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me, last night: this is a work thing, u gotta be professional
literally everyone: starts drinking
me: oh ,,

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You, @Pinkowl, rally of the dead (maybe?), Deadp-ool, MexicanTesttubes, truscum-tranny, cissnowflake, and probably some more but eh. I shall call you the "Done with your Bullshit Clique"

I’m confused. Am I done with my own BS or are you done with it?

Time flowed like cement. He checked his cell for the time. A minute had passed since he last checked an hour ago, or so it seemed. Sitting there with nothing to stare at but a poster with a blonde woman, promoting a new social insurance agency was excruciatingly dull and there was no telling when he would get on with his flight. It was so pointless too.He was going to visit Gwen since she invited him at least a month ago. He could lie to himself and say that he doesn’t miss her, but he does.

There’s a man sitting beside him. He’s been sitting there for several minutes; he saw him as a brownish blur to the left, registered the shift as he crossed and uncrossed his legs. He’s wearing a red hoodie that was shielding his face, blue jeans that seem to hide strong legs. Shifting his glance to his hands he found them hidden in the pockets of the hoodie. He looked- suspicous.

“Want a magnifying glass?”

The voice caught him unexpectedly. As embarrassing as it might sound, he could listen to it all day. It was a voice to sink in as it wraps you up. Yet, vibrating with power and command. It was a voice that sounded almost mocking.

“Uh- sorry.”

He quickly looked ahead again, his eyes focusing on the woman with a well-played fake smile on the poster.

“What time is it?”

The next question came from the mysterious man to his left. Was he trying to start a conversation or was it just a harmless question? He was quite muscular, and it was visible trough the red fabric too. Not that he wasn’t. Since the spider accident he gained a well-toned and muscular body too. It couldn’t match the body of this man, but it was still a 9/10 in his mind.

“Dude- stop glaring at me and tell what time it is?”

Oh no, he was caught. With an awkward blush he took his phone, the screen flashing, a picture of him and Aunt May as his background.

“It’s 2:15- wow, I already waited this much?”

“Damn. You gotta wait for good things. I heard a guy on TV say that once.”

“England isn’t that good-”

The man chuckled and for a brief moment he sounded familiar. It was a manly chortle yet a little high pitched at the ends. He heard that laugh somewhere before-

“So a trip to jolly old England, huh?”


“Visiting someone?”

Could he read minds too? As he remained silent the man glanced at him, and he caught a look at an angular jaw. Perhaps it was the lighting or maybe the fact that he hadn’t eaten anything since the afternoon, but the jaw seemed pale and scared.

“Yeah. A friend.”

He returned to look ahead and Peter continued to stare at the poster, nervously nibbling his lower lip.

“I was in England last month-”

Another attempt to start conversation? Probably. He had nothing else to do though. The flight was still delayed, and it’s not like anyone needed saving at an airport.


Another laugh escaped his lips as the man next to him continued with the joke.

“Well, I wasn’t gonna use the side that YOU had put your lips on!”

Peter snorted and leaned back, rubbing his eyes. The jokes weren’t that funny, but the stranger told them in such a humorous way that he couldn’t help but laugh.

“What time is it again?”

“Oh, it’s only 6:28. Actually, time passed so quickly I almost hadn’t noticed.”

“So I managed to keep you cheerful trough the whole night, huh?”

He could have sworn that he saw the man wink at him. His face flushed again, and he tried to play it off by checking the Daily Bugle website. They already posted the news about him and Lizard, huh? He frowned as he looked at the title on the top, the words in an obvious bold font.

‘Times scare! Spider-man, the Lizard, attack the city!’

Attack?! He was trying to stop Dr.Connors. He saved a whole bus of children. Of course the media put up the picture of him at his worst; holding a taxi above his head with the driver still inside. Why not post the picture as he was saving the man from the car?

“Times scare! Hah, good one.”

He looked over at the stranger that was glancing down at his phone. He probably saw him frowning. Did he look supicous?

“Jameson was always a funny guy-”

The sentence dripped with sarcasm and the stranger snorted, leaning back into the shadows. Damn, why won’t he remove the hoodie?

“Spidey isn’t a bad dude.”

“He- isn’t?”

He was surprised. He was expecting the same comment he got from almost everyone. ’Menace’, that’s what they called a guy who risked his life to save others.

“Nah. He is an amazing hero! I mean, how he used that lamppost to smack the Lizard across his head- classic!”

That made him laugh again. He did do that! Wait- no one was around when that happened. As well as his memory served him that happened in the abandoned alleyway. He could have sworn that no one was around. Except from Deadp-

“My baby boy is something that I always wanted to become…a hero.”

His eyes widend and he jumped up from his seat. Baby boy? There was only one person that called him that. Now that he looked at him- he did match his body. The voice and laugh too.


He managed to sttuter out, glaring at the hidden face. A visible smirk appeared below the hoodie and a ding was heard from above.

We apologise for the delay. Our flight to England had unexpected engine problems. Once again we are very sorry. Please continue to the staff reception and have a safe flight.

An applause was echoing trough the room, but Peter was too busy staring the man in disbelief. He just noticed that he was holding a ticket to Canada. Didn’t the airplane leave on time? The flight wasn’t delayed. It left at 11 PM. Why did he wait for the new one in the morning?!

“Well, bye-bye.”

Deadpool stood up and Peter was still in shock, staring at the place he was sitting at. Wait- did he know that he is Spider-man? Just as he looked up he found himself lost in crowd. There is no way that he could find him now- Looking back at his seat he found a small piece of paper that was partially crumbled.

'Fly safe baby boy! xoxo’

Oh no…

[ Here you go anon. Ofc he stayed 'till the morning cause he wanted to make Peter company. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. uvu ]

texting I

Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune | Part IV: dreamy | Part V: possibilities | extra: texting I 

Okay so I have written a few text messages between the characters because I felt like it. This is not an actual chapter, I just wanted to have some fun and this happened. It is very long so I had to add the “keep reading” part. I hope you like it, if you don’t I won’t do them again. This is just a test of sorts.

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People associating Zico’s new track with that Monsta X incident are just being irrational. First of all, they are not the only group to ever mention Zico openly on broadcast and not the only ones to complain about him. They’re not exclusive at all in this context, so why do some of you even associate this song with them? 

I honestly believe he didn’t have a specific target here. The song could be for so many people out there. There are just so, so many people - fans, idol rappers, underground rappers, tv shows, mcs, hosts and so on - comparing rappers to him – and also comparing him to pretty much every single rapper out there, being them idol or not.

Bobby said that Zico is “a mountain to leap over”. Zico was dissed several times by several rappers. Deepflow dissed him. Rapper DeadP dissed him for “being an idol rapper prenteding to be hiphop and bringing the mainstream kpop to the underground community”. A rapper named Aphelia created a diss called “Zicontrol” saying how frustrating it is to him that Zico has a “guaranteed popularity” for being an idol and how hard it is to be an underground rapper. There was one, that I can’t remember his name now, that dissed BBCs for attending their underground rapper to cheer for him.

“Everyone and their mothers say they’re my rival, when it’s hard enough for me to challenge myself”. He’s just pretty much saying that he’s tired of this. No one can fuck with his team because he has his own color, and that he’s constantly getting better and better. He never stops.

Some underground rappers are jealous pissed that Zico freaking made it and they didn’t. That Zico’s talent and skills are finally being recognised. Yeah, being part of an idol group helped him immeasurably, but hey, if he wasn’t that good, he wouldn’t be here right now and they wouldn’t be so frustrated.

And there are some idols who keep mentioning him everywhere too, even though he doesn’t say or do anything to them. It’s not his fault what other people do or say. He’s not responsable for this. No one gives him a break. There are comparison and judgement everywhere, and yet some of you still complain when your favorite rappers are compared to him.

Not to mention that, when Block B debuted, P.O and him were compared to GD and TOP every single time by everybody. For years. Wherever they’d go. You know, it happens when you just debut. It’s hard and it’s annoying, but it’s just not enough time to build a reputation, it takes a lot of time to finally be recognised and to finally be able to show your skills. Especially when the group/ artist isn’t from the Big 3.

Also, what were you guys expecting? A sad, romantic song? He has always been the type to write his feelings down. When other artists do this kind of thing, no one complains. It’s “dope” and “fierce”. But when it’s Zico…

Sorry if you think I’m being too biased, but honestly, really honestly, y’all just wanna drag Zico down for no reason. I know he’s not the only good rapper out there, there are plenty, but stop making a fuss out of things just because it’s Zico. 


FT3 Day 2: phew, wow. That was a mad dash back to the hotel to upload the video for you guys, only to have to deal with the crappiest internet to ever crap. Now that that’s over, and you guys have seen the beauty of this cast, let me get on to the longer explanation.

Jen autograph: thank you to the awesome two people who let me print their manips out. My friend used the other one & had Jen sign “magic always comes with a price, kid”, to which she said “oh that’s a good one!” kayryn :) (I’ll ask superpotteravenger to put it up on the tag for you to see it lol). Mine of Jen I asked to say “actions speak louder than words”, because that’s probably the closest we’ll get to a SQ quote from her. 

And on that note: it was a good day, overall guys! We had a JMo question that was actually really well-thought out and considerate (more on that later). The SQ art they auctioned sold for 200 euros more than the massive banner from the con, that sold for 310 euros. BUT, and I say this in the best way possible you guys, rest up on the JMo requests for her to sign #swanqueen. I was in line for her autograph and a girl asked her to sign that, and she looked devastated as she said “no sorry I won’t get into that. It creates wars. It’s nothing personal, I just…” and I felt so bad. The poor child is so aware and it’s heartbreaking. Obviously, she couldn’t have missed the overwhelming amount of support for SQ with that chant at the end, but still. No need to make her uncomfortable, and she’s really been just so aware in everything she did over the weekend.

Jen picture: it’s confirmed: she’s a walking ball of sunshine. if people ever bottled sunshine, I imagine it’d look a lot like Jen tbh.

I got Meghan to sign “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf”, because she sang that before (and so did Lana, but with the modification of “who’s afraid of the big bad queen lol)

Lana/Vic duo: I was trembling so much, I actually thought I might pass out. Luckily, I didn’t, just went in, said hi to them (with Vic laughing at me, because by then it had been the 5th time she’d seen in me in a month… oops), hugged Lana, she giggled and omg *-*. So I asked them both to pretend to kill me, which got quite a few laughs from both of them, and ended up in that beauty up there. I don’t even care I look demented, it was brilliant lol

Yes, they played quite a few Swan Queen videos, right up there with C$ and 0Q, and every damn time a new one started (we had a run of 5 consecutive videos and it was beautiful lol), everyone would start cheering. The last video before they moved on to the next part was this A Fine Line trailer. They tried pausing halfway through, and all Swen started booing :p

And then the entire Swan Queen beauty of the last hour. I cannot tell you how much I freaked out when I realised they were standing next to each other. After so much planning, and no duos, no panels, no NOTHING, you leave those two to their own devices around each other for 4 minutes, and they end up close to each other #dead

ps: I will upload the JMo answer to the Regina question tomorrow, because I don’t feel like fighting with the internet again, but just know that yes, she says friendship quite a few times (like I said, she was so aware, I can’t imagine how tiring that must’ve been for her, bless), she also makes it clear that it was a gut reaction for Emma to save Regina, almost instinctual. So ;)