50 Magical Uses for Roses

Roses are one of the most common flowers around. They are widely adored, gifted often and grown in many places.  If you’re anything like us - you might even have too much of them laying around. What to do with all these roses?

  1. Bathe in them to encourage beauty
  2. Carry them to attract love
  3. Add them to a sleep sachet to promote sweet dreams
  4. Make a rose massage bar to encourage love through touch
  5. Make magical rose water
  6. Candy the rose petals to give to a lover
  7. Use them to honor the Goddess Aphrodite
  8. Use them to honor the Goddess Isis
  9. Let them rot in spells to break up couples
  10. Use them to represent the planet Venus
  11. Use them to honor the Virgin Mary
  12. Use them as offerings to spirits of the dead
  13. Use them to represent The Goddess
  14. Use in a spell jar for attracting romance
  15. Use their thorns to curse an ex-lover
  16. Make rose oil
  17. Use them to represent the 5 Wounds of Christ
  18. Use them in dream pillows to cause romantic dreams
  19. Uses yellow roses for spells involving friendship
  20. Substitute them for any flower in a spell
  21. Use them in spells for healing
  22. Use them in glamour spells
  23. Make a glamour-charged rosewater spray
  24. Make magical perfume with their sweet fragrance
  25. Preserve them in candles for love spells
  26. Make a romance-attracting bath melt
  27. Make a Sabbat Rose Garland
  28. Make a Rose Petal Salve
  29. Dry the Petals and make Flameless Rose Lights
  30. Make Rose Potpourri
  31. Use them in a Goddess Glamour bath
  32. Make a love attracting rose and baby oil sugar scrub
  33. Make a rose oil infusion for future spells
  34. Make a charged rose lip balm to bring on kisses
  35. Make a magical tea to encourage sexy times
  36. Preserve them for the altar using borax
  37. Use them in romance divination
  38. Use the petals as altar confetti
  39. Use them to honor Sappho
  40. Burn them and use the ashes to break off ties with ex-lovers
  41. Freeze them in ice bowls for seasonal spells
  42. Apply them to the skin to wear on Sabbats
  43. Use the petals as confetti for celebrations & Sabbats
  44. Make a rose glamour shower steamer
  45. Use the petals to cast circles
  46. Make rose tinctures
  47. Use the stems to make a Brigid’s Cross
  48. Make a sabbat flower crown
  49. Make a rose wreath for your front door to bring on relationships
  50. Propagate the stems for even more roses!
4/20/02 Tribute Layne Staley
  • 4/20/02 Tribute Layne Staley
  • Pearl Jam
  • Lost Dogs

So all you fools
Who sing just like him
Feel free to do so now
Cuz he’s dead

Using, using, using
The using takes toll
Just so happy to be one
Sad to, sad to think
Sad to think of him more

Lonesome friend, we all knew
Always hoped you’d pull through

No blame, no blame
No blame, it could be you
Using, you can’t grow old using

So sing just like him, fuckers
It won’t offend him
Just me
Because he’s dead.