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top five pieces of long-form reporting!

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH OKAY HANG ON (in which my gonzo bias becomes really clear lmfao)

  1. what killed aiyana stanley-jones? by charlie le duff, which is incendiary and became the basis for detroit: an american autopsy, which is one of my favourite non-fiction/reportage books ever written and also it’s just. i don’t even know? necessary. in the way few things are, even in journalism.
  2. in baltimore, no one left to press the police by david simon, which is about why journalists are not just a vital component of the justice system machine, but a vital component that needs to stand outside of the system, or the system will remain corrupt (and become more so), because journalists are required for accountability, and a state without accountability is not a free state
  3. the kentucky derby is decadent and depraved by hunter s thompson, the infamous daddy-piece of longform journalism. i think so much of thompson has become subsumed in his own legend that people have forgotten just how good a journalist he was? the man was fearless and dedicated and very, very skilled at getting all kinds of people to talk to him. people wanted to tell him their story. that’s a skill you can’t train into someone, really.
  4. the silent treatment by james ridgeway, about the plight of a vulnerable deaf prisoner who has served many years in prison (and remains incarcerated!) for a crime which he did not commit, and a crime the state pretty much admits he did not commit, and still won’t free him
  5. the lobotomy files by michael m. phillips, about the two thousand returning soldiers the american military lobotomized against their will after world war two. 

i apologise that these are all crime- and/or war-based, but, you know. i know what i care about, man. i also apologise that they’re all by male journalists, but, lol. this remains a field dominated by men. i’m very aware of this information. to make it a bit less terrible? anna politkovskaya? greatest journalist who’s ever lived. read her.
Deaf Immigrant Jailed 6 Weeks With No Access to Interpreter

He knew he was in jail, but he didn’t know why.
Eventually, Abreham Zemedagegehu learned that he’d been accused of stealing an iPad — an iPad whose owner later found it. He spent the next six weeks in jail, unable to communicate with his jailers because he is deaf. He described a frightening, isolated experience in which medical procedures were performed without his consent and he feared for his safety.

I’m so sick of mogeko fandom, or more like for the “social justice” people who think it is ok to threaten others with rape, suicide and other horrible things. How can you think you are doing a good thing, when you’re basically doing the opposite? Don’t you know that when you go and bully people you are being so hypocrite, don’t you see you actually are towards your OWN morality? No matter how badly you have been treated, you shouldn’t turn your hate towards others. If you’re really a victim, I would think you know how bad the pain is and wouldn’t wish it for anyone. At least I wouldn’t wish any of this awful crap to happen someone I hate, because I respect them as a human being. And if I wished something to happen someone, I’m not gonna shout it to their face, I’m gonna keep and hide that feeling inside me and the thoughts are gonna go grave with me.

If you really hate someone or their actions so much, please just go away, block them, don’t search things about them, just fucking ignore it. No one isn’t forcing you to this content or interacting the people you might find offensive to your own mind. Like, I don’t care what you are thinking, you can wish someone to die but PLEASE don’t go around and threaten people like that. How would you feel if you found out that someone you bullied would commit suicide or got raped? Would you be so proud of being on the same level as that disgusting human garbage you hate so much?

Also, why just particularly THIS GAME triggers you this much? Do you watch television? There’s loads of series that contains this kind of content, and most of it is even worse than what happened in Funamusea’s games. There’s more in your life than to be anxious about games you don’t have to play. NO ONE IS FORCING TO YOU THIS CONTENT. It isn’t fans fault you have approached this by your own will.