I’m playing deadly premonition and peeking into this dude’s house and he has two identical framed portraits of a dog hanging side by side in his bedroom this is literally the best game ever made it is full of surprises

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I’m a long time David Lynch fan, and surprisingly Lynch is probably one the biggest influences on videogames, and in particular, the survival horror genre. I’ve waited almost 10 years for a definitive edition of Twin Peaks to be released, and now it’s finally available on Bluray. Coincidentally, being a David Lynch fan means being a fan of cherry pie, and damn fine coffee. Pie and coffee crop up as homage to Lynch in numerous survival horror games, but the most iconic for me is the Dreamy Cherry Pie available at Triple D’s Oh Deer Diner in Brightfalls, from the vastly underrated Alan Wake. Served with a blacker than black Drowning in Darkness Coffee, of course.

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