Me and Daisy and Marion went to see Travelling Light yesterday and they’ve both written ‘reports' but bascially

  • We went to the stage door to wait for Damien and saw Christopher Eccleston going for a jog between shows (He jogged away from us congregated fan girls VERY speedily)
  • We waited over an hour for Damien because he was having lunch with his parents but he was really apologetic
  • He was super polite and charming and asked our names so that he could refer to us by name when we were talking. We talked a bit about the Conquest of the South Pole and how sad it was that the audiences were quite small and how great Andrew was in it.
  • We went to have dinner before the show and found £20 on the ground which basically paid for the whole thing
  • we were just going into the auditorium and saw Mark Gatiss who was there to watch Travelling Light
  • The play was beautiful and very funny and we were in the second row so it felt much more intimate than the National usually does, and it was amazing to see the more subtle aspects of the performances.

In short, it was a bizarre but perfect day and I wish I could tell you all to go and watch the play but we saw the last performance. I’m just hoping that Damien (And Gower) do lots more theatre in the future

dead-rotten  asked:

why is Mads so confusing. Like really. Sometimes his face looks fucking weird but then it looks like an ancient and beautiful rock formation carved by the winds of time and the waters of artistry.

I feel you

sometimes this

and then suddenly

What is your secret, Mads I DON’T UNDERSTAND

ohwhatatragiccost replied to your postohwhatatragiccost replied to your post: Um. Loki….

You have good taste?

Oh gosh can I hire you to say nice things about me :3

dead-rotten replied to your postdead-rotten replied to your post: I would get you…

And then the self help book is actually written and signed by Hiddles

and then it would have to be called a self-destruction book because in trying to help you he’d actually be stamping on your heart