Florida State Senate: Tell police a driver is DEAF when they run license plates.
Recently a Deaf, unarmed man was shot and killed. Though there is likely more to this particular story, this is not the first time I have read that someone was shot by police for being deaf. They're given verbal commands and don't respond, and end up getting shot by police who believe they're being...

I think this is a good idea. When police scan your license plate, it’ll show up “DRIVER IS DEAF” so then they [police] know how to approach situation. Even adding DEAF: PREFERRED MODE OF COMMUNICATION IS…” 


A video I wish I didn’t have to make.

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Actress Marlee Matlin, who is deaf and the wife of a police officer, teamed up with ACLU and advocacy group HEARD, on an American Sign Language video to ensure deaf people know their rights when interacting with law enforcement.

When police officers don’t realize deaf and hard of hearing people can’t hear them, it has led to police officers brutally assaulting deaf people and other tragedies.

While this video aims to ensure that deaf people know their rights, they can only do so much. It is the responsibility of police departments to ensure that their officers are adequately trained.


Deaf Awareness Week is upon us here in the UK! :D These pictures highlight the importance of lip-reading for Deaf and hard of hearing people all over the world…

We hate it when people mumble

we hate it when people cover their mouths

we hate it when people shout thinking we’ll hear better

we hate it when more than one person speak to us at the same time

we hate it when people do speak clearly….

BUT we do love it when people make the effort to talk clearly to us :)

Happy Deaf Awareness week!!



On September 25th, 2016, I want to launch #NoMoreCraptions.

What is #NoMoreCraptions, you may ask? It’s a campaign that I want to start to make people aware of the lack of proper closed captioning on YouTube.

As you know, I have been working for almost two years to make YouTubers aware of closed captioning for their deaf audience. I have been somewhat successful, but I’m not clearly as close as I want to be. That is because I cannot do this by myself. There are too many people on this earth. I am one person in a world of seven billion. I can only make so many “caption your videos!” videos. Every channel has a different audience consisting of different people. In order to reach out to everyone, I need everyone’s help.

I have only one rule for this video: the video must be captioned, obviously. The video must be captioned before you make it public.

I want the videos to cover these topics:

  • Introduce the campaign and what it is
  • What closed captioning is
  • Why it’s important (d/Deaf/HOH people, people with auditory processing disorder, for people learning other languages, etc)
  • What auto c®aptions really are and why they don’t work
  • How it benefits creators (captions get translated into subtitles, brings it more viewers/subscribers)
  • How to caption (you can refer them to my 3 Ways To Caption video or tell them to Google, lol)
  • Note that if creators choose to go the fan contribution route, they NEED to look over the submissions before publishing. Caption with jokes and unnecessary commentary are not real captions and should not be published.
  • Anything else you can think of that would be worth noting.

I want to emphasize that I would really like to see these videos go up on Sunday, September 25th. Why? While September is fully dedicated to deaf awareness, there is one day dedicated to the cause: the last Sunday of September. So, for 2016, that’s the 25th.

Please, please, please, if you can get anybody you know on board with this, please send them this post.  I want as many people involved as possible. My mission is to make this a huge thing. I want this to make this as big as possible in just one day.

When the day arrives, I will make a #NoMoreCraptions playlist on my YouTube channel so all the videos will be in one place.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me! I will reblog in about two weeks and then another a week after that with reminders to get your videos finished and ready to go.

EDIT: Yes, hearing people, you can join in. If you weren’t allowed, I would have said “d/Deaf and hard of hearing people only!” instead of “I want as many people involved as possible.” There’s around 7 billion people in the world. Around 642,000 people are d/Deaf/HOH. The rest of you outnumber us, obviously. So we need you too!



in which @kathryngallagher is the jake gyllenhaal to my taylor swift ~ ❤️💜

DHH education

So I’m rehearing my script for my Mainstreaming video and it’s really fascinating looking at how DHH people learn and process information in comparison to hearing people. Hearing people have the benefit of audial processing. Since you’re a child you tune into background information. Some of it may be ambivalent, but you still learn and shape how people talk and use words.

Deaf people are more visual learners. Obviously, they need to see the information. Their memory works differently. Hearing people have the ability to “hear” words and it correlates with what they read and write. Deaf people have to understand words without sound, therefore they have to organize that knowledge differently - a concept many mainstream educators fail to understand.

But as a Hard of Hearing person….

I can understand words and language in terms of sound, but I do not do well with retaining audial information. I put so much effort into hearing that I don’t process what I’m receiving. A lot of times I walk away from a conversation and I cannot recall a single word someone said. It always baffles me that people can recall real life conversations (my dad always used to lecture me by asking, “Remember what I told you before?”). I can easily recall conversations in books and movies because I have the visual information to go with (captioning/ + sound). But I’ve always been a visual learner and prefer the hands-on approach.

Just think, if more educators took the time to understand how we all process information differently, we wouldn’t have half of our graduating DHH population coming out with only a fourth grade reading level.

And yes, I know, “All kids learn differently” and “Some hearing people too” - that wasn’t the point of this post.

For the last fucking time

YouTube Closed Captioning is not your chance to get your comments and jokes into a video 

D/deaf, Hard of Hearing, and people who have auditory processing issues (like me!!) need subtitles to be able to enjoy the content at it’s fullest

It’s not funny, annoying, and distracting. 

On top of that it’s p fucking ableist

And you know what? YouTube Content Creators also need to stop with this shit because these “joke captions” get made? But who has to accept them to get it on the video?? The channel owner that’s who!! Markiplier has done it quite a bit.


His video Relax

Unless Mark intended for “relax” to be in quotations, they shouldn’t be there and in the way he said it? He does not. And your “Sure you will” is not welcome here

Again, your commentary is not necessary. The previous caption right before this being 

“*Markipler’s voice becomes intelligible as the background noise grows increasingly sinister*” was all you needed. Maybe fucking comment on the splashing or the music or the kids laughing but not inserting your own commentary

This isn’t the first time this has happened and I doubt it’ll be the last. 

Edit: I’m aware now that Mark actually doesn’t like it and you know what? That makes this all the worse because not only are these joke captions ableist as fuck, the people who are putting them there are actively doing something that Mark dislikes and going against his wishes for his content. 

@markiplier closed captioning is an important part of how I and many of your viewers are able to enjoy your videos, please realize that this doesn’t add to our experience and don’t accept these “Joke Captions” when they’re submitted


Let’s Talk About The Deaf Couple Who Was Beaten And Robbed [CC]

[Image Description: Video thumbnail shows a disappointed Rikki with a Photoshopped green outline around her. The main background is a news article titled, “Deaf couple recovering from beating, robbery.”]

Last week, I talked about the attack on 45 individuals in Japan. Today, I am going to talk about a Deaf couple who was beaten and robbed by three people in Mississippi. 

We need to talk more about what happens to these marginalized groups and I’m not just talking about deaf people, blind people, wheelchair users, etc. I’m talking about hearing people, sighted people, people who don’t need wheelchairs or canes. A lot of you need to step up.

As always, reblogs are appreciated as they help support my channel and if you want to support my channel in other ways, consider pledging on Patreon here.

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  • Me:Hey, Abled People, a cop just shot an unarmed Deaf man for absolutely no reason! Where's the outrage?
  • Me:
  • Me:...Abled People?
  • Me:Hello?
  • Abled People:*Whispering frantically* But do we say deaf or do we say Deaf or do we say hard-of-hearing or do we say hearing impaired or do we say handicapped or do we say handicapable or do we
Deaf!Nico - Solangelo AU oneshot - part 4

Holy shit I have had thirty-six people ask for more deaf!nico. I am more than happy to provide.

So, here’s part four.

You can find other parts here:

Part 1
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Will was left amazed by everything Nico did, even after months of dating. He pushed past his disability like it was no big deal, as if he could hear as well as Will himself. But he couldn’t, and that was what amazed Will.

Nico never let it set him back. He functioned like any hearing person would; graduating from school and moving out of his father’s house with three roommates (Jason, Percy and Leo) after getting a job in a local supermarket. He shopped for groceries and fixed his faulty boiler when Leo wasn’t around to do so. He watched television and danced like the dork he was to music that was playing far to loudly for any hearing person to endure. Will didn’t mind.

It's my evil plan, Nico had told him once, turning down the music as he fried eggs and bacon for them, the scent alone making Will almost droll over himself. It didn’t help that Nico wore nothing other than a pair of boxers and Will’s very large t-shirt. I’m going to make all of you guys deaf too so I’m not alone.

Will should have seen the sorrow behind the words, but he just chuckled and signed that back Nico wasn’t alone and that being deaf would not make being a doctor easy. Nico nodded and smiled, but signed nothing.

Will should have realised how much his words could affect Nico.

It was nearing a year into their relationship when Will saw Nico’s insecurities about his deafness. He had noticed little things - Nico’s discouraged face when he missed his timer go off and burnt whatever he was cooking and confusion when he couldn’t understand what Will couldn’t sign so spoke instead - but Will looked over it. He glossed over Nico’s struggles without knowing it until he couldn’t anymore.

They did what they usually did, cooked dinner and ate it together before watching a film wrapped in each other’s arms, cuddling until one of them - usually Nico - grew too tired and they went to bed. Content in the warmth of the other.

They were watching a Marvel film - Nico always loved those and while Will enjoyed watching romantic comedies with his lover in his arms he was more than happy to let Nico choose a film he enjoyed. It was funny and, with the subtitles on, Nico seemed to be enjoying, occasionally chuckling under his breath.

But Will laughed and Nico looked up at him, eyebrows furrowed in confusion before settling in front of him.

And Will noticed. And it wasn’t right.

He leaned forward, untangling his arms from Nico’s so he could pause the television with the correct remote control. Nico signed a question to Will, but Will didn’t answer. He just kept watching Nico’s face, contorted in confusion as he tried to understand what the other was thinking.

What’s wrong? Will signed quickly, practiced from hours of determined lessons from his boyfriend. Nico pressed his lips together and leaned over so he could turn a lamp on. Warm light bathed Nico’s face. Will signed the question again.

He felt his heart tug at the expression on Nico’s face. He had the urge to protect Nico, but Nico didn’t need protecting. Nico wasn’t a weak child that Will needed to coddle because of his disability. Nico was stronger than Will. But still the urge - the need - to protect Nico and let him know that he was there if Nico needed him was growing stronger in Will every second he continued to stare at the boy in front of him.

Why would anything be wrong? Nico asked. He leaned forward and rubbed Will’s knee, a worried gesture.

Nico, I know you better than that. Please, just tell me.

Nico opened his mouth then closed it and stared at his hands. Will could see him argue with himself, could see him contemplate what to say and whether to make everything seem like it was okay.

It isn’t anything big, Nico signed slowly. It was odd to see him sign slowly. Nico signed faster than an average person typed on their phone when he wanted to. He hadn’t signed slowly until he deemed Will good at sign language. It’s just weird because I can feel you laugh before I read the subtitles. It’s confusing and it kind of makes it hard to watch a film. Will opened his mouth, but Nico cut him off with a shake of the head. It’s not your fault, Will. It’s my stupid-ass ears fault for being so bad at what they are supposed to do.

Nico smiled - a tight, plastic smile - and averted his eyes, staring at his lap instead of at his boyfriend.

That’s when it dawned on Will. Nico always seemed like he pushed past his disability, he always looked like it didn’t bother him. He always looked like he was content with how he was. But he wasn’t and Will never realised.

The fact broke Will’s heart.

Because suddenly Will could see all of Nico’s insecurities - his fears - floating on the surface of his mind. He saw every doubt and every worry that his boyfriend felt about his ears and it wasn’t a small diffidence. 

Nico, do you think I’m only with you because you're deaf? Nico shrugged in response. Will was sure his heart shattered into a million pieces because Nico looked so meek and unsure. I love you, Nico. I know I’ve never told you but I do. That’s why I’m with you, not because your ears are a pile of shit.

Nico pressed his lips together, a light pink dusting his cheeks. Doesn’t it bother you that you have to shape your day around me? Or that you can’t just talk to me normally?

There was so much anxiety in Nico’s expression. He sat up straight, body tense as he watched Will’s hands. Not his face or lips as well like he usually would. Just his hands.

If it bothered me not only would I be the biggest asshole in the world, but I wouldn’t be with you. They were harsh words, Will knee. But they were true and that fact seemed to give Nico the slightest bit of reassurance. He swallowed thickly and nodded slightly.

What if you wake up one day and decide you don’t need a liability in your life? Nico’s hands shook as he spoke.

Will thought about what Nico was asking him. Could he wake up one day and decide that Nico’s disability was too much to handle? Would he ever decide that Nico was, as he put it, a liability?

Will gritted his teeth. No, he couldn’t. The idea was banal to him, but Will realised that he couldn’t just not have Nico in his life. He needed Nico’s toothy smile and his bitter curses signed on professional hands. He needed Nico’s cool hands running over his warm muscles in the morning and his reluctance to leave Will’s bed on cold mornings. He needed Nico to dance and he cooked and to glare at him grumpily before his coffee and to bump his hips against Will’s when they were brushing their teeth and he needed Nico to not be sad.

Will grabbed Nico’s chin and forced him to watch his face as well as his hands. I’ll always need you. I love you so much.

Nico shook his head. 

Honestly, Nico. I could never decide I don’t need you because I do. I need you like I need my mom or my siblings. You’re apart of me now. I’m never just going to give up you because you are added to the list of things I love.

Nico’s lips were on his nearly before Will finished signing his sentence. It was slow and tender and Nico savoured every second of it while Will lost himself in the scent of Nico even though he had already memorised it.

And when Nico pulled back, hands signing the sign Will has shown to Nico after they first kiss it seemed like something Will had seen a million times. That he had been told a million times and he was sure he would be told a million times after.

Nico cooks a lot and I love it.

And one day I will write an ending to a oneshot that doesn’t make me want to cry by how shitty it is.

I’m really tired of people telling me I can hear enough to not call myself “deaf” or that I can hear enough to function and get through life easily without help. 

I’m tired of “You don’t need captions, just listen harder.”

I’m tired of “You can talk, so how can you be deaf?”

I’m tired of “You don’t need to sign because you can hear.”

I shouldn’t have to justify why I need or do certain things because they don’t match up with your idea of what it means to be deaf or hard of hearing.
#DanielHarris brother Sam Harris addressing media
After the #DanielHarris candlelight vigil, Sam Harris answered questions from the media

It’s entirely in American Sign Language, don’t have Captions but I hope it’ll have a transcript soon enough. 

Police, Firefighters, Hospitals, anything medical related needs to know how to be accommodative to those with disabilities. Understand that we aren’t like everyone else. We have our own needs to pass through each day to the world around us that is a majority.
Haven’t you seen enough media exposure of this kind of tragedy that has been happening (so often enough)? It’s 2016, it’s time to act upon and re-learn/evaluate what is being educated to those who are there to ‘help’ us. Learn how to approach those with disabilities in situations that can/are serious. Respect the minority wishes and request. We just want to be treated the same, with fairness and understanding.
Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Deaf, Mute Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language
A community and family are mourning the loss of a deaf, mute man after a state trooper shot and killed him just steps from his front door.

I realize that the language they use leaves little to be desired, but it’s remember to important that the fact that a man was shot and killed when trying to communicate is a bit more important right now.

Stop calling Daniel Harris "deaf and mute", "deaf-mute", or "hearing impaired".

The proper word is Deaf, with a capital D. The terminology being used by the media is considered demeaning and inaccurate within the Deaf community, and as a whole is not used by actual Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people. Please don’t reblog posts using the above terms. Daniel Harris was a Deaf man. He wasn’t hearing impaired or deaf-mute.


If you’re contributing to the caption service on Youtube, please remember that you are taking on the responsibility of creating equal access to those who would otherwise not be able to enjoy said content. This being said, if you cannot handle such responsibility then I would highly advise you to not take on the task. When creating a transcript or captions, it is not your opportunity to add “funny comments”, emojis, or things that are otherwise not in the video. Countless number of people rely on these captions and adding incorrect information creates a major misunderstanding. If you chose to add captions to a video, it is not for your “20 seconds of fame”, it is for someone’s understanding. Please be mature while creating captions/transcripts.