Iam recasting Martha and Anna! If you have auditioned to be an understudy you can also audition for his but all I need is a clip of you singing one of their songs (martha: dark i know well, anna: my junk)

and send it to >>>

Once I have a full active cast songs can be recorded an animated quicker, so please be active when I ask for parts to be sent in (that is, if you’re cast)

The only requirements are:

• be 13-19 years old

• have a decent microphone (no muffling or background noise)

•have an instagram!

Thank you!!💗💗

Listen, just because I can’t hit that note doesn’t mean I won’t try

It’s 2017 and I’m still fucking pissed Deaf West Spring Awakening didn’t get Tony or a tour or a longer run. They did not make an entire musical bilingual through choreography and cast incredibly hardworking and talented deaf actors/actresses to hit every single musical cue to be disrespected like this. This is why we can’t have nice things in theater.

Spring Awakening: A summary
  • Mama Who Bore Me: mom, where do babies come from?
  • Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise): mom👏 where👏 do👏 babies👏 come👏 from👏
  • All That's Known: fuck the system. fuck the man. (bonus: me, an intellectual)
  • The Bitch of Living: JERKING OFF, AMIRITE? *loud cheers*
  • My Junk: pure children have crushes sometimes or vessels of sin. you decide.
  • Touch Me: i'm just a lonely gay trying to live my life and masturbate
  • The Word of Your Body: the straights™ can't have a healthy relationship to save their lives.
  • The Dark I Know Well: literally about sexual assault.
  • I Believe: well. Time 2 sin.
  • Don't Do Sadness: Moritz gets emo/ Ilse gets intense.
  • The Guilty Ones: Time 2 sin 2.0
  • Left Behind: Time 2 cry (gay edition)
  • Totally Fucked: GET HYPED!!!! FUCK THE SYSTEM FUCK ADULTS!!!!!
  • Word of Your Body (Reprise): the cute gays are the only happy ones in the end
  • Whispering: that's where babies come from
  • Those You've Known: Pain :))))))))))
  • The Song of Purple Summer: ??????????????
My biological clock* is ticking!

*The amount of time I have left to believably play one of the teens in Spring Awakening.

is it just me or do a lot of people go through liking musicals in a similar order?

something like this
hamilton -> in the heights -> really popular /mainstream musicals (rent, wicked, poto, les mis, school of rock etc) -> spring awakening -> heathers -> (or vise versa [heathers -> spring awakening]) -> bare -> hedwig -> dear evan hansen -> falsettos/great comet

(also throw in legally blonde and newsies in there somewhere)

reblog with your chain of favorite musicals or tell me if you got into a similar chain bc i’m rlly curious about that