deadpan gentleman

College AU: Jun!- "Is It Me or You?"

Author: Admin Mari

Genre: Smut, Slight Fluff, AU

Group: Seventeen

Summary: Jun, a lady killer a year away from graduating college, finds himself looking for something until he captures the eyes of a certain girl…

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     Jun didn’t really see the point in being at this party. As he sipped on his beer, his eyes scanned the sea of bodies tightly packed together like a can of sardines. There were plenty of girls in the crowd that he could pick from, but none seemed… right. They were pretty… just pretty good. Just not jarring, startling, or show-stopping. He wanted a girl that could make his rock hard attitude shake at its core.     

He sighed as he placed his empty glass on the nearest table, taking a seat before it. His fingers ran along the crystal ring, humming lightly under his breath. Jun’s love life was something that many men envied. He could have any girl blushing and stammering like they were in love for the first time. A simple smile and a few sweet touches had them practically melting in his fingers. But as much as he loved the softness and warmth of a woman’s body, he was well aware of the emptiness in him that he wanted filled.     

Yes, he could have any girl. But that was because they were all the same; docile, meek, and easily manipulated. There was nothing there for him to crave more of. A simple hit and go was all they were good for in his opinion. Jun wanted… something exciting that left him needing more.     

Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder that jarred him from his thoughts. He looked up and was met with the wide eyes of a guy in his biology class. Jun furrowed his brows. What was his name again…?    

“Jun, man! Have you seen the brunette dancing by the stairs?” the boy said.    

Jun shook his head and turned in the direction of the stairs. He craned his neck to see around the corner. Once he saw the girl, he instinctively pressed his legs together.    

Fabric clung to skin slicked with sweat, and Jun followed the curves of the girl as if he were reading the most beautiful of prose. He stopped at her ass and bit his lip. Now that was a rare sight among the flatness in the room. His eye rose higher and followed her breasts as they bounced to the beat of her sensual movements. Thin straps held the black dress to her shoulders and Jun’s fingers twitched.   

   Without moving his gaze away from the girl, he addressed his companion is a breathless tone, “Who is she?”     

“[Name],” the boy said. “She’s a transfer student that’s new this semester. I hear she’s already scored quite the list of partner since she’s been here.”     

Jun chuckled.    

   “Really? I see she’s easy prey then.”     

“That’s the thing… She only goes for the super popular guys most girls can’t get. Like Jinwoo the star quarter back… Chang the Vice President… Eunwoo the national tennis champion…”      

  “Hmmm,” Jun said with a smirk. “So she likes a challenge. No problem. All it takes is a little charm and she’ll end up like the rest.”    

   The boy placed his hand on Jun’s shoulder and squeezed it lightly.    

“If you can tap that, you’ll be a god. Tell me about it in class tomorrow.”    

Jun raised a brow. “A gentleman never kisses and tells.”    

The boy deadpanned. “You’re not a gentleman. You’re closer to being a gigolo.”    

Jun laughed and shrugged. “Touché.”    

He sprang up from the chair and ran his fingers through his hair. A broad smile lit up his face as he travelled through the crowd. He didn’t know why he was smiling so much. But, he had a suspicion that it had to do with the heat beginning to grow in his groin.    

  “Do you see that guy?” one girl said.     

“He’s pretty sexy…” said another.     

“Don’t you know who that is? It’s Jun!” said her friend.      

That banter of his smitten fans just made him smile even more. If this girl liked imfamous men, he definitely fit her type.      

Once he was finally before her, Jun wrapped his arm around her, isolating her from the circle of admirers.     

“So [Name],” he whispered in her ear, “I saw you from across the room and I noticed something.”     

Jun’s hand drifted down to her hip.     

“Maybe I was too far away to see correctly, but I swear you aren’t wearing anything under that dress.”

     [Name] suddenly grabbed Jun’s hands and slowly slid them down to her ass. She squeezed his hands, forcing him to grope her. She watched his Adam’s apple bob, smiling widely.     

“So you got your answer?” she asked.     

“I actually was hoping to talk to–”     

“Did you come to chat or actually seduce, big man? Cause you’re gonna have to do better than that, big man.”      

Jun stared down at her.      

“Since when did girls become this bold?” he chuckled, his finger playing with the edge of her dress.     

“Since men’s behavior became predictable enough to copy,” she said quickly, raising her brows.     

Jun drew his head back a bit and narrowed his eyes.    

“So did you forgo underwear to toy with men?”     

However, instead of talking, [Name] simply leaned forward and pressed her breasts to his wide chest. When he felt the pillow against him unobstructed, he got his answer.     

“The bra was skipped too,” she laughed. “I know you noticed.”     

Every syllable she uttered was deliberate and drawn out, like she was casting a spell on him. Jun, despite his better judgement, couldn’t find it in himself to resist her.     

“A lot of men noticed. I know where their eyes were focused on while I was dancing, wanting to peel this away, see what’s hiding underneath,” she whispered more.     

Jun found his words hitched in his throat and he could only give strangled groans in response.     

“Are you going to just stand there with that cute expression your face, or are you going to make me finally use this mouth for something other than talking?” she said, putting her hands on his shoulders.     

Jun stammered as she shoved her groin against his, allowing her to notice his evident erection pressing against her leg. She looked down and bit her lip.     

“Are those chopsticks in your pocket or are you that happy to see me?” she teased.     

Jun blinked down at her and noticed the group of people watching them. Many whispered amongst themselves just loud enough for him to hear them injuring his pride. Who were they to judge him? At least he could even get a girl like this… what difference did it make if he wasn’t the one being aggressive? It didn’t matter… right?     

He tried to ignore the laughing looks in the eyes of the crowd, his gaze burning holes into the wooden floor.     

[Name] noticed his lowered eyes and burning cheeks. She sighed to herself.    

“A man’s ego is so fragile,” she said to herself, looking up at him. “But he’s cute.”    

[Name] lifted his head to face her and she met his gaze.    

“Kiss me as hard as you can. Count to ten and after that, I’m going to wrap myself around you. That’s your cue to take me upstairs and get in my pants. ‘Kay, playboy?” she said.     

Jun watched her smile soften for just a moment, but long enough for him to see a small sparkle of… something in her. He nodded.     

He leaned forward and captured her lips, hands tangled in her hair. Teeth clashed with teeth and tongue fought with tongue. Time didn’t matter to him. Those ten seconds definitely weren’t enough. He bit down on her lip and pulled it. She couldn’t help but giggle.     

The onlookers quickly diverted their attention elsewhere when the exchange grew more heated. The two were basically going at each other right then and there.    

[Name] wrapped her legs around his waist and Jun easily captured her. He felt the warmth of her core on his stomach and he grinned.    

“Do you want to finish this right here on the floor or would you prefer to continue this in my dorm?”     

[Name] smiled.    

“Your choice. I don’t mind either way.”    

“Good. You’ll be screaming loud enough for them to hear either way anyways.”     

Jun heaved her upstairs without breaking the kiss.