deadpool:the video game


‘Gargoyles: The Video Game’

[Various/Unlisted] [USA] [Trailer] [1995]

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And, here they are! This is how I’m coming with the concept are and a few models for a video game my friend and I are making. There will be four main breeds: Arctic, Fire, Wyvern, and Wind. [Wind may not be a main breed. It may be replaced by the Vulpine.] There are captions on the pictures, by the way.

I’m making an effort to make all of the breeds physically possible. I’m reluctant to give a creature over 4 limbs, and they wont be able to magically breathe fire. [Out of the four main breeds, only the Fire and he Wyvern have wings, and only the Fire can breathe fire. [Note that the Wind can fly, but that’s why I’m debating whether it should be a playable race or not. I’m thinking of making it more of a deity.] The Fire dragon can breathe fire due to it’s venom. It can spit it’s [flammable] venom, which is ignited by a spark from a piece of flint and iron in a pouch in the dragon’s jaw. [The dragon has to go out and find the flint and iron before being able to breathe fire.] Yeah I stole that idea from dragonology, I think.

So, yeah. Sorry for the crappy pictures. Enjoy~

so the core Ratchet & Clank games have always had innuendo in a lot of their titles and that’s gr8. Examples - Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, Quest for Booty, A Crack in Time (the others are R&C, Deadlocked and Tools of Destruction). But no in Australia apparently Going Commando is TOO VULGAR so they changed Going Commando to Locked & Loaded in PAL regions. Whyyy. They let through Up Your goddamn Arsenal (I wasn’t even allowed to buy it when it came out because it was ~too rude~) but Going Commando is where they draw the line. Fine. 




I finally finished up my platinum for The Walking Dead. Found some very interesting things about the choices I made. It was an extraordinary pleasure playing this game. 

It was crazy to me that so many people took Clem to Crawford that was a freaking disaster already. And it’s pretty obvious how pissed I was when my sugarboo died by lily’s hands and then I found out it was fucking BEN WHO TRADED WITH THE BANDITS FUCK. Totally not angry about it. 

Tears were shed.