deadpool week


Secrets: Peter is not really sure when he met Wade Wilson for the first time, but he’s sure Wade was around for some time now. He does remember when they had first real talk, though. Peter tried to fool a bartender with his horrible attempt for a false ID and failed miserably. He didn’t really want drink that much, but he was angry at uncle Ben for still treating him as a little kid and this was suppose to help. 

It didn’t work out well, bartender laughed at him and if that wasn’t humiliating enough, he offered him a glass of coke. Wade was the douche who laughed quietly from the table closest to them, nursing his own drink. Surprisingly, he also bought said soda and Peter ended up sitting across the table from him, talking about nothing (more like listening to Wade’s craziness) for next three hours. 

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Prepare your pencil, your camera, your costumes, your papers, everything you need and what you can think of because…..IT’S FINALLY HERE!! 

We are very excited to announced that Red Team Week is here (almost)!!

>>>>      RED TEAM WEEK!!!!!!!   In January 4-10th 2016     <<<<

Now you can check the events for each day and the guidelines  and have fun with our favorite boys!!! And Leave your imagination fly!!!