deadmau5 cube

lvc1993: LONG POST

Saw one of my favorite bands ever,  Years and Years, on Saturday in NYC! Let me tell you something - I have seen Madeon. I have seen Nero with Alana Watson, an actual siren, singing live. I saw Indie Pop King Troye Sivan TWICE. And I saw deadmau5 with the Cube 2.0’s cinematic glory.

This show was the best one I’ve ever been to. Their musicality, the ability to transport you to another dimension with their music and words, their message of love and pride, and their caring for their fans. Mikey and Emre were fantastic even when technical difficulties happened. Olly’s voice, which sounds like the closest to divine music on earth, is even better live! He stayed on stage and played a song for us when they were fixing the equipment. So beautiful! You all care and to be a part of something this wonderful and beautiful is a privilege. Seeing this ensured I lived my life to the fullest and I’m only 23. Olly said “Sorry, we’re usually good.” Well if that’s not good, I can’t see them live again just because my mind will explode from the sheer divine awesomeness that an even better show would entail! Thank you for being you!