The signs as things I made with origami

Aries: This awesome dinosaur I made

Taurus: This kiwi

Gemini: This messed up peacock that now looks kinda like a turkey

Cancer: This butterfly garden

Leo: This abstract cat

Virgo: This duck

Libra: This duck that was supposed to be another bird altogether but I somehow messed up the tail enough it became a duck

Scorpio: This X-Wing

Sagittarius: This perky puppy

Capricorn: This goat that kinda looks like a bunny but I like it anyway

Aquarius: This dragon

Pisces: This crumpled piece of paper that was going to be an elephant but then I got frustrated

The Signs as Ridiculous Things That Have Happened in the 2016 Election Season So Far

Aries: 38% of voters in Florida think Ted Cruz might be the Zodiac Killer.

Taurus: Trump defends penis size in Republican debate.

Gemini: Hillary Clinton barking at a rally.

Cancer: Jeb Bush saying “Please clap” at a rally.

Leo: “A chance to win Netflix and Chill with Senator Cruz”

Virgo: Four words: Bernie Sanders ice cream.

Libra: Ben Carson saying “Can someone please attack me?” at a debate.

Scorpio: The hashtag “#BoobsForBernie”

Sagittarius: Ted Cruz having to swallow what was probably a tonsil stone during the debate.

Capricorn: Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife outside of polling places in Massachusetts.

Aquarius: Whatever led to these people seriously being the potential leader of the goddamned country.

Pisces: Trump actually getting Orlando voters to look like they’re doing the Nazi salute.

Absolutely, anon. Some Gemini get a little freaked out when they feel terribly attached. They worry about not only being tied to a person (reliant on them emotionally) but also possibly letting them down. Gemini tend to be, despite all appearances they may put on to the contrary, overthinkers. If they start worrying about the possibility that their flighty personality might hurt someone then they will make sure to push them away (as if that solves anything).

You just kind of have to be patient. Subtly let them know that you’re not going anywhere. Two of my best friends are Gemini and have, in different ways, tried to distance themselves when they realized they were too emotionally reliant on our friendship. One of them doesn’t do it anymore and can’t live without me. The other still will distance himself occasionally but always comes back going “I need to talk to you because you understand”. Because that’s the main thing; Gemini want to be understood.

If they want to try to distance themselves then you shouldn’t push it (though that may seem difficult for you dear, sweet Virgo with your urge to make things work out as soon as you can). Just listen when they do talk and try to let them know that you get them.