deadpool: the game

The Game
The Game

Disturbed - The Game

Tell me exactly
what am I supposed to do?
Now that I have
allowed you to beat me!
Do you think that
we could play another game?
Maybe I can win this time?
I kind of like the misery you put me through.
Darling, you can trust me, completely.
If you even try
to look the other way,
I think that I could kill this time.

Last Supper ft. Jadakiss, Styles P & AR
The Game
Last Supper ft. Jadakiss, Styles P & AR

a leftover gem from the stellar 2012 album “jesus piece” has chuck taylor trading bars with two-thirds of the lox over a somber sample . betrayal is the focal point of this scrapped track, which would’ve fit perfectly on last year’s underrated disc .

Ending (Credits)
Daniel Heath
Ending (Credits)

I’ve been listening to this 7:30 minute long song for god who knows how long! This is the credits song (comprised of both Heroes of War by KPM Music and Brian Tyler’s Transformers Prime ending theme from Darkness Rising) from Transformers Prime: The Game.

It’s such an addicting song, I swear to all the gods above and below!

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