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The weird life of Bob the Hydra Agent. Why must I like such an obscure character?

While Bob likes pretty ladies, his main type seems to be people of any gender who scares him but also show him some level of kindness.
That includes Deadpool who has put him through a lot of shit but can also be incredibly sweet to Bob. It has come to a point where Bob tries to kiss him and express attraction to him, making Deadpool feel kinda awkward about it because he’s only into dominant people himself.

Bob’s relationship with his ex-wife Allison is a bit unclear. They weren’t happy, but he loved her enough to never cheat on her, he turned down women who were far kinder to him for her, and he still got excited when Allison rewarded him with sex.

Bob spoke fondly of a Hydra agent named Lars, saying he “was always so gentle” and apparently he gave Bob gentle wedgies? Unfortunately Lars attacked Deadpool and lost his head as a result. Bob mustered up a bit of courage and complained to Deadpool about it.

At Deadpool’s wedding Bob was Squirrel Girl’s date. How they know each other we might never know, but he probably thinks she’s (rightfully) scary.

Petition to Marvel Comics

Reblog this petition if you want someone, say Matt Fraction or Gail Simone or anyone at Marvel who actually gives a damn about character history, to write a completely in-canon story where Deadpool and Squirrel Girl destroy the cosmic cube and revert all the bullshit that deus ex machina has created.

Bonus no-points if said story involves using the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy the cube.

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