deadpool video game

Everyday for some reason I think about how and why the DeadPool video game is currently the 10th most expensive video games Budgets to produce of all time?

Where did the money go? The Cutscenes?

Cheer Up Post #5024

For the anon requesting a post for their boyfriend with Gorillaz and the character Deadpool, along with the games Overwatch and Fallout 4, here you go!

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Wow. ラリアット■絵仕事募集中’s pop culture artwork is AWESOME. He covers everything from comics to anime to video games; all the good stuff. (You can also see more on his tumblr account!)


i’ve been laughing so hard i’m crying over the past 5 minutes over this video.

New Outfit for Lena.                           

                                            - Get to know her-
(added some things, like canons that loony and  vanillaamoursucrethings wrote for her, thanks for that♥)

name: Lena        

age: 18

birthday: 17th of febuary

height: 5′11″/ 180cm 

eye color: light blue      

hair color: white

personality: a loyal bro, funny, patient, friendly, creative, spontaneous, tough, a little bit jealous

boyfriend: Lysander (even tho she looks more like a Castiel-Girl/Armin-Girl)  

best male friends: Castiel, Armin & Alexy

best female friends: Rosalia, Kim, Viola and Pia (and some sucrettes)

favorite colors: red, black, white, purple, grey and some pastel colors


  • listening to music
  • reading comics and mangas
  • watching anime and shows on Netflix
  • sketching
  • spending time with her boyfriend♥
  • playing games
  • meeting friends
  • taking walks when it’s dark 

qoute:  “Double the life, double the fun!” , “yee dude, let’s go!!”

other facts:

  • She got a  lot of Tattoo’s.
  • got a Septum and a nostril-piercing ,but she mostly wears her nostril-piercing. She also got Plugs and piercings on her ear.
  • Loves black clothing with white stripes or black clothes in general.
  •  loves to wear her Plateau-Shoes
  • Listens to Metalcore, K-POP,K-HipHop, J-Rock, Alternative Rock, EBM and some other stuff.
  • hates country-music
  • She got the crystal necklace from Lysander as a present (’cause he’s cute af)
  • Castiel got her a leather jacket for her b-day, ‘cause she always mentioned how much she liked his jacket.
  • Lena is really into japanese stuff and band merchandise
  • She got the habbit of rearranging her own hair even though she’s tidying up (thanks to  vanillaamoursucrethings for the hc)
  • Lena isn’t really into classic books, but if Lysander would give her one, she will probably read it….But In exchange he has to read one of her comics/mangas. :D
  • She secretly enjoys sweets, but never shows it to keep her mask perfectly. (thanks to loony for the hc)
  • can be super excited! like… really, really excited 
  • She loves Deadpool!!
  • likes to play video-games with Armin (if you can’t find her with Lysander & Castiel, she will probably be with Armin to play video-games  somewhere in school)