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@deadpools-babe: Another request.. (sorryyy ><) DP texting/chatting his girl while doing his (very dangerous) mission. Or a group chat with DP, reader and the Avengers.

Warning: Swearing and implied smut.

A/N: Crazy life, crazy week but I am working on prompts gradually- be patient with me lovelies.

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Deadpool: Hey baby

You: Hi sexy, what`s up?

Deadpool: Just killing some assholes, the usual

You:  Are you on a mission now?

Deadpool: We are on the way, I`m with Capsicle and the moody metal arm dude

You: Tell Steve I said hi

Deadpool: No

You: Why not?

Deadpool: You aren`t allowed to say hi to anyone but me

You could almost picture him sulking

You: Baby, you know it`s not like that

Deadpool: Prove it

You: I will when you get home safe

Deadpool: I can`t wait to show you who you belong to

You: Just focus on being safe

Deadpool: Baby, I can`t be tamed

You: Focus

Deadpool: I cannot wait to get home and bend you over

You: Steve and Bucky won`t appreciate your distraction

Deadpool: Fuck them 

You: Don`t be jealous, I belong to you, you know that.

Deadpool: I am going to fuck you so hard when I get home. I`m going to-

“Deadpool, please focus and stop messaging your girlfriend. We need to complete this mission and then you can go home and ‘fuck her so hard” huffed Steve

“Fucking language Captain. Jesus fucking Christ do you curse that often. Motherfucking potty mouth” Deadpool waved his arms around and turned to look at the nosey old fucker.

He couldn’t wait to get home.