Individualism and neoliberalism have stolen choice from the feminist movement. As Nicole Deagan so aptly pointed out … , ‘choice’ is about abortion rights. ‘Choice’ was a powerful aspect of the feminist fight for control over reproductive rights and women’s access to medical procedures. For us to be told that ‘choice’ is about our ‘freedom’ to pasties is misleading, distracting, and dangerous. Capitalism isn’t our friend. You can’t sell choice. And, let me add, having a ‘choice’ does not mean that we all have to shut our eyes and lay down. Being a feminist means we question these narratives. We question those things which reinforce the idea that women are meant to be seen and not heard, that women are ‘to-be-looked-at’, that women exist to fulfill male fantasies. And we do this because it’s easier to commit violence against objects than it is to whole human beings.

chicken & waffles….who knew??!?!  Who knew that chicken and waffles could be combined to make such an orgasmic feeling to one’s palate?  I didn’t know until I experienced Deagan’s gastropub in Lakewood, OH.  The way the chef creates the food journey on this plate is amazing. 

He takes a soft Belgian waffle and layers a crispy amish chicken breast on top with powered sugar; with these two textures you get the pleasantries of a crunchy, yet soft bite that doesn’t overpower the two items together.

Lastly, he adds a sweet ohio mapleberry syrup with real blackberries to the side with a spicy cayenne butter to top it all off! Those two together give the meal a sweet kick that is irresistible, and magical to the mouth.

If I didn’t entice you to want this meal after that, then you’re not up for the challenge to experience real food.

Finally, you can’t forget the mimosas…they are only $6.00 on Sunday!

P.S. I added those potatoes to the meal because I can not have breakfast without potatoes.  Potatoes are my weakness!

Weekend exhaustion.

Well talk about one crazy weekend!!

Although Friday I attempted to rest up by staying in and having a low-key night watching the Olympics opening ceremony, I of course ended up concurring the monsoon that was sweeping through Cleveland and went out. Headed down to one of our favorite Lakewood places, Deagan’s and then to a few other local bars.

Saturday morning was an early one. I got recruited this year to participate on my company’s Corporate Challenge team for volleyball. The tournament was double elimination and after we lost the first game we thought we’d be done early. Well boy were we wrong! Ended up being there for 10 hours of constant games and came out with 2nd place! Heck ya Rosetta!!

Sunday was another long and exhausting day but an absolute blast! We started tailgating in the Muni lot around 11AM for the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw Brothers of the Sun tour. The concert started at 4:30 (with opener Jake Owen) and didn’t end til 10:30!! Yep, a SIX HOUR concert! Craziness!


This was from the second time that I ate at Deagan’s in Lakewood, Ohio.

I’m in love with this place! It’s so cozy inside and their food is amazing. I got a Reuben and my only complaint was that it was too big.
But lemme tell you about these fries. They were just crispy enough and made with truffle oil, covered in parmesan and green onions served with spicy mayo. If you’re ever in Lakewood, I suggest you stop here.

As Nicole [Deagan] also mentioned, and I want to include this because I think this is central to this conversation, as well as, in large part, what is missing from mainstream narratives around 3rd wave feminism: “The fact that white women have decided to ‘play’ with the role of ‘empowering’ an objectified woman performing for an audience is really telling about how disconnected they are from the actual lives of women who live in true poverty and how traumatizing it is to be living in a racist, sexist, classist world where women are sexually used by men who have access to privileges and entitlements that many women can’t even dream of.”
Before the Pilgrims, Floridians celebrated the ‘real’ first Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year when children make cardboard turkeys and draw the Mayflower, while we prepare to fill our tables with stuffing and pumpkin pie the way most of us imagine the Pilgrims did at the first Thanksgiving in 1621.

But there’s just one catch, according to archaeologists at the Florida Museum of Natural History: The Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving wasn’t the first.

The nation’s realfirst Thanksgiving took place more than 50 years earlier near the Matanzas River in St. Augustine, Florida, when Spanish explorer Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and 800 soldiers, sailors and settlers joined local Native Americans in a feast that followed a Mass of Thanksgiving, according to Kathleen Deagan, distinguished research curator emerita of historical archaeology at the museum, located on the University of Florida campus. Read more.


The Dapper Dans at Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort

The Dapper Dans are a barbershop quartet that performs at the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort since 1971.  In the Magic Kingdom, Disney World, the Dapper Dans perform nine sets a day, seven days a week. They can be found on the horse-drawn trolley in the morning, and all over Main Street USA during the afternoon. At 5pm, the Dans join the Main Street Philharmonic and the Magic Kingdom Security Color Guard for the Flag Retreat Ceremony. Another unique part of Dapper Dans lore is the fact that they use Deagan Organ Chimes as part of the act. Each of the eight chimes has three octaves of a single note, comprising a C scale. The Organ Chimes were made by the J.C. Deagan Company in Chicago, Illinois, around 1901.

Rick Fox 

Height: 6′7″

Most Famous For: Canadian film and television actor and retired professional basketball player who last played for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 2004; Played Clyde ‘Sweetfeet’ Livingston in “Holes,” Councilman Blackmon in “Dope,” and Chick Deagan in “He Got Game”

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We have in our collection one of the original NBC Chime boxes, made by the J.C. Deagan Company of Chicago, and used at NBC affiliate WRC-AM during 1920’s and 30’s. 

Three men at NBC were given the task to develop a station signal, to be used at 29:30 and 59:30 past the hour. They were: Earnest la Prada (an orchestra leader); Phillips Carlin (an NBC announcer) and Oscar Hanson (who later became an NBC vice president in charge of engineering). The three men originally experimented with a complicated seven-note arrangement using the notes: G-C-F-E-G-C-E in 1927 and 1928. 

Announcers in those pre-tape days actually had to strike the notes live on air! Not surprisingly, they found the seven-note sequence too complicated to remember correctly, so it was reduced; first to four: G-C-F-E, and then, on November 29th 1929 to three: G-E-C. 

In 1950, this famous three tone sequence became the first audio trademark in U.S. history. 

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Sara sit up in bed, looking down at the man beside her. Never before had sharing a bed with a man been more perfect. She smirked down at Deagan and flipped her long brown hair, trying to think of something clever to say. “You get to wake up to this bedhead every day. How does that feel?”