When I was replaying DA2 a while ago me and my sister had this conversation and then I promptly stepped in a beartrap! Typical. So I doodled it up.

I made sure to include a picture of Hawke with his foot in the beartrap in case anyone actually wanted to see that.

frenchycupcake  asked:

hello, first , thanks for all your amazing work, i appreciate it a lot! i just want to know, how do you convert facepaint eyes in default eyes? because i have a lot of facepaint eyes and i really want to convert to default. sorry for my english, i m a french girl lol

Thank you! <3 I hope you don’t mind me publishing it. I though maybe more people could use this so here we go!

1. Open the facepaint eyes in Sims4Studio and export every color you want to have. It’s best to save them as numbers (like 1.png, 2.png etc) so you don’t use the same one a few times. I’ll be using @remussimsParaspeckle Eyes.

2. When you’re done with exporting, open deafult eyes in s4s (first download some if you don’t have them already) and add a new swatch.

3. Now import the the first paint eyes you just saved and pick the color of the swatch. Repeat until you’ve used all the saved images and then save the package. 

And that’s it! I hope I wasn’t talking gibberish and you understood everything. Have fun with converting!

rezzilla  asked:

Hi! First off just wanted to say Im a huge fan of your work, I love your robot designs (both TF related and not). I was wondering if you could give any tips for coloring/painting metallic textures digitally? I've never really drawn metal seriously and I dont really know where to begin. Thank you!

Hi Rezzilla! Thank you for your words, it means a lot! UoU I’m probably not the best person to ask for art tips, but I’ll try!

I’m going to put this under a read more because it’ll be with pictures/don’t want to clog the dash.

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There you go, you dork :> Thank you soooo much for requesting it >w<
Didn’t get that Anders the way I wanted to :I
Katar was easy tho since it’s basically his deafult expression lmao

Always open for more requests, this was fun!  ( Emoji Challenge )


well this is not for real, afraid to feel, i just hit the floor, don’t ask for more

anonymous asked:

Do you know where I can find the latest hair for both female and male?. I just got back to sims 2 and I have so many old hair am taking out but no where to go for new ones. Thanks if you can help :)

Sure, I can tell you :)  In my game I use Remi’s textures and I’m downloading hairs only with it. The first place to visit for latest hair is Selenaq13’s blog. She is retextering all the latest meshes I think. I can also give you links with blogs from where I’m downloading Remi’s hair in general. So you can look through them and see the latest links:

1) AgentCarlos

2) Alienpod

3) Atomicvigilante 

3) Nyren (unnatural recolors)

5) Rented-space

6) Remi (look also her LJ and dreamwidth)

7) Rockabillyhillbilly

8) Sims-addiction (mostly unnatural recolors)

9) Sim-strangers

10) Specialsimflake

11) Swirlgoodies (has the awesome collection of default hairs)

12) Trynitrotoluenka

These sites weren’t updated for more than a year but they still have a nice hair dump:

13) Eatfishcustard

14) Joedy

15) Monsterglitter

16) Poppet (she has several retextures in Remi’s)

17) Vadie