Doesn’t this cap say a lot about Deadly Premonition…..? Let’s count:

- York is so calm immediately after crawling out of a wreck.
- Agent honour just there in the background.
- Submachine gun equipped by the FBI agent.
- Chatting with Zach about tourism highlights.
- Everything is on fire.

112 Agent Francis York Morgan - Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is an odd little game. It’s got a fantastic “living” town full of people with their own relationships and schedules, but the thing the game REALLY has going for it is this guy right here. York is a quirky FBI special agent who has a memory for film trivia, divines the future from coffee, and fights zombies with his friend Zach who may or may not be imaginary. If you love a compelling paranormal mystery and don’t mind suffering the clunky controls, I recommend Deadly Premonition. It’s a game I sure won’t forget.