((““You will cease these games,” the man growled. His grip hardened and Jack winced. “Or I shall replace more of you than just your leg.” Pitch’s expression softened and he seemed to deflate, exhausted. His forehead pressed against Jack’s, and Jack tried not to squirm away when the pad of Pitch’s thumb brushed just under his lip. “Please be good for me. I don’t want to have to destroy you.””


Okay! My bad day did give me time to write! (Though, with an icepack balanced on my head.) I am highly medicated, so I may look at what I wrote later and think, “Oh god, what the hell is that?”

But it’s done. The story is over. Against my better judgment (and right now, I have none), I posted it.



((“Killing people isn’t the answer.” Jack could see Pitch was not pleased with his answer. He could see anger clouding golden eyes, a tremble in the long limbs. Jack drew himself up as tall as he could. If these were to be his final words, he would try and make good use of them. “You can’t change things by stooping to their level. We should be working toward equality. Show them we are not just toys, but real people. This … wiping them all out and carving out a new world, it won’t work. They’ll just see us as something to be feared, something that should be destroyed. That isn’t freedom.”


A reviewer for In the Graveyard commented that it could be an original work. Actually, exact wording:

“This story is really good enough to be published as a children’s book, why the Hell have you put it up here? Just change the characters’ names, bring this to a publisher and see just how quickly you get your own book.” (Anyone Else/Anyelse)

They’re anon, so I can’t reply to them, or thank them. 

But! In the Graveyard is actually based on an original story I’ve been working on for … ten fucking years. It started as a fanfic for another fandom before I threw it out as awful. I started playing around with the concept a few years later, but hit a major block after three chapters. I didn’t touch it for four years, then went back to it, managed to get eight chapters out, then shelved it again. Sometimes I go back and tweak it here and there and push it a little farther. The main issue I have right now is the main character - the role Jack is currently in - is a blank. I’m having a lot of trouble defining him, or even settling on minor things like age and appearance. I’m not even sure if I want it to be a novel, or illustrated, or more of a comic… I have drawn tons of pictures of characters and scenes.

In the Graveyard was my silly attempt at pulling the concept out of the dark, and maybe finally finding the inspiration needed to get over that block and get the real story told. 

The original and the fanfic are only vaguely similar, given that the RotG characters are nothing like my OCs, and so the story is being driven in different directions. (Pitch, for example, is playing the part of two vastly different OCs.)