Well, chaging the Marvel subject aside, today I wanna talk a little about DC comics and Harley Quinn. Constantly, I see posts around the Deadpool tags, regarding people shipping her with Wade and you know what? Wade would treat her at least 10 x better than Joker ever treated her.

[TW: ABUSE] Now we all know that Wade has been a victim of abuse in his past, both during his childhood and adulthood as well ( the pool of death,Typhoid Mary and so on). Harley also suffered enough in joker’s hand.

But the worst part about it is how many people still ship it or even think that their relationship is somehow romantic, and how twisted is that? Joker never, ever respected her as a human being, she was more like a human punching bag in his hands and there’s literally nothing ‘hot’ or ‘romantic’ about it.

Wade though, he would respect her as a woman and a person of her own, so please, before ever comparing Deadpool to that abusive piece of trash called Joker, please learn your facts.