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Rowdy, Labrador Retriever (13 y/o), Canby, OR • “He has vitiligo. I’ve seen other dogs that have it, but never so symmetrical. His belly and toenails turned white too (he used to be all black). He’s the ambassador for the American Vitiligo Research Foundation and has built some relationships with kids with vitiligo who may have been bullied because of it. He’s also gone kind of viral. He was on the front page of Reddit for days. They said he looks like Spider-Man, Deadpool, The Hamburgler, Spawn, Venom, Kiss, an orca whale, reverse panda, fried eggs…some people think we bleached his eyes. There should be a movie about his life. He’s declining a bit, but there were many times he should have died. He’s been shot by a cop, survived a poisoning, has had a tumor removed from his ear and the wrong tooth pulled. He’s got some dementia, senior bladder, and barks for no reason. He still acts like a puppy sometimes, too. And he still smiles.”


Wow. ラリアット■絵仕事募集中’s pop culture artwork is AWESOME. He covers everything from comics to anime to video games; all the good stuff. (You can also see more on his tumblr account!)



We all Love Spider-man, Batman and Superman but there comes a time when too many innocent fall victim to Carnage, the Joker and Darkseid that you just wonder WHY THE HELL DONTCHU YOU FINISH EM. With Deadpool being a success 

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and Punisher coming to Netflix for Daredevil. 

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today here are my personal picks for top 10 heroes who aren’t half measures and get the jobs done!



SevenThirtyTwo Concept Hoodies

It’s a massive shame that these don;t exist to buy, I would spend all my money on them in a heartbeat! The designs on these are extremely well done and how they’ve been re imagined to be a modern, hoodie/pull over design in quite impressive. 

The Robin hoodie is by far my favorite. 

Everything you need to know about Deadpool

A Deadpool film has been in development for years now but thanks to an a strong fan base and a very positive reaction to some test footage Wade Wilson is finally getting his very own solo outing. As popular as Deadpool is, non die hard comic book fans might not know who he is so below is everything you need to about Deapool.

Who Is Deadpool?

Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character created in 1991. Deadpools real name is Wade Wilson who first appeared in the pages of The New Mutants as a villain who was sent by a mercenary to kill Cable, the then leader of the New Mutants, who are a teenage team of the adult X-Men.

Originally Deadpool was created as a spoof of the DC Comics character Deathstroke, hence Deadpool’s real name being similar to Deathstroke’s real name, Slade Wilson. Deadpool went from villain to wise-cracking anti-hero, eventually the character proved to be so popular among readers he received his own comic book complete with his own backstory.

Wilson was a former military man and mercenary who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer before he volunteered to let the government experiment on him as part of the “Weapon X” program, the same government program that gave Wolverine his iconic claws. He was granted healing powers that cured his cancer but left horrible scars all over his face and body which is why he wears the mask and suit.

Merc with a Mouth

After leaving Weapon X and taking on the name Deadpool, Wilson took jobs working as an assassin for various other Marvel characters. Due to his talkative nature and him always making wisecracks as he’s killing, he’s commonly referred to as “the Merc with a Mouth.” It’s implied that the Weapon X procedure accelerated a mental deficiency which causes him to constantly talk.

Deadpool is aware that he is a comic book character and regularly breaks the fourth wall and directly speaks to the reader, while also learning new information in various storylines by reading back issues of his own comics.

Second times the charm

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Deadpool on the big screen and it isn’t even the first time that Ryan Reynolds is playing the character. Deadpool previously appeared in the terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Deadpool appeared as the wise cracking, katana wielding merc we all loved minus the red suit but fans reacted badly when Wilson gets turned into a last minute villain who got his mouth sewn shut.

There are many reasons to be excited for this movie, the first of which is the teaser trailer for the film which takes a shot at the poorly received Wolverine: Origins and how his character was treated.  Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox have promised that the film will stay true to the comics so watch out for breaking of the fourth wall and plenty of swearing.

Supporting characters

Deadpool is joined by several secondary comic book characters in the Marvel universe, his love interest in the film is shapeshifting mutant Copycat. Copycat is similar to Mystique only better because she can copy other mutant’s powers as well. Copycat who’s real name is Vanessa and is the main reason why Wade joins the Weapon X program, when Wade get diagnosed with cancer he goes to Weapon X to get cured so he can be with her. Copycat will be played by Firefly actress Morena Baccarin. Deadpool will be teaming up with long time x-men member Colossus. Colossus has appeared in several x-men films and has the power to transform his skin into metal which gives him super strength and near invulnerable skin.  Also appearing in the film is Negasonic Teenage Warhead (cool name huh?) who in the comics is a mutant with the power of telepathy and is part of the villainous group The Hellfire Club, in the comics Warhead is a villain but behind the photos of the film show her wearing an x-men uniform  indicating she’s a good guy.  From the trailer it appears that the characters powers have changed. She can seemingly gather up energy and use it to pack a punch.  Teenage Warhead is certainly one of the most intriguing characters in the film.

The main villain of the film is Ajax who is also a member of Weapon X and is the one who created the weapon X experiment that Wade volunteers for. Ajax is the one who puts Wade Wilson through all kinds of torture and experimentation, he’s the reason why Deadpool winds up hideously scarred and totally insane so you can probably understand why they don’t like each other. 

Ajax’s henchwoman in the film is MMA star Gina Carano who plays Angel Dust who can increase the adrenaline in her body giving her super strength that is on par with Colossus.

The future

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe thriving and depending and how the film does at the box office, early review say are positive, it’s safe to say that Deadpool will spawn a sequel or maybe even a trilogy. Deadpool hits cinemas on Valentine’s Day so if you have no plans I suggest you bring your girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend to go see it.

Ok guys, seriously. I spent all day working on this. All day. My back hurts from the position I spent drawing this in, and my fingers hurt like crazy. I seriously hope you guys like it, cause I’ve been wanting to draw a fight between Deadpool and Spawn for ages, and now it’s finally done!