Derek Cianfrance was adamant not to let production designers dig the hole for Ryan in the scene where Dean is burying his dog. Ryan dug it himself and an hour and a half later, “When he was done digging the hole, he broke down. And that was an unscripted scene, him crying at the table. He was actually so emotional and what he told me afterwards was that, that process tricked his body because his body was so exhausted and his body didn’t know that that wasn’t his dog. His body just buried his dog, and his body reacted in that way.“


“It was a one time thing” Au where Derek and Stiles have a one night stand which just keeps happening #sterek

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Derek x Reader

“Hello Love.” Klaus hummed as he spotted you at the end of the bar, Camille would stop serving people to give you notes or when it wasn’t busy she’d sit and help you study.


“What do you want Klaus?” You sighed.


“To offer you the pleasure of my company.” Klaus smiled and you rolled your eyes.

“Believe me your company is anything but pleasurable.” You sighed and grabbed your books. “I’ll come back tomorrow.”


“Alright, see you later (Y/N).” Camille waved at you before turning to scowl at Klaus who had an innocent look on his face.


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everyone thinks nursey is a memebot but actually his tumblr is a strange amalgamation of what he calls “a collection of poetic troubles” and “relatable words in an aesthetically pleasing order” and also “a social experiment with no real hypothesis” and that’s how he gets away with posting things like

 “mapping out your freckles and they lead right to my heart” 
“can’t steal your girl if im gay oh shit waddup im gay” 

within 30 seconds of each other. 


FBI Sterek AU: Agents Stilinski and Hale form the worst team ever to catch K.A a well known criminal #sterek

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That time right after the reader was turned. (Not my gifs. Credit to all who made them. I wish I could gif…..)

“…..Why is my loft on fire?” Derek’s voice breaking through the utter chaos that greeted him caused it all to go silent. Taking in the trail of destruction, Derek let out a heavy sigh. “I can’t leave for five minutes,” he muttered.

“Peter told her there was a spider.” Isaac said, grinning broadly, trying to contain a laugh. “I just walked out here to this,” he gestured to the madness, “and I believe my exact words were, ‘oh shit’.”

In the middle of the pandemonium stood Peter. After a moment he began on a rant. “I saw a spider, Y/N suggested we smoke out the little bastard, and suddenly this happened.” He gestured around the room. “You know how I get around the evil little bastards, so you know, Derek, in my defense, she was listening to the ranting and raving of a lunatic.” Derek did not look amused. “I will not be held responsible for what I say around spiders.” Derek’s face remained unchanged. “Derek, you know spiders are evil.”

“No,” Y/N said, appearing in the room with a fire extinguisher. Spraying the last of the flames with the extinguisher, she let it clatter down to the floor with an empty thud, the sound giving away a size and weight she should not have been able to carry, were it not for her super strength. “You’re evil.” She turned to Derek. “By the way, you need a new fire extinguisher.”

Derek smirked, taking in the chaos one last time, seeing Y/N flip off Peter when he quietly reminded her they still hadn’t caught the bug, and lightly punch Isaac in the shoulder when he imitated her idea to smoke it out, earning a chuckle from Isaac. Meeting her eyes, she raised her eyebrows briefly at him in a ‘well that happened’ way. He chuckled. “You’re going to be good at this.”