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Throughout the year, we’re going to highlight NPR’s tech coverage from 1984. For example, this piece about the MICROWRITER. It was invented by the late Cy Endfield, who imagined a handheld alternative to the typewriter – with only five keys. In his words:

I was trying to give a keyboard that would be usable by all the people who used personal computers, all the new people to have to come to keyboards, who didn’t have to come to keyboards before the age of the computer. And, well, the answer was, play chords. 

(If you’d like to see more, here’s a video of someone using the microwriter.) Have you ever used one of these? Take an Instagram video if you have one. I’d like to see it.

image via wikipedia

 The complete transcript after the jump. 

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hey here’s a thought how about we stop calling bigots ‘blind’, 'deaf’ or 'dumb’ because disabled people are usually one of the targets of these people