why i stan ryan reynolds’s deadpool

negasonic teenaged warhead (comics): a white goth without a love interest

ryan reynolds: she’s a biracial goth with a lovely japanese girlfriend

russell collins (comics): a buff blond blue-eyed american

ryan reynolds: he’s a chubby polynesian māori kid from new zealand

domino (comics): She’s white with a black tattoo around her eye

ryan reynolds: she’s black with a vitiligo patch around her eye

vanessa carlysle (comics): unknown ethnicity

ryan reynolds: we’ll make her brazilian

shatterstar (comics): white

ryan reynolds: asian

blind al (comics): white

ryan reynolds: black

deadpool (comics): a pansexual canadian

ryan reynolds: i sure am!! …i mean, he sure is!

Hi! Just as a warning, if any of you all plan to see Deadpool, there are some pretty heavy suicide themes to the film. They are NOT treated as a joke in any manner, in fact it’s taken (for a Deadpool film) quite seriously, but I wanted to warn you all in advance that there is a scene in which a character attempts suicide and makes references throughout the film about wanting to die. I do think the movie is very much worth seeing, but I wanted to share because this matter is quite upsetting and triggering to many and I thought a warning was in order.

Basically 😂

If you need a reason to go watch Deadpool 2, here’s a really good one.

Immediately after watching the movie, I stopped by my workplace to check up on the schedule and idly brought up that I’d seen the movie. Naturally, anyone who had seen it or was interested in it flocked over and we started talking about it. Then, Anthony, the homophobe of the workplace, decided to give us his two cents on the matter. And I will never forget the following chain of events. 

He decided to say, “I didn’t like the new Deadpool movie. They made him too gay?” and without any hesitation literally everyone who was talking about deadpool whipped out their phones and started talking about how he’s always been gay and even pulled up proof from comics and all Anthony could do was walk away in shame.

So, yeah, go see Deadpool, piss off the shitty het fanboys who think they know it all. It was great. There were even several guys who got up in the theater i was in and left after some real gay shit.