real talk go read magnus chase by my guy rick riordan aka the purest writer of them all (slight spoilers but not story line wise)

  • the main girl is muslim, and she is super religious and its amazing because he includes her prayer sessions and her constant devotion to her god, while also acknowledging that she understands that shes in a world with pagan gods too i love her so much anyway
  • platonic girl and boy relationships i love
  • another main character is deaf
  • the main character, magnus, started out homeless and like??? for some reason i adore that?? and he goes on these rampages about how the homeless are treated i love him so much
  • annabeth is in it for a little she is perfect :)) (from pjo)
  • THERE IS A GENDERFLUID CHARACTER IN THE SECOND BOOK named alex and magnus is falling for alex and all i can do is cry myself to sleep
  • literally go read these books my life is so fulfilled ive never read anything so pure