deaf history month


ASL Stew: First Female Rabbi

(Signed with closed captions and voice-over).

This combines so many of my interests!

“The first six months are the worst,”
they say, “the first year, the first day,
the first time you wake up breathing.”

They say, “Waking up is not the problem,
dreaming is. Take a deep breath—”
Can’t they hear?

I am gasping for breath every minute
of every day, sucking in oxygen like it’s
running away, useless air between deaf walls.

They say, “Uselessness is not the problem,
necessity is. It is necessary to—”
Breathe, rationalize, have faith (forget).

“The first six months are the worst,”
they say, over and over, while I wonder:
six months? Try six years, six decades.

I will be aching in the arms of my history
until the day I give up, lay down,
request cremation.

“The first six months are the worst,”
if you are you but I am some patchwork version
of me and my six months are stretching endlessly.

Do not tell me how I heal
when you miss the fist-shaped indent
in my mirror. Take a deep breath.


National Deaf History Month

It begins on March 13th, the day Deaf students chose their own Deaf president at Gallaudet University. It ends on April 15th, another significant day in Deaf history, when President Lincoln signed a charter allowing Deaf students to earn degrees.
Celebrate it by going out and learning about the Deaf community around your home! Join in activities and interact with Deaf individuals or even other ASL students.