Just Dating Itachi Things

Originally posted by basedshisui

  • Playing with each other’s hair while the other reads
  • Itachi getting up early every. Single. Morning.
    • Finally getting Itachi to stay in for a lazy morning
    • He’s not used to it. Keeps trying to get up and do stuff
    • Relents on the condition that he gets to cuddle you
  • Sleeping tangled together
  • Forehead kisses!! Hand kisses! Palm kisses, neck kisses, collarbone kisses, kisses everywhere. Lots of kisses.
  • Quiet nights together where you can watch the stars or read or have sex
  • Thoughtful gifts appearing when Itachi has to go on a mission
  • Pre-massacre hanging out with Shisui and Sasuke and working with them to prank Itachi
  • Post-massacre hanging out with Kisame and teasing Itachi together
  • I feel like Itachi would like watermelon? You can eat watermelon together
  • Moments where it’s just the two of you and you can pretend that the world doesn’t exist and just enjoy each other’s company
  • Watching Itachi fight the illness day after agonizing day and helping as much as you can, though there’s nothing you can do
  • Knowing that your time together is borrowed until Sasuke comes
  • Itachi telling you to run so you won’t get caught up in Sasuke’s vengeance
  • Tearful goodbyes–it’s one of the few times you see him cry
  • Hiding without news of what happened to him until a crow flies to you one day and you know Itachi is dead
  • Mourning Itachi’s death alone