Senior year advice and how to make senior year effective

So it’s your senior year in high school and you’re probably super excited for the year to come. You finally get to go to college and become your own person, pursue your dream, or maybe just get away from the bullshit. So here’s some of my best advice to make senior year a good one: 


  • There is literally no way you can avoid this. It’s like a deadly parasite that just consumes you. It’s very effective, especially if you’re surrounded by people who have already entered the “fuck school I just want it to be over” phase. 
  • The way senioritis works is, the busier you are, the less it will  hit you. I was a pretty active student year round. I had tennis , our drama one acts in the fall, FFA,  plus work. In the spring semester I had our school play, track, and I joined our FFA vet science judging team (which helped kept me focus ) . 
  • Winter is honestly the only time you should indulge lazyness. Get it out of your system and devote the rest of your school year to being productive


  • The one thing colleges love to see (besides student involvement and volunteer hours) is that you have a REAL schedule lined up for you your senior year. Get classes that apply to what you want to do in college, or find classes that you think you might be interested in. You never know if that could be the deciding point on what you want to do with your life. 
  • Honestly, it’s going to suck when all your friends have relaxing classes most of the day and you have stacks of homework to do your senior year (trust me i’ve been there) but in the long run, colleges will thank you, and senioritis I can guarantee won’t hit you as bad when you’re taking classes that challenge and interest you. 


  • This is honestly all preference and knowing your limits, but if you have never taken a AP class your high school career you should probably take one. High school classes are NOTHING like college. AP prepared me more for college and studying then any mandatory classes i’ve ever taken
  • KNOW. YOUR. LIMITS. I only took one AP class my senior year because I knew I would be working and doing a lot of school involvement. Some people liked to make their schedule mostly AP classes because in may when they take their AP exam they just chilled for the remaining of the school. Personally I think that’s a dumb idea, because then you’re just wasting your time for a couple of weeks and it’ll make you want to ditch class, etc. 


  • You never know what schools you’re actually going to get accepted to. You may think you have stanford in the bag and only apply to that school. But if you get rejected and have no where to turn but a local community college, your life will suck. 
  • Don’t worry about being undecided,  a lot of people are in the same shoes as you are, and college will understand
  • BRAG ABOUT YOURSELF. When you do those little “why should we accept you essays” you need to write yourself as the shiny little gold nugget that you are. Have confidence in yourself
  • When applying to out of state: you better know your shit. No one is going to help you as much because your councilors only know about local and state colleges. Especially when you decide to go to out of state college, KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Always check your emails and follow the college steps like it’s your lifeline or you’ll miss something. 


  • Just apply to all of them. Trust me on this because I can guarantee you half of your graduating class would have not applied to a single one of them 
  • Don’t be lazy 


  • This is complete bullshit but it also depends on each person
  • Senior year is honestly like every other year but you’re expected to be more of an adult. No one is going to make you apply to colleges and no one is going to make you do anything.
  • Senior year isn’t like it is in the movies, you won’t be partying all the time and not every second of it is going to be perfect. You might lose some friends and some things you love will change. It’s a very emotional and exciting time, make the most of it. 
  • Spend as much time with your high school friends because you’ll probably never see them again. That girl that you’ve been soccer buddies with all 4 year is probably never going to text you again, so make the most of your friends. 
  • Attend all the high school events. It’s the last time you’ll ever be able to do it, so make some memories. 


  • Don’t be scared
  • you’re going to lose some friends and make new ones
  • but for the love of god get involved. it’s not “cool” to be a slacker. Honestly you’ll have a better experience and things will go by a lot faster.
  • Do your damn homework, it actually counts in high school
  • be nice to your teachers
  • make the most of your high school experience. It goes by faster then you think. 

So, you want to get into the Metroid series? This masterpost will tell you everything you need to know about the series with minimal spoilers, and list all the main games in the series.

What is Metroid about?

Metroid is about Samus Aran, an independant bounty hunter, and her battles with the various entities that threaten the galaxy. Samus wears the Power Suit, an artifact given to her by the Chozo, an advanced avian alien species that raised her after she was orphaned at the hands of Ridley, a space pirate commander. The following games are categorized in chronological order.

Metroid/ Metroid: Zero Mission (NES/GBA) (1986/2004)

The first Metroid was a largely confusing game; Zero Mission was an enhanced remake of the original, with a more traditional method of storytelling. Zero Mission features the tradtional “Metroidvania” style of gameplay, with large, expansive maps, hidden items, secret passageways, and the best example of classic Metroid gameplay. In Zero Mission, Samus is sent to the planet Zebes, the abandoned Chozo planet, in order to exterminate the Space Pirates and their leader, Mother Brain.

Metroid Prime (Gamecube) (2002)

As there were no Metroid games released for the Nintendo 64, many players were worried as to how Metroid would fare on a “next-gen” system like the Gamecube. Retro Studios, the developers responsible for Prime, brought the series into the first person perspective, while still keeping the atmosphere and gameplay of the series intact. The Prime series focuses more on exploration and discovery rather than combat, but battles in the Prime series are by no means shallow or boring. In Prime, Samus investigates another abandoned Chozo planet, Tallon IV, to defeat the Space Pirates there, and halt the flow of a mysterious and powerful corruptive element known as Phazon.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Gamecube) (2004)

A direct sequel to Metroid Prime, Echoes once again follows Samus to another planet wracked by Phazon; Aether. Aether has been split into two dimensions, Light and Dark, the latter being inhabited by an incredibly hostile and dangerous foe known as the Ing. Dark Samus also makes an appearance, and Samus must traverse through both Light Aether, and the poisonous Dark Aether in order to survive.

Metroid Prime: Hunters (DS) (2006)

While not a direct sequel to the Prime games, Hunters maintains the first person perspective unique to the first two Prime games. Samus receives yet another distress call from a remote planet, and seeks it out. Other bounty hunters are beckoned by the promise of power, and battle Samus on their way to the source of the signal. Hunters was unique in being one of the few Metroid games to feature online multiplayer, where the player could play as any of the seven unique hunters.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii) (2007)

Corruption is yet another direct sequel in the Prime games. While maintaining the gameplay of the previous two, Corruption features the Wii’s motion and aiming controls, allowing for a more streamlined experience. Phazon is in full force in Corruption, and to defeat Dark Samus once and for all, Samus must learn to harness a new power that could ultimately destroy her from the inside out.

Metroid II: Return of Samus (Gameboy) (1991)

The Metroid species, introduced in the original game, have been designated a cosmic threat by the Galactic Federation. Samus is hired to travel to SR388, the Metroid homeworld, and wipe out the entire Metroid population. Various states of Metroid physiology are introduced, such as Gamma, Zeta, and Queen Metroids. The gameplay of II is similar to the original, and…

Super Metroid (Super Nintendo) (1994)

Widely regarded as the best Metroid game, Super Metroid tells of Samus’ return to Zebes, which is now portrayed as a massive planet with several vast areas. Samus collects multiple items which increase the capabilities of her suit and grant her special abilities. At this point in time, the last Metroid is in captivity, and the galaxy is at peace. Or is it?

Metroid Fusion (GBA) (2002)

The last game in the series, chronologically, Samus is in an accident which involves her Power Suit being permanently grafted to her body. Abandoned on the Biologic Space Labs research station, Samus must eradicate a new threat, the deadly X Parasite, while being hunted by an even more ruthless foe…

Other Games:

Metroid Prime Pinball (DS) (2005)

A simple pinball game for the Nintendo DS, Metroid Prime Pinball was another generic pinball game with elements from the Prime series.

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) (2009)

All three Metroid Prime games were released together as the Metroid Prime Trilogy; each game is now playable with either the controls of the first two Prime games, or Corruption’s motion controls. The game saw a limited release, so copies are quite expensive.

Metroid: Other M (Wii) (2010)

Don’t. Other M is not essential to the Metroid storyline, and is widely considered to be non-canon, as well as starring extremely limited controls, a gameplay style that goes against the Metroid experience, and the butchering of existing Metroid canon.

How To Play

All of the Metroid games on the Game Boy Advance, NES, or Super Nintendo can be easily emulated (own a legal copy first, kids!), and the Prime games are largely inexpensive, and range usually under twenty dollars. 

Remember that thing I previewed a few days ago?

Author’s note: This took a couple days to write and like a week of formulating a plan for it in my brain. It’s a little rusty and I felt like I was forcing it, but I’d like to see what you guys think.

Also, Astrid being a warrior ftw. Warrior Astrid is needed desperately in this fandom.


Old memories, accompanied by a long time resentment and hatred, filled Hiccup’s brain as Dagur’s armada came into view. Shouts were heard from the boats, signalling that the Berserkers had also caught sight of the Riders.

Dagur looked up from the prow of the ship and his eyes lit up with maniacal eagerness. He cackled. “Hahaha! My brother and his friends return! I wonder, Hiccup, where exactly did my dear sister run off to, eh?”

Hiccup sneered. “For the last time, Dagur, I am NOT your brother!” he shouted as the Riders neared.

Dagur laughed in reply, then roared in bloodlust. “Take aim, men!” he cried.

The Riders swerved as bolas and rocks and arrows flew threw the air, and they returned the barrage with heavy flame.

Hiccup steered Toothless next to Stormfly. “Astrid,” he called, “I need you to get in close and try to take out the masts at their bases. Try to burn them down if you can. The ships don’t have oars and without masts they won’t be able to go anywhere.” Astrid nodded and broke off from the group.

Hiccup turned toward the Twins. “Ruff, Tuff, gas ‘em out. Unconscious men can’t fight.”

“Can we blow them up?”

“If you do a good job with the gas, then I’ll think about it.”


As the Twins flew off, Hiccup gave instruction to Snotlout and Fishlegs. “Snotlout,” he ordered. “Take out the bows and other handheld weapons. I need them all melted, burned, or overboard sinking down to Hel. Got it?”

“Why can’t I take out the masts? That’s more fun,” Snotlout whined.

Hiccup sighed loudly in exasperation. “Just do what I told you and maybe I’ll give you the week off from cleaning the stalls when we get back!”

“Fine,” Snotlout grumbled. He flew Hookfang in towards the ships and began blasting at the crates and supplies.

“Fishlegs, knock the winches and catapults overboard. Meatlug’s lava balls will have enough force to tip them,” Hiccup concluded. Fishlegs looked uncertain.

“That’s awfully close, Hiccup,” he squeaked. “You’ve put us all in the most vulnerable positions, especially Astrid and Snotlout.”

“But they’re also the most effective positions,” Hiccup pointed out. “If we’re going to try and get rid of Dagur for good, we need to take risks.”

Fishlegs still didn’t look convinced, but he swallowed and flew in regardless.

Hiccup flew in tight circles round the armada, covering his friends and aiding in their respective tasks, like blowing over winches and burning down masts.

The Riders’ efforts were effective, efficiently weakening Dagur’s forces in a short amount of time. They’d just about rendered him defenseless.

Astrid flew by the last ship with a mast, readying to fire at it. One of Dagur’s soldiers propped up a bolas sling that hadn’t been thrown into the ocean and fired blindly in the vague direction of Astrid…and scored a perfect hit.

Astrid yelped as Stormfly crashed to the deck. She bailed out of the saddle and whipped out her axe right before she got crushed under her dragon and rolled onto the deck, brandishing her weapon at the surrounding Vikings. From behind her came Hiccup’s cry of “Astrid!”, Toothless’s furious screech, and Dagur’s triumphant cackling.

The Berserker chief boarded the ship with Hiccup and the Riders speeding up behind him. Dagur approached Astrid, who took a swing at him with her axe. He disarmed her with his own axe and a soldier pulled her arms behind her back and held her firm.

Astrid looked up from struggling as Hiccup flew in for the rescue and Dagur raised his hand. The guard holding Astrid brought a dagger to her throat. “If you want her back alive, Hiccup,” Dagur called as Hiccup yanked Toothless into a screeching midair stop, “I’d suggest you stay right where you are. If you move forward…well, she’s got a blade to her neck. You of all people should know that doesn’t end well.”

Hiccup sneered at Dagur and fought to keep his raging dragon back. Stormfly squawked for help at them and a soldier tied her mouth shut.

Dagur sauntered about the ship. “Hiccup, I’m willing to go easy on you this time,” he drawled. “I’ll make a deal with you. I keep her and the dragon for several days, then I’ll bring them back. Alive.”

Hiccup frowned and furrowed his brow. He edged Toothless forward slightly. Dagur shook his finger.

“Ah, no moving, Hiccup. You want her alive, don’t you?”

The guard pressed the flat of the blade closer against Astrid’s skin. She could feel her pulse pounding against the cold metal with fear.

Hiccup addressed Dagur without taking his eyes off Astrid. “What are you going to do to her, Dagur?” he demanded.

“Oh, you know, what I usually do with hostages from secretive sources,” Dagur shrugged. “Force some answers out of them, probably bang 'em up a bit, who knows? Oh, this is exciting! I can’t wait to figure out what I’m gonna do with you, Astrid!”

Toothless whined and barked and tried to lunge at Dagur from his place in the sky. Hiccup didn’t try to stop him. The guard turned the blade and Astrid pushed out of his grasp as the dagger cut a thin line across her throat. She ran at Toothless as two more guards grabbed her by the arms and pulled her back. “Just go, Hiccup!” she shouted. “Get the others back to the Edge! Do what Dagur says!”


“Just DO IT!” Astrid nearly screamed at him. “GO!!”

The look Hiccup gave her was heartbreaking. He set his jaw, furrowed his brow, and forced his eyes shut with a desperate shake of the head and pulled Toothless back around, leading the Riders to the Edge with a shaky cry of “You heard her! Let’s go!”

Dagur stepped in front of the struggling Astrid. “He listens to you well,” he observed, squinting at her. He straightened. “Never mind that. Guards, take her to the hold.”


The air was tense and silent as the Riders neared the Dragon’s Edge. The others would sometimes make conversation, but Hiccup flew ahead of everyone else and remained solemn and quiet. Never once did he speak the whole way back up to this point.

Fishlegs tentatively came up alongside Hiccup. “I-it wasn’t your fault,” he tried softly.

“Yes it was,” Hiccup replied bitterly. He didn’t make eye contact and stared ahead forlornly. “You were right, Fishlegs. I sent her in too close. It was too dangerous.”

“Hiccup, everyone makes mistakes.”

“This wasn’t just a mistake!” Hiccup snapped. “This was the kind of accident that could have been avoided, the kind of accident that causes bigger problems than embarrassment!!” Hiccup bit his lip. This was the kind of accident I will never forgive myself for. He took a shaky breath.

“She’s one of my best friends, Fishlegs,” he said, a little quieter. “I shouldn’t have allowed this to happen.”

Snotlout spoke up from the back. “Um, I don’t mean to distract from the main subject here,” he interjected, “but you were being awfully protective of her, more protective than a best friend would be…”

“And your point is?” Fishlegs challenged.

“Well, I’m just saying, it looks to me like Hiccup and Astrid kind of have a thing going on and Dagur will be able to take advantage of that and use it for leverage against Hiccup,” Snotlout explained. “Also, I’m just trying to call Hiccup out on the fact that he likes–”

“Oh just shut up!” Hiccup sighed deeply and sped up, a knot forming in his stomach out of worry for Astrid.


Two days.

That’s how much time had passed.

Dagur would take Astrid out of her cell, interrogate her, and when she wouldn’t talk he’d lower her food rations and throw her back in the hold.

Astrid was starving by this point, but not thirsty. Dagur was smart enough to know that if he wanted answers at some point, water was a must. He didn’t want her dead before he got information out of her.

Astrid curled up in the corner of her cell. The hunger pains hurt, but she wasn’t going to cry about it. She was tougher than that. Crying because she wanted food was weak, pathetic. She’d go longer than two days without food when she was younger; she could handle it now.

Couldn’t she?

Doubt began to worm its way into her brain like a deadly parasite and she tried to shake it out. If she was going to make it out of here alive, she couldn’t start doubting her abilities. She was Fearless Astrid Hofferson, who could make it out of any pickle in a sinch.

Astrid looked up. Footsteps echoed down the companionway. She slowly crept forward and saw that two guards were approaching, probably sent by Dagur to take her in for questioning. Quickly a plan formulated in Astrid’s mind, one she hoped wouldn’t go wrong.

The guards stopped in front of the cell. “Dagur’s still got some questions for you, lass,” one of them grunted. “It’ll be in your best interests to listen to him this time.” The other one unlocked and opened the cell hatch and Astrid stood. She sashayed toward them and stopped for a moment in front of them before grinning, rolling her shoulders, and taking a swing with her fist.

There was a painfully loud clatter as both guards fell to the hull unconscious. Astrid winced, shaking out her sore fist, and quickly dragged the guards into her cell before locking the hatch behind her. She looked at her throbbing hand. A purple bruise had begun to form and her knuckles were bleeding from the rough metal of the guards’ helmets. Astrid cursed herself and sacrificed half her armband as a bandage.

With the wound covered, Astrid snuck down the companionway towards weapon storage. Voices emanated from the room and she froze. They were getting closer.

She couldn’t go back and she couldn’t go forward. To her left was a pile of crates that she figured she could just barely fit behind.

Something clattered in the weapons room and Astrid started. She needed to hide, quick. She vaulted behind the crates and pulled herself into a ball right as the soldiers left the room. She hoped they wouldn’t head in the direction of her cell.

Astrid didn’t dare breathe. She listened closely as the footsteps faded away. There were no surprised, angry shouts after a moment, so Astrid peeked around the crates. No one was there. She quietly hopped up and retrieved her axe from the weapons room and tiptoed onto the upper deck. She could see Stormfly on the opposite end of the ship. She was chained to the deck and couldn’t move. Several men stood guard around her and Dagur paced impatiently, muttering to himself, “Come on already! I told them ten minutes ago–”

“Actually,” Savage pointed out, “it was five minutes ago.

Dagur whipped around and held a knife to Savage’s throat. "What was that you said, Savage?” he giggled maniacally. “That it was five minutes? Are you questioning, challenging my ability to measure time?”

“N-no, sir, forgive me,” Savage stammered. “You’re right! It has been ten minutes! The guards are bloody late.”

“Yes, I know,” Dagur growled as he pulled back from Savage and began pacing again.

Astrid frowned. She’d have to sneak around Dagur–which was close to impossible–and then, if she managed to do that, she’d have to get around the guards and somehow free Stormfly without them noticing.

And they were still a shiplength away.

Bloody Hel, Astrid cursed to the gods. Why me?! She sighed internally, annoyed with inconveniences such as this, and slipped alongside the ship’s starboard gunwale. There was a stack of crates and barrels near Stormfly that provided extra protection for Astrid, and she managed to get by every Berserker without detection.

Astrid somersaulted behind the guards in front of Stormfly. Swiftly and silently, she took out each one with a well-placed thwack to the head with the butt of her axe. Four years of being Hiccup’s best friend and unofficial girlfriend meant some of his “don’t kill them unless absolutely necessary” had rubbed off on her.

Astrid dragged the guards behind Stormfly, then jogged to her dragon’s head to begin freeing her.

A shiny metal blade appeared in front of Astrid’s face. It was engraved with the emblem of a Skrill.

Astrid didn’t dare move. A familiar evil chuckle began above her.

“Well, well, well,” Dagur giggled. “I’ll bet this is what happened to my guards, hm?”

“Would you like to find out how I did it?!” Astrid challenged, jumping up and taking her axe to Dagur’s. The blades met and ground against each other, sending sparks flying. Astrid ignored the pain of her wrist caused by the bruise and the pressure of holding back her enemy’s weapon.

Dagur cackled. “You’re tougher than I thought! This is gonna be fun!”

Astrid ground her teeth. She pushed with all her might against the force Dagur was exerting on his own axe. Finally hers slipped and Astrid ducked as Dagur lunged forward, just barely grazing her cheek with the blade of his weapon. Astrid sucked in a sharp breath through her clenched teeth and wiped the blood off her face, leaving a large red smear on her cheek.

Dagur feigned guilt. “Oops! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to cut Hiccup’s girlfriend on the face!”

Astrid shouted with effort as she swung her axe at Dagur, who just barely blocked it in surprise. “Sure you didn’t,” she hissed as sparks flew once more. “And he’s not my boyfriend.”

Dagur laughed. “We’ll see, Miss Hofferson!”

Dagur’s blade slipped after a moment and Astrid kicked him down to the deck, holding her axe against his throat. Savage tried to step in but Astrid punched him in the face before he could do anything.

She leaned in close. “Now you listen, Dagur,” she snarled. “I really want to kill you right now. Do the wrong thing and I will. But Hiccup isn’t finished with you yet. He wants you alive, for some ungodly reason. So pay attention. I overpowered you now, I can do it again. If you’d like to live to have another quarrel with Hiccup, I’d suggest you stay away from Berk and The Dragon’s Edge from now on. Deal?”

Dagur sneered at her.

Astrid pressed the axe harder against his neck. “Or I can just lop your head off now,” she shrugged. “That’s cool too.”


Astrid pulled back her axe and ran over to Stormfly, quickly undoing the dragon’s bonds and hopping into the saddle. She then took off as Dagur screamed after her, ordering his men to take aim. From what Astrid could hear, he didn’t want her getting away alive.

Stormfly swerved the ammunition until she was out of range and Astrid urged her faster into an approaching storm, Dagur roaring behind her.


Hiccup hadn’t slept well the past two nights. He still felt very guilty about getting Astrid captured and he didn’t know when he’d get her back. He’d brought up the plan of going in and rescuing her multiple times, but every time Fishlegs told him that it wasn’t safe for her or for them and that remaining on the Edge was the best thing to do.

Toothless nudged Hiccup, grumbling and growling excitedly. Hiccup grunted and pushed the dragon’s head away. “Toothless, no, it’s past midnight.”

Toothless snorted smoke into Hiccup’s face and the young man coughed. “Fine!” Hiccup groaned. “I’ll get up! Gods.”

Toothless bounded over to the window and poked his nose outside in the rain. Hiccup stumbled groggily after him, muttering, “Seriously, what the Hel, Toothless? I need some sleep.”

Hiccup arrived at the window and looked where Toothless was pointing. A black shape in the clouds became visible every now and then with the occasional flash of lightning. Hiccup squinted and grabbed his spyglass. “That’s…” he started. A particularly large bolt of lightning fully illuminated the shape and suddenly Hiccup was wide awake. “It’s Astrid!!!” He ran to the door and threw it open, running down the steps two at a time.

He slipped a few times, as the stone was wet and slick, but eventually he got to the runway. Stormfly landed and Astrid jumped off her back, then noticed Hiccup. Her heart leapt in her chest. “Hiccup!”

She ran towards him and threw herself into his arms, the force of the collision spinning them around in euphoric laughter. Hiccup pulled Astrid tight into his chest once they’d stopped spinning and closed his eyes tight, a relieved smile on his face. “Oh, thank the gods you’re safe,” he whispered. “I was so worried.”

Usually in cases like this, Astrid would tell him, “You don’t need to worry about me. I can take care of myself.” But now was different. Now she was cold and tired and sore and wet and hungry and the feeling of Hiccup’s arms around her, accompanied by the soft, sincere way he told her he’d worried soothed her nerves and warmed her up on the inside.

Hiccup pulled away and checked her for injury. His eyes widened at Astrid’s bandaged hand. The binding was bloodstained, as it hadn’t been thick enough to absorb the bleeding. Hiccup frowned. “What–” Then he caught sight of the cut on Astrid’s cheek. “Astrid, what did he do to you?”

“Hiccup, it’s not that bad,” Astrid protested. “The cut isn’t that deep and is just because I didn’t move out of the way of Dagur’s axe in time, and I bruised and cut my hand because I punched two guys in the face. I’m fine.”

Hiccup squinted at her but didn’t try to argue. “Fine,” he resolved. “As long as you’re okay.”

“But I am cold and wet and hungry,” Astrid said sheepishly after a moment. Hiccup nodded and put his arm around her as they walked back to Hiccup’s hut.

Once they got inside, Hiccup had Toothless light a small fire. Stormfly curled up under Toothless’s wing and immediately fell asleep, while Toothless looked very unsure about this.

Hiccup gave Astrid a blanket and went to the clubhouse to grab some food. When he came back and gave Astrid an apple and some bread she stopped him from standing back up straight. She grabbed him by the shirt collar and planted a kiss on his cheek, to which he responded with a surprised squeak and flustered blushing.

Astrid let him stand and took a bite out of the apple. “Thanks,” she said quietly.

Hiccup blinked, his cheeks burning. “Y-you’re welcome.”

Astrid shot him a shy smile and he returned the gesture.

A half hour was spent mostly in silence, apart from the recounting of events from both teens and the snoring of both sleeping dragons. Astrid stood to go to bed and Hiccup stood with her, his arms spread.

Astrid looked at him blankly.

He shrugged. “Just a quick one before you go.” Astrid let him envelope her in his arms and she sighed deeply into his chest. He smelled of leather and smoke and metal and wet dragon scales. It was a comforting, familiar smell that Astrid craved more and more as her relationship with Hiccup grew. She found herself pressing as tight against him as possible, her eyes closed. The words “We’re just friends” and “He is not my boyfriend” floated around in her mind, meaningless and useless. He was her boyfriend, she was his girlfriend, and no amount of denial could change that.

Hiccup kissed her forehead after what seemed like an eternity. “It feels good to have you back, Astrid,” he whispered.

“Mm.” Astrid was falling asleep, she could feel it. Hiccup sensed it too. He smiled affectionately at her.

The next thing he knew, Astrid was asleep in his arms as he carried her to her hut. She was so pretty when she slept. So frail-looking and delicate, so easy to break. Hiccup grinned slightly. I love you so much.

Within a few minutes, Astrid was in bed and Hiccup was closing the door to his own hut. The dragons clearly weren’t going anywhere anytime soon and Hiccup didn’t care honestly.

He was tired and happy and the person he loved the most was back where she was safe. Back where he didn’t have to worry about her.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Lord Jabu-Jabu isn't even that large of a fish (or possible aquatic mammal) to maintain and keep a 2 floor, fully functional dungeon complete with a convenient map and compass AND BOOMERANG for getting the traveler through the entirety of the whale. The exterior of the deity is roughly 60 yards in length and about 25-30 yards in width. The "dungeon" has a total of 18 rooms with different parasites attached to the walls and floored tissue of the fish, which some walls even detach to build another level to continue through. There is no way in hell a 20ydx60yd fish is fully capable of containing all that space, INCLUDING vital organs. Speaking of organs, where are they? Are we just in the esophagus the entire time, just passing through the stomach and then somehow get ejected out the blowhole? Or do we get pooped out? It'd be a reasonable answer but this just raises more questions where Link and Ruto were excreted from! AND ALSO, Who is even responsible for feeding Lord Jabu-Jabu? At what point does someone decide to take action to this beast's appetite? When he starts swallowing deadly and electrifying jellyfish, parasites galore? Or when he opens his gargantuan chops and sucks in an Heir to the throne of the Zoras along with a supposed engagement ring that also acts as a key to saving Hyrule from total destruction? Tell me, please. I could rant all day until the cows come home buT THEY AREN'T COMING HOME BECAUSE THEY'RE SLOWLY BEING DIGESTED IN THE WALLS OF LORD. FUCKING. JABU. JABU.

This type of skeleton is called a “Lace” or “Gossamer” skeleton. It’s more durable than a normal skeleton and when done correctly has a fantastic natural iridescence. 

This ball python was euthanized at a rescue following a facility wide outbreak of the deadly cryptosporidum parasite. 

friday's gunnerkrigg court
  • Anthony: -and as she turned to leave i suddenly realized that The Court had replaced the bottom half of Antimony' hair with a deadly parasite.
  • Anthony: thinking quickly, i telepathically implanted the thought of cutting her hair into her subconscious so she could remove the parasite before it caused lasting damage
  • The Fire: are you kidding me he stole that from Inception
  • Annie: what
  • The Fire: "implanting a thought into the subconscious," that's literally just inception
  • Annie: i thought "inception" is like when you have a dream inside of another dream
  • The Fire: no that's- christ, the movie literally says what it is in the first 20 minutes, why does everyone-
  • Donald: wait, didn't you just steal that from Inception
  • Anthony: i thought "inception" is like when you have a dream inside of another dream
  • The Fire: oh, my god,

Drug C.E.O. Martin Shkreli Arrested 

It has been a busy week for Martin Shkreli, the flamboyant businessman at the center of the drug industry’s price-gouging scandals.

He said he would sharply increase the cost of a drug used to treat a potentially deadly parasitic infection. He called himself “the world’s most eligible bachelor” on Twitter and railed against critics in a live-streaming YouTube video.

At 6 a.m. Thursday, F.B.I. agents arrested Mr. Shkreli, 32, at his Murray Hill apartment. He was arraigned in Federal District Court in Brooklyn on securities fraud and wire fraud charges.

In a statement, a spokesman for Mr. Shkreli said he was confident that he would be cleared of all charges.

Mr. Shkreli has emerged as a symbol of pharmaceutical greed for acquiring a decades-old drug used to treat an infection that can be devastating for babies and people with AIDS and, overnight, raising the price to $750 a pill from $13.50. His only mistake, he later conceded, was not raising the price more. (Source)
RFK, Jr. Calls Koch Brothers "Deadly Parasites On American Democracy"
At this year’s Waterkeeper Alliance conference in Boulder, Colorado, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivered a provocative unscripted keynote that lambasted the carbon lobby for undermining democracy and subverting the common right to a healthy environment. Speaking to a group of activists, including more than 200 Waterkeepers from 30 nations, Kennedy declared, “We are engaged, as Abraham Lincoln said, ‘in a great Civil War.’” This...

A jeremiad against parasitic carbon barons, including the Koch brothers, who are subverting our democracy and destroying our planet. Nice one, Bobby.
Australian students recreate Martin Shkreli price-hike drug in school lab
Sydney Grammar students create HIV and malaria drug Daraprim in their school laboratory, putting results online
By Melissa Davey

The Sydney Grammar students reproduced the drug, Daraprim, used to treat a rare but deadly parasitic infection, in their high school laboratory with support from the University of Sydney and global members of the Open Source Malariaconsortium. 

“I couldn’t get this story out of my head, it just seemed so unfair especially since the drug is so cheap to make and had been sold so cheaply for so long,” Williamson said.

“I said ‘Why don’t we get students to make Daraprim in the lab’, because to me the route looked pretty simple. I thought if we could show that students could make it in the lab with no real training, we could really show how ridiculous this price hike was and that there was no way it could be justified.”

The students made their work open to the internet, and scientists anywhere in the world were able to view all the data generated and mentor the students to accelerate their progress.

He said unfortunately the students would not be able to sell their drug to the US market. While the drug can be bought in Australia for about A$13 for a packet of 50, there are a number of complicated legal roadblocks in the way of producing and selling it in the US.

“Turing has the exclusive rights to sell it, even though the drug is no longer under patent,” Todd said. “The ridiculousness of this legal loophole means if we wanted to launch it as drug in the US we’d have to go through a whole new clinical trial because we would have to compare the Sydney Grammar stuff with the officially sanctioned stuff, and Turing would have to give us the drug to allow those comparisons to be made.

“It’s not just a matter of going to the store and buying the Turing drug either, they would have to hand it over directly.”

In response to a question on Twitter about whether the schoolboys were competition, Shkreli simply tweeted: “No”.