deadpool video game

Everyday for some reason I think about how and why the DeadPool video game is currently the 10th most expensive video games Budgets to produce of all time?

Where did the money go? The Cutscenes?

Cheer Up Post #5024

For the anon requesting a post for their boyfriend with Gorillaz and the character Deadpool, along with the games Overwatch and Fallout 4, here you go!

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And the Psylocke,Deadpool and Wolverine piece is done.
Got inspired to do this by today’s Psylocke session in Marvel Heroes.Im also Farming for the ingame currency to buy Wolverine and I played with a guy that was using Deadpool.So it all went full circle
Its official my version of Psylocke will have a scar.I like how it looks on her.


i’ve been laughing so hard i’m crying over the past 5 minutes over this video.


Wow. ラリアット■絵仕事募集中’s pop culture artwork is AWESOME. He covers everything from comics to anime to video games; all the good stuff. (You can also see more on his tumblr account!)