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does nate wear old man glasses

Wade: If by “old man glasses” you mean “tiny ass pair of red plastic shades he picked up at a gas station for probably 1$” then yes. The worst thing is that he thinks they look cool.

Now Weasel, he’s got some classy glasses. Harry Potter never goes out of style.


First Appearance New Mutants (1983-1991) #98 (1991) | Created By Fabian Nicieza, Rob Liefeld | Name Wade Wilson

Current Comics Deadpool (2015), Despicable Deadool (2017), Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016), Deadpool: Back in Black (2017), Deadpool: Too Soon? (2017), Deadpool the Duck (2017), Deadpool vs. The Punisher (2017), Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again (2017), Uncanny Avengers (2015), Deadpool & the Mercs for Money (2016), Deadpool & Cable: Split Second (2015), Deadpool: Bad Blood (2017)

Donald Glover Is Making an Animated Deadpool TV Show

By Anna Gaca

Budding TV impresario Donald Glover and his brother, Atlanta writer Stephen Glover, will co-create an animated series based on Marvel’s Deadpool comics for FX’s FXX channel, Variety reports. The as-yet-untitled show is expected to debut in 2018, with 10 episodes already on order.

The Glover brothers will work as the series’ showrunners, executive producers, and writers. Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory will executive produce for Marvel. No cast announcements are public, so we don’t yet know if the stars of last year’s successful Deadpool film will lend voice talents.

The Deadpool show is Donald Glover’s first new project with FX to be announced since he signed an exclusive deal with the network following the breakout success of Atlanta, which he created and starred in. (That show’s second season is delayed to 2018.) Glover will also act in two highly anticipated upcoming films: this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, and a 2018 Star Wars spinoff about the life of Han Solo, where he’ll play Lando Calrissian.

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Who is [Cable] to Deadpool?

In Deadpool’s first-ever appearance to Marvel comics, Wade was hired by Tolliver - his boss as well as Cable’s son - to kill Nathan. Thanks to Domino, Deadpool was put out of commision, and Nathan Fed-Ex’ed Wade back to his boss - literally.

Needless to say, this was not a promising first-meeting for Deadpool and Cable. The two aren’t seen again until later in Kelly’s run. Deadpool has been given the responsibility of the weight of the entire world on his shoulders and his mind is quickly distorting under the pressure. Destiny says he can be a hero - but has to shed blood to do it, something Deadpool has desperately fought to change about himself. Although him and Siryn had a bit of a falling out, Wade weeks her out, hoping to absorb her ‘good’ even as she sleeps.

Cable is not impressed, nor does he care if Deadpool means her harm or not.

A physical confrontation goes down, with Nate completely winded before it starts. Deadpool starts speaking of this Destiny LL&L has put him on, which infuriates Cable and spits out that Deadpool has no idea what it takes to be a man of destiny, to change the world.

Nate is left unsure if he believes Deadpool or not about understanding that weight. The two discuss that responsibility from their perspectives, and a dying Nathan chooses to give Deadpool the benefit of the doubt for the first time. This moment is very important, due to the two having a mutual understanding of one another on a burden almost no one else can understand, and the starting point of undoubtfully one of the most important bonds in Deadpool’s life.

Moving over to Cable and Deadpool, things start out violent as ever between the two men, although it is much less personal this time around and more just the line of business. Neither man shows true hostility [although some annoyance] toward’s the other - showing they have moved past their previous differences.

Throughout the series of Cable and Deadpool, which would be too long and honestly would require me explaining the entire comic - we see Wade and Nate’s unlikely friendship develop into something stronger, to point of which Wade openly admits Cable is important to him, and Nate gives Wade benefit of the doubt where he is otherwise shunned and believes in the good Wade is capable of.

However, this bond has hinted time and time again to go beyond friendship, and suggests there was more between them than first glance would suggest.

And this does not go unnoticed by other’s around them.

This continues toward’s their falling out. The two men have every opposite ways of thinking, which will inevitably put them on opposing ends. So when the Mutant Registration Act comes forth, Wade and Nate do not see eye-to-eye. Wade even goes as far as becoming irritated when Daredevil questions why. Wade becomes defensive, in short stating he is his own man with his own opinions and is not attached to Cable’s hip.

A very important thing to note here is there is one thing Wade values above anything - it’s a right to opinion. This is something he has sacrificed his own sanity over, not only for himself, but for the world. And despite Deadpool and Cable having a complicated relationship - Wade does not feel anyway obliged to follow Nate if he disagrees with him.

Cable is not fond of this, though Wade is not listening to reason of the problems the Mutant Registration Act will cause in the future. Cable - in the sake of saving Wade from making a big mistake, stages Deadpool. Hired by the U.S President himself, Wade was ordered to apprehend Nathan - dead or alive, but legally, he can only do so in the United States. Knowing this, Nate transported them to France, where Wade was being filmed trying to bring Nate down anyway.

The U.S dismisses having any association with Deadpool, taking away possibly the best job offer Wade has ever gotten. When Wade figures out he was set-up, he’s not impressed.

From this point on, their relationship status is referred to as a divorce. Whatever don’t-ask-don’t-tell relationship they were in is officially over. 

Still linked together, Wade and Nate are still forced to deal with each other, tension from Wade’s end still high. After some time, Cable starts causing Wade to see visions of people he has killed, in hopes it would help Wade to face up to demon’s of his past, show regret - and even come back to him for advice. 

Wade, already catching onto Nate’s bad manipulation habits, pointedly tells Nate he doesn’t need him - that they were ‘through, done, divorced - so why are you still here screwing with my head?’

Cable is unable to find a way to make Wade forgive him, though he parts on words. Deadpool does not respond to him, and Cable leaves.

There is much more to add to this, though again, it would be explaining more key-points to the comic. Nathan and Wade do make amends by the time Nate suicides to protect everything important to him, though there is little time to reconcile. [Don’t worry; he’ll be back.]

Cable is many things to Wade. He is an enemy, a friend - and I don’t think I’m out of bounds to say they were once lovers. He is everything at once - Wade hates him, respects him, and despite their falling out - is important to Wade.