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Watch: Nyle DiMarco reminds voters what’s at stake on election day for people with disabilities

[Nyle DiMarco signing] You can keep this ad muted if you want and keep scrolling past it. But if you’re still listening to my voice, please know that there are a lot of people out there without one. Among the 50 million Americans living with a disability, many don’t have the ability to work, to travel, or to do countless other things you might take for granted. So this November, please consider voting for the only candidate with a plan to change that.

Audism is alive and well in modern America

The inauguration was not interpreted. When asked why not, we were told that it was NOT ALLOWED. This is discrimination against Deaf and HoH people. The fact that this happened is awful. Access for all is something that has to be a necessity. Words from my ASL professor: “This puts my job at stake. This puts your language at stake. This puts future communication at stake. ASL is important and people need to get that through their heads.”

Trump called deaf actress Marlee Matlin the R word

This is a new low: During Celebrity Apprentice, Trump reportedly called Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin, who is deaf, “retarded." Three sources told the Daily Beast that he would mimic her and make insulting, demeaning remarks. In her presence, he wrote heinous, derogatory comments on napkins.


In 10 hours, Trump pivots from apology for lewd remarks to an incredibly tone-deaf tweet

Hours after Donald Trump issued a rare apology for predatory remarks about women in a 2005 video, the Republican presidential nominee on Saturday cast doubt on just how remorseful he was, firing off a tweet musing about how “interesting” the past 24 hours had been.

The tweet drew swift rebukes from Democrats and Hillary Clinton campaign officials. But, this was the best response.