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“Excuse me, are you Jack Frost?”

“You can see me?!?”

This is a picture drawn by our resident Toothiana for the GIF set with Peter Pan and Jack Frost signing ASL or American Sign Language. We met the Peter Pan at Wondercon and while speaking Jack recognized that Peter was signing “fine” as they were speaking to their friend. So we inquired and low and behold Peter actually knew sign language, as sometimes people sign without ACTUALLY realizing they’re signing we had to ask before assuming. o.o;

We used this as the preview picture on Deviantart, cute huh?

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okay but Jason’s sister, Pearl still knowing when her parents are having a blazing row even though she’s profoundly Deaf, because Jason gets upset. She knows straight away: he acts like nothing has changed but she always knows when the arguing has started up because her brother’s whole attitude subtly shifts. He’s still paying attention to her but she can tell he’s listening to something else and it’s upsetting him.

The Scott parents shout loudly at each other thinking it’s fine because Pearl can’t hear them but she still knows, because her brother can hear them and she knows her brother better than anyone.

So I finally lined this properly! These are some new ocs, a pair of psychic twins called Ricky and Ava!

Every one is talking about character development in actual book characters, but...


  • low power: only exposure to qotsa being songs for the deaf
  • moderately powerful: listening to a few qotsa albums and liking it
  • powerful: knowing every song on every qotsa album and memorizing the lyrics
  • extremely powerful: not only avidly listening to qotsa but also them crooked vultures, eagles of death metal, desert sessions, and kyuss
  • arcane master: throwing something at josh homme at a concert
  • god: writing gUNT on your arm

As Sam has imagined, things aren’t exactly easy between them now.

He hasn’t expected things to be easy. He’s deaf, Dean is furious and Cas is missing. That’s a perfect recipe for chaos in their little world, and he’s not even adding Mary in the mix. Honestly, Sam has given up on trying to contact her a few days after the banshee’s incident– at least for a while. It’s not like he doesn’t want her to know what happened. He truly does. He just has a lot to deal with already.

Dean is a lot. His big brother is just pure drama and tons of self loathing and Sam… well, Sam is more than done with that shitty attitude. At this point, there’s little he can do to reassure Dean that he shouldn’t be blamed for what had happened.

They’re hunters and humans. Being broken, beaten and permanently damaged was part of the job. It has happened before. If angels and demons and gods hadn’t showed up to mess with their already fucked up lives, Sam is pretty sure one of them would be dead or in a worse state than deaf. But with cosmic powers popping around them day in day out, they’ve grown careless and Sam knows that. It’s easy to be living legends when there’s ancient god-like powers backing them up and fixing them whenever they need it.

Reality had hit them harder when their personal, all powerful first aid kit had vanished into thin air.

Sam isn’t sure if he should laugh at the irony of that or just get worried. Cas could be in trouble. But hey, it’s happened before and the angel always came back in one piece.

Right now, he knows that if Dean tries to call Cas one more time, Sam is going to smash that damn phone in the nearest wall.

“Dean.” Sam knows he’s being louder than necessary–Dean almost jumping out of his skin at Sam’s sudden voice is enough for him to know, but hey, at least his brother is staring at him now. “Stop.”

Dean’s eyes wide for a second and then narrow slightly, lips pressed into a thin line. He wants to argue, to tell Sam to stop being a stubborn asshole but there won’t be any childish banters between them again, at least for a long while. Adapting is hard. Dean is upset.

For a moment, Sam wonders if it’ll be too humiliating to call Eileen and ask for some experienced help here.

Dean’s touch is soft against his arm and Sam barely flinches away. They won’t be hunting for a long time, but the instincts are still there, always on fight or flight mode. But it’s Dean here, and he smiles softly at his brother.

“You sure?” Dean mouths, slow and suddenly patient enough for Sam to understand what he’s saying. It’s not so difficult if they’re patient enough but Sam is no fool. There’s no way they’ll be doing it without stumbling over each other again and again.

Even so, Dean’s hands are comfortable and warm on Sam’s skin and for the first time in all those weeks, Sam finally feels at ease. He’s home. He nods and smiles again, leaning closer and closer until his lips are pressed against Dean’s in a soft kiss that is slowly building up into something else. This is good. They’re good.

They can deal with everything else later.

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does matt murdock really have a lot of girlfriends? im not familiar with the comics im sorry

   Matt is almost always dating someone. He is gifted/cursed with the romantic double-whammy of being very attractive and falling in love easily, and so usually doesn’t stay single for long. Below is a quick summary of everyone he has dated (based on our definition of the term). We’ll let you be the judge of whether or not it constitutes “a lot”.

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You wanna know what someone said to me today in public?

You rely on technology for your hearing, yet you still can’t hear anything?”

Excuse me? I don’t have to wear hearing aids you know. I choose to be in the hearing world because I want to communicate with my family and friends, I don’t enjoy shoving those things in my ears every damn day because for starters, what the audiologist doesn’t tell you about them is:

-They get itchy at times and you need to take them out and even then you won’t get relief right away

-After so many hours, they get uncomfortable and actually painful to wear since ears aren’t designed to have foreign objects in there amplifying sound

-Thats just it. They’re aids my hearing will never be the same as a normal person’s and i will always have hearing problems. I will never be "fixed” and you know what? I don’t need to be to fit to YOUR standards.

You know what i told him? To put his hands up to his ears and imagine hearing that from the moment you wake up, till you fall asleep. Every. Single. Day

Imagine being made fun of by some jackass because, yes, I cannot hear the background music in the store very well or hear people behind me or bumping into me. 

Imagine having to train yourself to look up every few seconds to make up for this.

Imagine having to be self-taught in lip-reading or ASL since no one accounts for those being languages in itself. Both very hard to learn on your own. Because there are no classes near you based on where you live. 

Until you spend a day with my condition, and having to learn to adapt to a world you were forced to live in despite you knowing something was wrong with you and your family refusing to acknowledge your fears and not understanding why you can’t listen to them or hear what you wanna hear. I can’t select what i can hear. I wish i could. So i could tune out your voice bullying me and taunting over something i can’t control. You could never understand how i feel, because i am a female and am “moody and emotional” according to you. All i have to say to you is 

“How fucking dare you”.

You have no idea the privilege you were born with. And just because you can hear better than i can doesn’t make you anymore important or make me any less of a person. I"m a human being with feelings. Treat me like you would treat anyone else rather than single me out because i am not like you. I strive to be the best i can be, and i can say with pride as i fall asleep every night, that i am a hell of a lot of a better person than you are and can rest easy. 

I’m done crying over people. I’m done wondering why you hate me because I’m different and have different needs. You only have power over me if i let you. And this is the part where i fight back. 

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Congrats on the followers! :D This is very random and I'n sorry, but Winterhawk + no superheroes AU where they get trapped in a bank during a robbery?

“Everybody on their knees! NOW!”

Clint would’ve knelt down nice and slow, hands behind his head at the gunman’s booming command, except Bucky tackled him to the floor behind the deposit slip desk in the bank lobby as soon as the first shot rang out and a string of bullets were buried in the ceiling, knocking bits of fancy stone masonry loose.

There’s a jarring screech of feedback from his hearing aids, and Clint winces, relying on the quick sweep of his eyes to take in the particulars of the situation since his ears are fuck-all useless these days. The bank robbers, five men in tact gear and masks, are sporting AK-47s ‘cause apparently those are the It Guns for assholes as of late. One of them peels off from the rest to jump the counter and start herding all the tellers away from their stations and into the main lobby.

One lady trips, the nice one–Beth–who never gawks at his aids or Bucky’s empty sleeve, just keeps eye contact with a cheerful smile and enunciates clearly so Clint can easily read her lips. She goes to catch herself on the teller counter, and Clint sees the subtle shift of her grip, flipping under to go for a silent alarm probably. But then the gunman corralling the tellers steps up right behind her, brings the muzzle of his assault rifle flush with her temple, hissing something at her that Clint can’t quite catch. “Hands be—- —- head. —- – the floor.”

She scrambles around with the rest of the tellers, hands raised high and trying to duck away from the gun. They all kneel down in a tight circle together, and the robber takes the opportunity while they’re down to backhand Beth, knocking her into the woman next to her. Clint can make out the way her mouth moves in a pained cry even if he can’t hear it.

Clint sees red.

His eyes swing back around to make contact with Bucky’s, lifting his hands up enough off the floor where he’s sprawled on his front to carefully sign, What are they saying?

Bucky scowls back at him, mouthing silently, “Nothing good.” He’s laying on his side just far enough away from Clint that they aren’t crowding each other, curled protectively around the stump that’s all that’s left of his arm. His hair’s hanging loose in front of his eyes so even Clint’s having a hard time tracking where he’s looking.

Clint taps the floor twice to get Bucky’s attention back on him. I count five. You?

Six.” His lips are barely moving, but Clint’s spent half a lifetime memorizing Buck’s mouth, how his lips twist around every word, how his tongue flicks out to taste Clint’s skin when he mumbles into Clint’s chest on sleepy mornings. Reading the words falling from those lips is second nature to Clint. “Pretty sure the branch manager’s their insider. She ducked down before the guns came out.”

Got it. Clint glances back across the lobby, taking stock of the gunmen’s positions. There’s only three on the floor now, the other two most likely sweeping the rest of the building or already checking out the safe. He takes in their stances, the easy way they’re holding their weapons, the brisk hand signals they’re using to communicate with each other. Professionals, some kind of military training, used to working as a unit–dangerous, he concludes. Nodding decisively, he turns back to Bucky. I’ll head left, you go right?

Bucky’s hand shoots up like he wants to smack Clint, but he manages to reel himself back in the next instant. It’s a gesture Clint’s more than familiar with at this point. Even before Bucky lost his arm, it worked as a very expedient hand gesture when they were creeping around on ops, their own little shorthand for CLINT NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Clint’s never let it deter him before, though, and he’s not about to start now. Fine. You can go left.

Bucky rolls his eyes, but there’s a resigned slouch to his shoulders that lets Clint know Buck’s with him even if he thinks Clint’s an idiot. They’ve known each other long enough now that Bucky’s protests to Clint’s stupid plans are part of the routine, token objections that aren’t worth arguing about anymore when he knows Clint’s going to do what he wants anyway, and Bucky’s going to follow right behind him. “Try not to get shot this time,” he mouths, shifting his weight so that he’s ready to roll up and get his feet under him as soon as Clint gives the signal.

“It was one time, babe!” Clint cries out in exasperation. “You gotta let it go!”

There’s a sudden stillness to the air around him that raises the hairs on the back of Clint’s neck. Bucky’s expression has fallen into the practiced lines of his You dumb fuck look. Out of the corner of his eye, Clint sees one of the robbers stalking towards them, gun raised and posture tense.

Ah. Clint didn’t mean to say that bit out loud.

Oh well. With a shrug, he flashes Bucky a thumbs up and tucks into a somersault around the side of the desk. He comes up with the knives he still keeps in his boots in hand, poised to throw, and runs head long into the fray knowing Bucky’s right there at his back.
The deaf women in Obama's White House - BBC News
The two deaf women holding positions of power and prominence in the White House.

Two women who are deaf have risen to prominent positions alongside Barack Obama in the White House.

Leah Katz-Hernandez, 28, is one of the first people visitors encounter when they enter the White House. Informally known as the Receptionist of the United States - or Rotus - she is the first ever deaf person to hold that position. Her desk is just steps away from the Oval Office.

Claudia Gordon [is] the first deaf African-American female attorney in the United States. She works at the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and has held a previous post as a policy adviser for the Department of Homeland Security.

Read more about these brilliant women!

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Okay so there are of course a lot more fics out there but some of them I haven’t read yet. I also tried to fucos on the longer ones so 10k minimum. A few ones are shorter but thats because a) the have more parts or b) they are still to awesome to not share them. I’ll update this post from time to time. If you want me to add a ff feel free to send them to me. (I need more to read)

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{I have too many feelings about Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader}

Lmao @ people who say Anakin Skywalker is “whiny” and “annoying”.

Like aight, let’s talk about Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker was born a slave. If that isn’t score 1 to why he would be messed up to you then idk- are you human?

Since birth to the age of nine he was always somebody’s property. He was always being sold, always being bargained for.

And remember that line in Phantom Menace. Padme goes “You’re a slave?”

And Anakin’s reply? “I’m a person and my name is Anakin.” Like it’s something his mother has said to him, and he repeats to himself constantly.

Can you imagine, perhaps, a small five year old child going “Mum, we’re not really people are we? We’re just things? Property?” because he overheard one of their masters saying that, maybe even right to his face a scolding “you’re my property, not a person!”  

And Shmi’s answer would’ve been “You’re a person, and you’re name is Anakin. Always say that Ani, to yourself and others.”

Despite saying that to himself, Anakin always knew what he was. He was just a slave, he was nothing.

Until the Jedi came along. How he dreamed of being a saviour like a Jedi. And now was his chance. It was Anakin’s chance to be freed, it was Anakin’s chance to help the galaxy.

And then he is freed, and not only will he be just a Jedi, he’s the chosen one! He’s gone from slave boy, a piece of property, to being a powerful potential Jedi who has this destiny.

And don’t you think he’d become arrogant because of it?

But also, the change to becoming a Jedi isn’t easy. Anakin’s just been a slave, calling people “master” and the Jedi… well, they have Jedi Masters, who you call “master”. Now, I know the implication is different, but it can’t feel very good for a former slave who’s just been freed.

Although you could say I use ‘freed’ lightly. Because the Jedi have very strict rules, a lack of freedom. Freedom which Anakin desperately needs. But nah, he’s gotta follow the code, the council rules.

And oh lordy, what about the Padawans who are Anakin’s age? They would have grown up together at the temple and then this new guy comes along. This kid that nobody knows. And he’s powerful in the force, he’s to fulfil a prophecy.

There’s a chance the Jedi children could have, in some form, bullied Anakin since he’s the outcast. BUT even if they didn’t Anakin still would have felt very much left out. Because they all would have known each other, and he wouldn’t know any of them.

So far, you can tell it’s just setting up for a disaster.

I mean at this point the council should have put Anakin into some sort of therapy. But I doubt that seems to have even occurred to them.

So Anakin grows up, having to use the word “master” when addressing Obi-Wan and others, a word he would no doubt despise. He would be aware he’s supposed to be powerful. It would make him arrogant because, well, he was a child slave and needs something to cling to. And of course it would feel like the Jedi were holding him back- they have strict rules and he felt controlled.  

So really, Anakin grew up in two toxic environments.

And then he can’t save his mother. He’s supposed to be powerful, the chosen one, why couldn’t he save his mother? Of course it’s going to make him angry, having grown up in his pre-teen and teenage years thinking he could have the potential to really do anything. Hearing it all the time.

And his mother dies.

And then he gets married in secret, and a war’s started. He’s no more than twenty years old holy shit. I’m twenty-one and I couldn’t imagine being knee-deep in a war and secretly married and dear god idk.

But Anakin becomes a Jedi Knight out of necessity, rather than because he’s ready. He’s a great General in a war, he knows what to do. And sure Anakin must be overjoyed to be a Jedi Knight, but he knows was only made one because of the war.

Anakin thrives during war, during disaster.

Then he has visions of Padme dying. And he has to save her- he’s a powerful Jedi he should be able to save her! And the Jedi tell him he needs to learn to let go.

And while perhaps it’s good advice to someone who’s emotionally stable, Anakin is emotionally very unstable. And Anakin’s an emotional person, remember that, he’s emotional. But also very unstable, very fragile. Of course what the Jedi say about letting go he’s going to hate, loathe. It’s not good enough.

And he gets help elsewhere in the form of Chancellor Palpatine in all his evil sith lordliness. And Palpatine promises the power he always needed. Not power Anakin wanted, but needed. Needed to save his family, to save his friends, slaves, the galaxy. Power that Anakin – or so he believed, and maybe he did – was very capable of having.

And he takes it. He takes all of it.

And you can’t justify murder- but Anakin does. And he’s messed up, of course he’s going to. Sure he has to kill a few younglings, but if that saves Padme and the rest of the galaxy then who cares? And if those younglings were to grow up to be Jedi. The same Jedi that told him to let go. The same ones that told him he wasn’t allowed to feel his emotions. Well, then what does it matter?

But then the destruction of the Jedi turned out to be in vain. Padme died anyway. He ended up in the suit.

OH THE SUIT LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT. Sure the suit is badass, but Anakin – now Vader – is crippled. I believe it’s in the Revenge of the Sith novelization, where Vader compares it to being something along the lines of a painter going blind or a musician going deaf. He’s lost his power, which was an important part of himself. Not only that, he’s lost his friends, his wife and his unborn child.

Already being emotionally unstable and with a hell of a lot of issues you can imagine how much worse it is. Especially during that point in time where he’s just become Darth Vader.

He has so much power in the galaxy because he becomes the Emperor’s enforcer. And there are Imperial’s who hate him because this guy comes out of nowhere and has the Emperor’s favour. Vader’s the new kid again, like when joining the Jedi Order. Powerful (in a different sense) and unknown. This time, he’s so much more broken.

And he’s only twenty-three. Jfc he’s only twenty-three when he turns to the dark side. When he loses everything. And he’s a slave again- to Palpatine. To this suit he’s forced to wear.

Darth Vader justifies everything bad he does as necessary. And that’s how most villains really are, they think they’re justified. But at the same time, I think Darth Vader is very much aware of what he’s doing is classified as ‘evil’. With a mother like his, he would have learnt at a young age the difference between good and bad.

And I also want to mention his depression and hatred for himself. This is all Legends now, but I’m going to use these examples anyway because they’re powerful. In Lost Command Darth Vader attempts suicide. In Resurrection when fighting Darth Maul, Vader manages to kill him. Maul asks, “What could you hate enough to destroy me?” Vader’s answer?


Sith are fuelled by anger and hate. Vader hates himself enough to continue using the Dark Side of the Force. Sure, he also hates the Jedi because he believes the Jedi and his friends turned against him and betrayed him. They didn’t, really.

But Vader hates himself, everything he did, and has the attitude of ‘fuck it I’m just going to destroy everything’. Because Vader’s unstable, unbalanced, fragile. Just as he was as Anakin Skywalker. Because they’re the same person, we need to remember that.

Darth Vader couldn’t be Darth Vader without having been Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader is more than a 2D villain.

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker is a tragic hero.

Anakin Skywalker is so much more than “whiny” – sure, go ahead and say he’s whiny. But don’t say it in that tone that suggests it ruins the character and the movie series. It doesn’t.

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                         you’re gonna be disappointed .  
       he’s been hit before .   worse .   bruised knuckles flicker up ,  an aid pops out of his ear ,  fizzling smoke .   himself ,  scratched but not entirely worse for wear .   he’s quick to the quiver .

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Mags, I did a stupid and watched bits of Tariq Nasheed's Hidden Colors "documentary." It has an IMD rating of 7.3... I think my brain is failing me.

It’s funny, @gservator showed me a video about it earlier.

I think my favourite part is when he claimed that when Mozart became deaf, he awakened the power of melanin to become a musical genius.