriend? Partner? Husband? Derek didn’t know. And, the more time he spent with Stiles, the more frustrated he felt that his memories weren’t coming back.

Then, Stiles drove him to his apartment. Rather, the apartment his older self lived in. He was sad to realize there wasn’t much to help him understand the person he would become. Derek touched the books he couldn’t remember buying, frowned at finding the Camaro keys on the counter. He had never wanted a Camaro, it really surprised him that he had one now. There were no pictures on the walls and the place smelled clean, lacking everything that should make that apartment his home. It honestly looked like he didn’t even live there.

Well, lacked almost everything. Because Stiles was there and the apartment smelled like him already. And he seemed to know the place like the back of his hand, if the scent of Adderall and hazelnut coffee wasn’t enough to tell the wolf just how much Stiles stopped by. Derek watched as the human walked into the kitchen, grabbing himself a beer from his fridge. A Bud, of all brands.

“When was it that I started drinking that?” Derek lifted his gaze when Stiles chuckled, resting against the counter before taking another long gulp from the long neck bottle.

“You keep them here for me, actually” Stiles answered, hand on the back of his neck after settling the bottle down on the sink countertop behind him “In case I want one whenever I come over. You don’t spend a lot of time here either, these days, but it’s a safe Heaven, I suppose”

“Does it happen often? You coming over?” Derek asked, frowning slightly when Stiles looked sad, all out of a sudden, his scent not as sweet as before.

“More often now then it used to, I guess” Stiles shrugged “You’ve been helping me cope with something and, well… yeah, quite often”

Derek huffed, resting against the counter opposite from Stiles’, arms crossed across his chest. He had this feeling his body shouldn’t be this small, sure that he had grown buff after getting older. Derek’s mind felt foggy, like there was someone keeping his head underwater and his lungs burned, begging for air. And Stiles didn’t help. Derek felt like a moth drawn to a flame, like this kid in front of him should have all the answers, but, instead, the haze only grew thicker, whatever spell he was under really didn’t want him to remember Stiles.

“Kind of hard to think I could ever help anyone get over anything” Derek chuckled bitterly, eyes on the floor as he stared at his sneakers “Especially not like this”

“Let’s just say I fucked up big time and I felt comfortable and welcomed enough that I came to you when it got too much, like really fucking bad” Derek looked up into those honey eyes, feeling the air getting knocked right out of his lungs, no ground beneath his feet.

I love him. I love this kid. That’s what the feeling inside his chest was. It was love, huge and five times more overwhelming than it had ever been for him. And Derek hadn’t thought he could ever feel this for someone, something so wild and untamed as love.

And fuck, Stiles was right there, waiting. Desperate for Derek to remember him. Desperate to reach for him, touch his skin like Derek was sure they had already done multiple times. He could almost feel it, if he focused hard enough. How Stiles’ hand seemed to fit perfectly in his, how their bodies had already loved each other, over and over again. And Derek wanted to remember him so badly he stepped closer, the boy’s breath hitching softly as he did so.

“What are we?” Derek mumbled, close enough for Stiles to feel the warmth from his werewolf body. Stiles looked down, his brain coming back blank for the first time in a really long time “I know we are something and it’s driving me fucking crazy that I can’t remember, so, please, tell me”

“Derek…” Stiles’ mouth opened and closed. And Derek licking his lips as his eyes came down to catch the movement wasn’t helping the human formulate sentences, let alone search for a good way to explain their years of history.

“I’m your Anchor” Stiles whispered, waiting for the surprised look that never washed over Derek’s face. Instead, the wolf took another step, Stiles’ swallowing thickly around the lump in his throat when the wolf reached for the counter behind him, circling his waist and keeping him locked in place. They were so close all Stiles had do was lean forward two inches and kiss him. And fuck, he wanted to. But he wouldn’t, refused even. He needed Derek back to his normal age or for this Derek to remember him on his own “Maybe not now, but yours, when you’re older”

“I figured as much” Derek breathed Stiles in, the smell of coffee and peppermint enough to send his senses into overdrive. Was he already used to this? Or did Stiles always drive him insane like this? “With the crazy amount of things I’m feeling for your right now, I was right to assume you had settled as my Anchor”

“Do you remember how it happened?”

Derek wasn’t sure if the image that was brought up by his brain was his imagination, a memory or a dream. But he recognized looking down at his own hands and could remember Stiles keeping him afloat, out of danger.

“Was it a dream?” And Stiles fucking smiled at him. Stiles smiled and Derek knew he was fucked. Maybe it was because he was already in love with this kid years from now, but this had to be the fastest anyone had ever fallen in love, hard and carelessly. One smile and Derek was so gone on Stiles it honestly was pathetic.

“Yes, you dreamed about me” Stiles hand gripped the counter tightly, something Derek didn’t miss. He wanted Stiles to touch him and, if they were this close, Derek knew there had to be a reason for his distance “But it wasn’t a dream, not really”

“That makes absolutely no sense, Stiles” Derek groaned, rolling his eyes. Given how Stiles laughed, it was probably a common practice in their relationship.

“It does to us” Stiles bit his lip, looking at Derek for what felt like the first time long, painful minutes. His voice was nothing but a whisper but it was enough to make his wolf come out, a howl not at all contained inside his chest.

“Tell me there is an us” Derek whispered, hands almost breaking the marble from the counter behind the boy “Tell me I’m not wasting time when I could be with you”

“There is an us” Derek closed his eyes, feeling something finally settle inside his being, the wolf calmer immediately. Stiles bit his lip again, watching as Derek took long breaths, his biceps flexed as he braced himself against the counter “Took a really fucking long time, but there’s an us, yes”

“Am I stupid or something?” Stiles threw his head back, unable to resist laughing at Derek’s words. And Derek smiled, falling madly in love with the sound as soon as he heard it, memorizing it.

“That’s up for debate, Der” Stiles sighed, wanting to touch Derek so bad he almost passed out, the need to feel his skin again was so much bigger than anything that could fit inside his body that Stiles almost passed right out “But we’ve been through a lot, you and I and I guess we just wanted to be in the best place possible before diving head first. We didn’t want to ruin our chance”

“Are we in that place already?”

“Things didn’t go according to that plan” Derek wanted to make that sour scent of sadness disappear from Stiles, the air getting heavier as the boy continued to stare straight into his soul “I let something really fucking bad take over my body and I did a lot of unforgivable things, but you never judged me, not even once. When I showed up on your doorstep, drunk, after downing a whole bottle of sleeping pills, it was then that we got together”

“Wait, that’s our love story? We got together because you tried to kill yourself?!” Stiles gasped when the counter shattered behind him, Derek’s arm around his waist as the wolf pulled him away from the marble, large pieces of the material falling to the floor. Stiles’ hands were on his chest, the two of them staring into each other’s eyes.

“We got together because you took none of my bullshit, like I never did with yours” Stiles whispered, unable to stop himself. His hand fisted Derek’s shirt, the other running its fingers through his hair “There was always attraction between us, Derek, but love only happened much later. I tried to kill myself because I felt alone and guilty. But you shoved your fingers down my throat and made me throw it all up and, at first, I thought you would’ve understood that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I hated you for keeping me alive, but all you did was kiss me, after I woke up. You prepared me a bath, made me breakfast and told me you loved me, over and over, until I was convinced you loved me, just as wildly as I love you”


“It’s not always easy, as you probably already noticed” Stiles chuckled, sniffing, trying to keep the tears at bay “My hot, big bad wolf, Alpha boyfriend is stuck in his fifteen year old body, with absolutely no memory of who I am. But we go a day at a time, that’s how we’ve managed to survive this long”

“How long have we been a thing?” Derek whispered, taking the last step towards Stiles, the boy gasping softly when Derek placed his leg in between Stiles’, hands holding onto his waist so tight Stiles has no choice but to hug Derek back, just as tight.

“Three and a half years” Stiles smiled when Derek’s eyes grew wide, staring at him dumbfounded under the pale lights of their kitchen “We’ve known each other for five, but after the Nogitsune, we’ve…”

“I forgot three and a half years with you?” Derek mumbled, his brain, finally catching up with what Stiles had said “I… Was I… Am I a good boyfriend? If we’re together this long then you probably know about Paige and K…”

“I do, but we’re different” Stiles’ thumb caressed Derek’s cheek, smiling at the wolf “We’ve both been hurt and we loved each other far too much to ever do anything we didn’t think we were ready for. My love and respect for you, Derek, knows no limits and, that morning, you proved to me just how much you loved me too, with words and well, long hours on that very bed, worshipping me”

Derek felt himself smiling at his lover, biting his lip at Stiles’ fingers in his hair pulling tight at the strands, making him moan deep inside his throat. Stiles smiled, but didn’t move. He wanted Derek to make the first move, wanted him to choose where to go next.

“Fuck, I need to remember you, baby” Derek whispered, his hands gripping Stiles so tight there would be bruises on his skin the next day. And Stiles loved the marks Derek left on him “What if I don’t?”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to make you fall in love with me all over again” Stiles smiled, arms circled around Derek’ shoulders, moving his hips slowly, grinding against the wolf’ body.

Derek smirked, gasping, jaw slack at the friction, squeezing Stiles close against his body.

“Oh, baby…”

When Stiles woke up the next day, he nearly fell off the bed. There his boyfriend was, in all his 29 year old glory, resting on one elbow, muscled pecs flexed as he smiled down at a sleepy Stiles. And Stiles purred like a kitten, smiling as he let Derek pull him closer, arm around his waist, bringing their bodies closer together on the bed that had been once again witness to their love and how it could transcend the barriers of time.


Sticks and Bones (oneshot | 6138 | PG-13)

Oh my God, they're adorable! Can we keep them like this?

Turning the Clock Back (wip | 9,131 | PG-13)

Stiles has to adjust to being a child again under the care of the entire pack, who might lose their minds with a tiny, rambunctious, ADHD Stiles running around. Derek blames himself and tries to do the best for him.

Let’s take it back a couple of years (wip | 24,064 | PG-13)

Derek and Stiles encounter a cloaked figure in the woods. The figure doesn’t reveal who he is. He just leaves a note and the pack finds themselves in an interesting situation.


Beware of the Spell (oneshot | 2,273 | R)

Seeing twenty four year old Derek smile is… Terrifying, pretty much. He has only witnessed such a thing a handful of times, and it always feels a little weird. Like the smiles get torn straight out of Derek’s soul in a hurtful way.
Fifteen year old Derek does it all the time, though, with surprising ease.

(Or, the one where Derek gets hit by a spell and is suddenly fifteen again.)

Aghast: Puppies (oneshot | 600 | G)

When Stiles got a call that Derek was stuck in wolf form, he didn’t expect— this.

Where Clouds Roll By (complete | 22,049 | PG-13)

Derek gets de-aged, physically *and* mentally, and immediately gravitates towards Stiles instead of his pack.


Babysitting Adventures (wip | 2,613 | G)

Derek and Stiles are turned into four year olds. The pack takes turns babysitting them.

Here’s the stupid MTV article.

Just more proof that no one in that fucking network knows their show or cares.

Derek said he and Laura were at school at the time of the fire, making him around 15/16. Peter said the fire happened 6 years before the pilot, TWICE (once when he mentioned he hasn’t known Cora for the past 6 years of her life) which makes Derek around 21/22. The pilot script says “Derek Hale, nineteen”.

When Derek deaged he went back to his 15/16 year-old self, yet these morons are saying he deaged 20 YEARS, which means they think present Derek is around 36.

Are they really just this stupid or is this them giving more ammunition to the Sterek haters? Either way, it’s disgusting.

Also, paired with this article there was this still:

Because Derek Hale doesn’t own any shirts.

anonymous asked:

Didn't deaged!Derek recognize Kate? Even kissed her? Which gross, but it shows they had a relationship when he was in high school. If Derek were college aged when he met her I don't think they would have used another actor

Yeah, it makes most sense that he was still in high school, I think. 

110 reasons why shipping sterek is the best damn thing to do

My friend mostrosottoilletto, Ale and I found ourself looking for some reason to ship sterek. Things may be got a little out of our hands. So.. enjoy!

we have take some from tumblr, videos and the fandom as well

110 reasons why shipping Sterek is the best damn thing to do

1- The way they look each other, even if it’s not necessary. Mainly when it’s not.
2- Stiles is not gay, but he wonders if he’s attractive to gay guys.
3- Derek had the worst experience with women.
4- And he’s been in gay clubs in NY (confirmed by JD)
5- Stiles knows Derek’s story.
6- And Scott doesn’t.
7- Stiles isn’t afraid of Derek. He’s never really been.
8- Stiles says he hates Derek, they actually can’t stand each other, but still they save each other asses EVERY FUCKING TIME.
9- Stiles missed his first line in order to help Derek.
10- Derek trusts Stiles.
11- And listens to him.
12- Derek doesn’t want Stiles to get hurt (“you’re just a big cuddly bear” cit.)
13- “Oh I don’t know Derek, I think you two make a really good pair”
14- Stiles would ask Derek about his first girlfriend, who’s died in his arms, if he had to.
15- Uncle Peter ships them.
16- Cora too.
17- Jennifer mimicked Stiles in order to enchanting Derek.
18- The freaking sexual tension.
19- Miguel
20- Derek knew Stiles’ real power, “a spark”.
21- Derek likes to slam Stiles against doors.
22- Derek turned his back to the Kanima to tell Stiles he had to run.
23- Stiles literally keeps treading water trying to keep Derek alive until he’s so exhausted that he himself would have drowned with Derek rather than leave him to save himself.
24- Derek needs Stiles to survive, and Stiles needs Derek as well.
25- Derek is the king on Stiles’ chessboard.
26- “They would take a bullet for each other” cit. Hoec.
27- Stiles spent the whole summer helping Derek with the Alpha Pack.
28- Derek faced Uncle Peter in order to protect Stiles.
29- And uses his “alpha voice” on Isaac for the same reason. And for impress Stiles, too.
30- Derek took care of Stiles while he was out of himself for worring about his father.
31- They have chemistry in every form, age and universe.
32- Derek has entrusted Cora to him.
33- Hoeclin ships them.
34- So does O’Brien.
35- And Holland.
36- And Max.
37- Actually the entire cast ships them.
38- Except Posey, but he’s been traumatized by living with both the Hobrien.
39- When he was wanted, among all the possible places to hide, Derek choose Stiles’ bedroom.
40- Stiles’ strings colour. “Blue is just pretty”. Blue is the color of Derek’s beta eyes.
41- And when Stiles changes his eyes from blue to yellow, Stiles changes the color of his strings, too.
42- Derek was worried to death when Stiles disappeared. So was Stiles when Derek disappeared.
43- Derek was looking for him two days long, by himself.
44- Stiles said they’re partners in crime.
45- In every season Derek suggested (tried) to kill every person he only suspected to be the bad guy. Everyone, except Stiles.
46- “Sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination, and that turn out to be the perfect combination. You know, like two people, together, who nobody thought would be thogether. Ever”
47- Stiles spends literally hours by driving Derek around in his precious Jeep despite that he “is starting to smell… like death”
48- Stiles’ face when Lydia types Derek’s name as the third key.
49- Stiles is the safe place in Derek subconscious.
50- Derek knows Stiles’ smell.
51- And his bat.
52- “You think that Stiles, skinny, defenseless, Stiles is the Nogistune?”
53- Stiles know that growing up Derek will never be happy and he’s sorry for that.
54- When we have wee!Derek Stiles misses the old one.
55- Stiles would have payed 15k for Derek.
56- Stiles defended Derek from Chris.
57- Derek defended Stiles from Chris. (Chris is tired of their shit)
58- Derek trusts Malia because Stiles does.
60- Stiles is worried about Derek.
61- It doesn’t matter how angry Derek gets, doesn’t matter how hurt he is, he doesn’t let his wolf side snap at Stiles. He is human when he deals with Stiles.
62- Derek came back when Stiles tried to fight the twins.
63- When Stiles told Derek that Jennifer was the Darach he believed him.
64- When Derek saw Stiles cry he nearly killed Jennifer.
65- Derek gets in Stiles’ bedroom by the window. Without warning.
66- When they had to go to the police department in order to take the key to save Isaac, Stiles doesn’t want Derek to go because he was a person of interest.
67- ” Just give us Derek. You don’t want him anyway. Haven’t you noticed what downer he is? No sense of humor, poor conversationalist. Just come on, take the money”
68- Stiles tried to indermediating with Derek for both Lydia and Allison. Because he can.
69- Derek messes with no one else but Stiles.
70- Derek is funny with no one else but Stiles.
71- They fight like an old married couple
72- Derek wanted Stiles to stay while he was doing Scott’s tattoo even if he’s not really helpful.
73- Both know what it means to lose someone they love.
74- Both know what it means to feel guilty.
75- They get each other.
76- Stiles recognized Derek since the first time.
77- “It’s private property”
78- When Derek de-aged, Stiles wanted to stay at Deaton’s to look after him.
79- Stiles has Derek’s loft keys.
80- Stiles would’ve gone to the bank to help rescue Boyd and Cora but Derek needed to know he was safe.
81- “Yeah, if you want me to”
82- ” Don’t be such a sourwolf!”
83- “Big Bad Wolf”
84- In Mexico Stiles insisted for Scott to save Derek even if it meant that he had to leave him in the middle of nowhere.
85- Stiles often looks at Derek lips while he talks.
86- Derek often looks at Stiles lips while he talks.
87- Derek recognizes Stiles’ bat.
88- Derek knows exactly how old is Stiles.
89- Stiles wants to know how old Derek is.
90- Stiles recognizes immediatly deaged!Derek.
91- Derek became emotional when Chris talked about kill Stiles.
92- Stiles was the only one who comforted Derek after Boyd died.
93- Stiles got hurt in order to woke Derek up in the vet clinic. Derek stopped him before he got hurt again in the elevator.
94- Derek took his hand to get up.
95- Dylan and Tyler chemistry.
96- They don’t have to see each other in every episode for being shippable.
97- In the pool scene Derek thought that Stiles was keeping him alive ‘cause he was the only one capable to fight the kanima, but Stiles proved him wrong.
98- When Isaac was in the ice tank Derek looked for reassuration in Stiles.
99- Stiles knew there was something wrong with Derek.
100- When they were both paralyzed at the police station Derek insisted, loudly, that Scott took Stiles to safety first. Even though obviously Scott was already doing that.
101- The only time Stiles didn’t come back to an injured Derek was when he specificly asked him to go and save Scott.
102- They get each other whitout using words. A look is enough.
103- Derek looked for reassuration and comfort in Derek looks.
104- Stiles and Derek dealed with Liam like two parents with their baby.
105- Nobody convinced Stiles to go in the van without waiting for Lydia except Derek, with a wave.
106- Stiles’ look when Derek gets hurt. Destroyed, terrified, as if he turned himself into a child again, watching someone he loves die. And then careful, like he’s discovering something. As if he found out that he cared about Derek more than he thought.
107- Stiles would have stayed with him if Derek wouldn’t asked him to go. To do what he couldn’t do. “Hey… Hey… save him”. He hadn’t told him he would be okay because they both knew that he wouldn’t.
108- Stiles turned around another time before to go, because he knew that that look they shared would be their last.
109- For the fandom. And the fanfics. And because we are objectively the most talented fandom in the world.
110- It doesn’t matter how hard Jeff Davis and the PR’s tries, Sterek will be better of any other relationship involving Stiles or Derek.

luna-nitro  asked:

Anymore fics where Derek is a teen? (De-aged)

updated three months ago, which is why there isn’t much..

Prom is just a conspiracy by RougueShadowWolf (1/1 | 2,803 | NC17)

Derek didn’t want to admit it but at some point in time he wanted to be better, to make Stiles proud of him, to make her happy.

Glow Worms by gurglesnaps (3/? | 3,848 | PG13)

I knew this wasn’t a good idea. None of Stiles’ ideas ever were. 

in this one he’s a kid, not a teen:

Little Promises by crossroadswrite (1/1 | 2,666 | G)

Derek doesn’t really know what happened. He just knows there was a lady and she was pretty but she was also really mean and she was trying to hurt his friends.

“Holy fuck,” Erica mutters and is harshly shushed by Isaac.

“Don’t swear in front of the kid.”

“It’s not a kid,” Erica counters. “It’s just-“


anonymous asked:

I've seen you mention that Derek wasn't in BH for his senior year, can you explain this? Because afaik there is no canon evidence of this at all, but I know it's a common, uh, fan theory? That he and Laura went to NY right after the fire? But I you said it like a fact, and I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

It’s not a fan theory that he and Laura went to NY after the fire. Derek has a driver’s license with a NY address; it has a fake d.o.b. but it still counts as canon proof of where he was during those six years.

The senior year thing isn’t explicitly canon, but it’s based around canon facts:

1) Derek said he and Laura were at school during the fire, which means they were younger than 18 since without anything proving otherwise we can assume they never had to repeat a year;

2) The deaged!Derek who knows Kate looks exactly the same way he did when he was 15 and met Paige. Teenagers actually go through quite some changes from my experience, so I think it’s safe to assume he was around the same age when he met Kate;

3) Laura inherited the alpha spark from Talia. Now, I love the idea that the Hales are matriarchal but there’s nothing in canon saying the alpha spark goes to the next female in line or that an alpha can choose whoever they want to be their successor, so it’s safe to assume either a) Laura was the next in line for the alpha spark as the older sibling, therefore she was at least 1 year older than Derek or b) Laura and Derek were twins, which I would love but Aiden and Ethan have shown us werewolf twins have a special connection and so if Derek’s twin was an alpha it’d make sense for Derek to be one as well. So, if Laura is at least one year older than Derek but she was still in high school, even if she had been a senior Derek wouldn’t have been one himself unless he skipped a grade (and there’s nothing in canon that points to this).  

But that’s just what makes sense to me. The show is a mess.