Deadly little voices ( 4th touch book)

Great edition to the series, like with all the the other books dlv, is a mystery tha keeps you guessing(also the only one i didnt solve). The main plot is good, but i also love the sub plots w/ kimmies parents and weses dad. They make the. Characters zeem more real, my only compliant about this book is there isnt enough Ben. 4.5/5

Deadly little voices (4th Touch book)

Great edition to a fantastic series. I love the plot to these books but I also love the sub plots of kimmie and wes’s lives. To be honest my only complient is there isn’t enough Ben in this edition to the series. I am looking forward to deadly little lessons. The characters have turned into people id geniuly like to meet and I honestly wish I could 4.5/5- The Booknerd

Deadly Little Voices (book four): Laurie Faria Stolarz

Ben and Camelia have finally decided to take time for themselves and they have stopped seeing each other. No sooner then that happens Camelia's psychometric power becomes more intense and she begins to suffer from hallucinations. Her friends try to help her sort out what she’s seeing, along with her Aunt who possesses the same powers. Camelia just wants to help the girl she keeps sensing. But does that mean getting close to Ben again, telling Adam about her past life, and possibly ending up in a mental hospital just like her Aunt?

This book is fantastic, as usual I couldn’t put it down. Everything gets much more intense and as much as I hate Ben I want everything to be okay with him and Camelia again, they are meant to be together. Even when the story gets intense there is one person who never leaves her side. Plus, the ending had me completely off guard. I cannot wait for the final book to come out sometime this year.