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Who are you calling an idiot? Just because we have conflicting views or opinions about something dosent make me an idiot. By the looks of your blog, you get off on putting yourself above others by insulting them. Get a life, you wont get very far with what you're up to.

You’re an idiot because you stated an erroneous fact. Now you’re a fucking moron.

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When i first started using film, i would get impatient and do that. Now, i sometimes wait like 2-3 months to finish a roll. Its all in the journey my friend, not the destination!

I know I know haha, I feel like I’m 10 again and I get all impatient! I’m going to go easy on the next roll - I can’t afford to waste film now I’m a student and have to be all cheap!

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He was not within the law, he left the safety of his home as it wasnt being threatened. Once he left the house, the 'stand your ground' law is null and void.

I guess you didn’t hear the story about that boy stabbing another kid 12 times in self defense at a bus stop and being declared innocent then, did you?

Read up, idiot.