Demian DinéYazhi’ (RISE: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment) hit the grimy streets of the Indian Capital of the World (Gallup, NM) today, initiating our ‪#‎DECOLONIZEFEMINISM‬ wheatpaste poster project. A special “Thank You” goes out to Ryan Dennison (Deadrezkids Records) for his phenomenal rezstyle Blue Bird Flour wheatpaste mix and for driving through familiar territory as an ally & warrior!

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We Fucking Exist.

If you try to look up Native Punk bands in search engines, in music blogs, in zines, on tumblr, on facebook you come up with a lot of people who either never thought of us, or people who are saying we don’t exist. Maybe they’ve heard of Blackfire or hardcore folks might know Resistance Culture, those kids that collect records might have some XIT. But for the most part our narrative is blank. We are completely left out of the discussion. Even though people like Jimi Hendrix and Link Wray have had amazing exposure.

We already know that nobody in the colonizer culture really gives a fuck about us and thats been the norm for 500 years. They don’t want us here. We weren’t suppose to survive to this point. But the thing is we are here. And we don’t need a fucking white savior to swoop down and “discover” us after we’re dead, to send our life stories and bones behind glass walls like they’ve done to EVERYTHING ELSE in our culture.

We HAVE to record our experiences, our lives so that our people and others know we exist. That Punk doesn’t just belong to white people. That Natives are pissed off and doing something about it. That Natives are FUCKING MODERN PEOPLE. We’re PUNK, we are LOUD and we EXIST. But we will be written out of history if we let them. My people, you have to put your name out there! Record your stories! Record and document your music! Publish your thoughts! Make ZINES! Draw Comics! Paint Pictures! Organize tours and make connections! Reach out and BUILD. You have a VOICE. SCREAM IF YOU HAVE TO!!

-Sara Rene
Native Punx Unite Moderator


From Navajo Nation to San Carlos Nation, the bows and arrows are down. Navajo and Apache Unite!!! Historic event indeed, from tribal to tribal relationship expressed through music, bands from both reservations converge to San Carlos, AZ. In reservation music histories, there have been gatherings, get togethers, and happenings. Now is the next generation of bands on the rez to cross boundries and develop something to feed the movement/struggle. Voices and Music without borders. Ya better get yer asses to San Carlos, AZ. Tomorrow Friday June 15, 2012.

Cross Burning Music comes full circle of another sick deadrezkids release, featuring the creative minds of Tyrell Nighthorse Young, Grace Miles and Forgetful Jones. Conceptualizing synths and the voice of Grace all undergo overtones of art noise and painstaking beatkillers to emerge and exhale a breathe of blessing. These musicians from not only navajo rez but San Carlos Apache enlightens cross burning indeed. Lilith an album to honor the strong female rolls in their lives, past and present. click the sick picture for a free album download.


streets are speaking tongues (SRST) : a mobilization of music and performance art, hitting up the streets of Gallup, NM. A new project of fantastic and sporadic tacky conniptions all over the place. deadrezkids style.

Featured on the 1st video of “SRST” is Robyn Silverfox sharing an acoustic performance for the romantic alleys of gallup nm- sometimes full of broken glass and drunk natives. an issue that has become the norm in Gallup’s history with the surrounding reservations.

April Oneil, farmington, nm. Three of the craziest natives you’d bump into, from the northwestern hemisphere of new mexico. although a major influence from 2006-2008 music scene, they show all the rezzy kids whats real powerviolence, thrash, hardcore and grind on the rez! a sick six track album of eargasms. composed by Khali Pioche - guitar. Justin Pioche - drums/recording. Allen Yazzie - vocals/noises/samples. From Farmington/Kirtland/Fruitland area, San Juan County. this discography album from 2005-2008 shows their early and latter recordings about Misanthropy/Antitheism/Asexuality. so click the motha'fuckin photo for download.

Wolves in Wolves Clothing, Immoral but Efficient EP
Three white boys from the navajo rez, creating the ILLIST in your face punk music in the Gallup NM area. Very thankful to add these rez boys to the deadrezkids records catalog. Catch their shows at the industrial art gallery, another haven for local music lovers and supporters in downtown Gallup. And definitely check out the Free download.

Unfortunately, a fire had consume all their instruments, so definitely catch a show, buy some merch, so they can get their own equipment. But that wont stop them, they are borrowing instruments from friends, so book them as well!
Booking info:

this is what rezkids do in new mexico: Collaboration up the ass, for these rez musicians. Walking all paths of music/life, noise, rap, cross burning, experimental genre. All too familiar on the rez, but yet not every artist on the rez owns the equipment. so in itself, this recording is blessed to have the right minds to compose the music and have access to the web for its exposure. Definitely show that love and spread it. EL EL of churchrock, Forgetful Jones of gallup, and Ryan Dennison of fort wingate

H E A V Y ft. Ryan Dennison and Forgetful Jones