Fine Art Sites,Database and Blogs (updating)


Each and every website/blog had a hyperlink before, but all of them disappeared since 7/15 owing to tumblr’s bug. Please search on tumblr to find the bloggers, and copy keywords to search for other websites. 

This is an ever-updating list, since tumblr doesn’t update reblogged post, please open the original link of this post to get the latest list

I would appreciate any related supplement to this list ლ ( ◕ ᗜ ◕ ) ლ. 

Thanks to every blogger I mentioned in this post 

Search Engines/Database:

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine

The Athenaeum

Web Gallery of Art, searchable fine arts image database

Paintings Art Gallery - Gallerix (support reverse search of painting) Advanced Search

Wikimedia Commons 

Artble: The Home of Passionate Art Lovers

Art Project - Google Arts & Culture - Visual Art Encyclopedia - Artist - Web gallery of art


Art/Gallery Websites: 

Artstack-art online  (collect artworks online)

Arcadia Art | The finest artworks throughout the world and the centuries. All images are in high definition.

Russian Fine Art   (FB)

Landscape Paintings | Landscape Oil Painting | Landscapes Art at Toperfect

Artchive | Gallery artists, artists social network online gallery of contemporary paintings   ( Twitter )

my daily art display | A daily dip into the world of art  

Inspirational Artworks: LINKS -

Ambleside Gallery

Heritage Gallery West  

Art Gallery | SR Brennen Galleries 

Let’s Paint Nature! | Hiking & Painting in Nature – Chicago

Realist Art Resource  (FB: Realist Art Resource)

The Artist’s Road

Kai Fine Art   (Twitter: @Kaifineart )

Tatha Gallery  ( Facebook )

Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont  (Twitter:  @MntGalleries )

Insight Gallery Fredericksburg  ( Facebook )

Portraits Inc.–representing the world’s best portrait artists  ( Facebook )

Art TV–Youtube

Astoria Fine Art Gallery in Jackson Hole,USA

Dick Idol Gallery - Located in downtown Whitefish, Montana,USA

Painting Tutorials: 

Watercolor Painting Made Easy: Lessons, Techniques & More


Fine Art Tips Facebook  

Zimou Tan

Art Pro

Jay Lee Watercolor Painting

Wei Taillandier

Websites of Artists:

-Old Masters:

Claude Monet biography and paintings in high definition

Vincent Willem van Gogh biography and paintings in high definition -

tumblr blogs:

Isaac Ilyich Levitan @artist-levitan

Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky @artist-kmakovsky

Camille Corot @artist-corot

Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov @artist-savrasov

Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky @artist-belsky

Jean-François Millet @artist-millet

Theodore Rousseau @art-rousseau

Henry Ossawa Tanner @artist-tanner

James Tissot @artist-tissot

Iwan Nikolajewitsch Kramskoy  @artistkramskoy

Claude Monet @claudemonet-art

Ilya Yefimovich Repin @artist-repin

Honoré-Victorin Daumier @artist-daumier

Anders Zorn @artist-zorn

William-Adolphe Bouguereau @artist-bouguereau

John Singer Sargent @fuckyeahjohnsingersargent

John Singer Sargent @john-singer-sargent

John Singer Sargent @artist-sargent

-Contemporary Masters: 

Alfredo Rodriguez Paintings

Rovina Cai Illustration  Tumblr:@rovinacai

Yaphleen Illustration  Tumblr: @yaphleen

Claire Basler Floral Painting  (FB: Claire Basler)

Sergey Zhiboedov Watercolor

Anne StahlContemporary, abstract paintings by artist Anne Stahl

Polina Yakovleva Illustration

Becky Joy Fine Art - Impressionist Oil Landscape Paintings  (Twitter: @beckyjoyartist )

Nick Andrew Oil Paintings  (Twitter: @NickAndrewArt )

Kieron Williamson Oil Paintings  (Twitter:  @krwartist )

@serge-marshennikov  Oil Paintings

Anatoly Korobkin and Diana Korobkina Oil Paintings

@qinni  Watercolor ( Youtube channel )

Ann Oram Oil Painting  (Twitter:  @Ann_Oram )

Anna Armona Watercolor

Sandra L. Strohschein Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Sung Ho Lee Watercolor ( Facebook )

@wratshit Illustration

Kanta Harusaki Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Linda Wilder Oil Painting ( Facebook , Artstack )

Iris Grace Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Robert Hagan Oil Painting ( FB )

@artbylouiseterrier Illustration Website

Donna Young Oil Painting ( FB )

Oleg Kozak Watercolor 

Daniel Gerhartz - Oil Paintings and Portraits  ( FB ) 

Vitaly Stroinov Oil Painting ( FB )

D. Eleinne Basa Oil Painting  ( FB )

Katy Lipscomb Illustration ( FB )

Richard Musgrave-Evans Oil Painting  ( FB )

Yoann Lossel Gold Leaf Painting   @yoannlossel ( Youtube )

Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin Oil Painting  (FB)

Phatcharaphan Chanthep Watercolor and Oil Painting

Jane Hunt Oil Painting  ( FB )

Robert W. Cook Watercolor  ( FB )

Pol Ledent (French artist) Oil Painting

Ahad Vatani (Iranian artist) Watercolor

Malgorzata Szczecinska Watercolor  ( FB )

David Joaquin native American Art  ( FB )

Pam Herrick prophetic art  ( FB )

Zheng Liang Feng(冯正梁) Watercolor (FB)

Painting&Other Inspirational Blogs:

♦ Painting, Sculpture

Fine Art Blogger  

ARTECULTURA | Revista Virtual de Artes, com ênfase na pintura do século XIX

Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica   ; Masterpiece of Art  (Twitter: @MariaLaterza )

ART BLOG MarkovArt | The Art blog about the Old Masters and Contemporary Artists

Konstatin Sterkhov: Art Of Watercolor

@rainlullaby99 (scroll down and find more blogger)



@topofartcom website 


@ ladydior13 


@art-of-eons (the-esoteric-arts)


@kaiganoshoujo (Twitter:甘美な少女の絵画bot)































































































































The nature photography and crystals blogs are now in a new list

This is mainly for archival purposes, I’ll keep it sort ;) Mutuals are bolded.

I am also rufussixmith so I will have my favourite blogs of this kind of content as well.


People that make tumblr enjoyable and are generally fantastic and I’m glad I “met” :)

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People I know in real life and I’m ashamed to know they see what I post. Thank you for sticking with me :)

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Also, other fantastic mutuals: higherthanthebeasts lapuslazulli double-zero-agent-alison mapleleafcameo tiger-in-the-flightdeck genderfluidjohn mountparnassus vonioje larazontally pokeitwithastick curiousswan submergedlibrarian adi-who-is-also-mou


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