deadpools day off

So I watched Deadpool last week and I loved the movie. If I should point out one awesome thing about it it has to be this man’s fashion choices.

Btw, sorry for no art last week. Classes were supposed to start again this week and I had to take two trips to the capital, plus I was feeling prematurely tired from college. But suddenly there’s a strike and I don’t know if they’ll actually start next week (?) So yeah…

As president, what would you do about the Trends issue?

Tumblrs that want your vote:

  • The Printed Internet (printedinternet): Where in the world is Zuckerberg?
  • They Might Be Giants (tmbgareok): Official blog of possible polyphemes.
  • Gi Artist (1041uuu): Very pretty pixels.

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Fkn Deadpool! >_<

This guy’s my hero and was kind enough to stop for a picture perfect moment when I ran into em at a red-light! To whomever you are man… Ya done good . ^_^

Photographed by moi: Jones-own