Long time since i post something huh… but here we are! I watched the amazing “Trollhunters” (available on netflix!-gowatchnow-) and I decided to draw the trolls! And at same time make a color,light and shape study, since I’m trash on every single one of this things :| This is kind of the first time that I paint something so different and I really liked the results! (also i’m getting used to digital paint, without lineart). 

Well, I hope you guys like it!

the seven deadly (weeb) sins
  1. hating female characters for getting in the way of your yaoi ships
  2. making fun of people for watching “kid” anime like naruto and attack on titan unlike you who watches the real stuff like jojo
  3. intentionally spoiling the plot of the anime because “they should have read the manga”
  4. insisting that vocaloid is superior to all other forms of music and that makes you better than everyone else in your generation 
  5. reposting and editing other artist’s fanart and claiming you’re doing them a favor for spreading it (with their watermark cropped out)
  6. acting superior for watching it subbed instead of dubbed
  7. asking an asian person what anime they like because they obviously watch anime because they’re asian
Ban || Female!Reader

The Seven Deadly Sins were known as a group of cruel and ruthless monsters who murdered Zaratras, the Great Holy Knight, and were branded as traitors and villains.

You, however, knew all this to be false as you had been with them from the first day and would stay with them until the last and now here you were, following Meliodas as he attempted to bring the disbanded group back together yet again. Together with Hawk and Elizabeth, you had managed to find three of the others and it was only recently that you had found King -less than a week- and over two weeks since you found Ban. Before the group split apart, the two of you were actually in a relationship but you had broken it off because you felt as though you were dishonouring his previous lover, Elaine. You only got back together after you found King and actually spoke with Elaine, she truly was kind but she didn’t hesitate to scold you for breaking things off and then she gave you her blessings and asked you to make him happy.

And that’s what you had been doing, you had managed to rekindle the flame you two had -although the flame never really left and everyone had to suffer through the obvious attraction you had for one another- and things had been going great.

“Oi! Another bottle of wine! “

You were pulled out of your thoughts and back into the bar that Meliodas had forced you to work in while he went out to buy some more food and drink, Diane went with him. Elizabeth had been dropping things left and right through the whole service and she was starting to feel useless so you sent her to her room to go rest, King just kept lazing around in the air on his giant pillow, same with Ban who was in your room taking a nap but at least he had already finished his job -which was cooking the food. Luckily, it was nearing closing time so you could finally get rid of all these drunkards, leave the cleaning up to King and go sleep. There was only this last group of two to get rid of.

“Sorry sirs but there’s no more wine and we’re closing in a few minutes. “

“EH? You’re a bar aren’t ya?! What kind of place runs out of the one thing they’re supposed to have?! “

Maybe if you didn’t drink it all, there would still be some left.

Of course, you would never say that out loud and absolutely never to a customer “I apologise sir. We’ll be fully restocked tomorrow though so please come again. “

“Bah! As if we’ll come to such a rundown place again! “

You watch as they leave, knocking down the chairs on their way out and frown “Geez King! You didn’t even help with anything. You’re cleaning everything up alone! “

“EH?? “

You ignore his shout of surprise, take off your apron -throwing on one of the tables- and leave the room, you walked up to your room, changing from the very revealing outfit that Meliodas forces you to wear when you work and into your pyjamas, the next thing you do is throw yourself onto the bed -next you the one you love. You stare at the blue haired male -who’s eyes are still closed- before he sighs and takes you into his arms, with your face now pressed in the crook of his neck and arms and legs entangled.

“Who made you so mad? “ his words are slurred with sleep but you understand him well enough.

“Drunks. “ you whisper the words, trying not to disturb the peaceful atmosphere “Alcohol is meant to be enjoyed, not abused. “

He chuckles at your words -having ‘abused’ alcohol more than a few times himself- and puts his arms around your waist “D’ya want me to teach them a lesson? “

“No. It’s fine, right now I just want you. “

He smiles and you hold his face, one hand on each cheek and very slowly, you bring your lips to his in a nice, long and sweet kiss -in other words- the very thing you needed to get you out of this bad mood.

Yes. His touch really was healing.

Do you guys prefer second pov or third pov?

Batmom x Cassandra Cain Drabble

A/N: I know Cassandra is mute in some of the comics but I’m not sure if that is still canon so I gave her a few lines.

Warnings: None


Unbeknownst to you, Cass held you in high regard and would worry about you getting kidnapped due to your closeness to the Batman and Bruce Wayne alike. She may be the silent and deadly type, but secretly she was always looking out for you just in case she needed to protect you.
The master assassin even looked up to you in a way, how you were kind, thoughtful and did your best to help the family despite the lack of powers.

Cassandra stealthily made her way to you, your back was facing her as you lounged in the study, stopping behind you in perfect posture.
“(Y/N), can you come to the gym wearing appropriate clothing?” The deadly female clearly stated, the sudden sound startled you to which she admittedly found cute.
“Sure, Cass. I’ll be there in 10.” She found it assuring that you didn’t question her, it made her feel trusted - all the more reason to go through with this.

You arrived at the gym within 9 minutes, best not to keep Cass waiting after all.
“I’m going to teach you basic self defence, and if you’re adequate more advanced techniques.” The woman explained, positioning herself opposite you. Cass wanted to give you a way to protect yourself, if there was ever a chance of danger it reassured her to know you would be capable of defending yourself to some extent with her training.

Though she had taken you down with ease multiple times, she admired your spirit to get back up to try again asking for advice on where you went wrong. It made her all the more willing to train you, throughout the painful experience you found it useful and fun to bond with Cass but you were starting to get tired.

“Thank you so much Cass - but I - not as fit - as you a are - so so - tired.” You commented between exasperated breaths, sitting on the mat as you finished your statement.
Cass merely nodded, she was never one to talk much, wearing a minuscule smile she sat down next to you pleased with her work.

You made time to train with Cass every week, sometimes daily if you could both manage it which Cass was secretly overjoyed with. She noticed that your skills were slowly improving but became a little possessive when Bruce offered to take over your training, the assassin arguing “I am her trainer, I know how (y/n) prefers to train as well as her current limits much better than you. I am the best teacher for her given the circumstances.”

Though Bruce could see that Cass was in fact enjoying the time spent with you, once when observing he found Cass had let you pin her with a move she could have easily countered, as well as the discrete smile Cass wore while you celebrated your victory. To be fair, you were working well and were much more capable in the arts of self defence.

I saw an Art piece from the fantastic artist @willoghby of Asami in a chi-suit based from a story/fanfiction she read written by @progmanx​ .

I love how bad-ass Asami looked in this suit of armor and wielding two swords, so I looked around for reference and mostly used refs of Raiden from the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ game series. 

I added chi-energy coming from her since the suit itself is probably emitting or powered by her chi-energy. The lightning arcs coming out of the katanas were probably the hardest to do since I couldn’t find my lightning brush set so I had to make do and do careful brush strokes in the forms of energy arcs and filter it with different styles to sharpen them.  No idea if this is what it looks like in the story *shrug shoulders*

I hope I did okay on making this, hopefully Willo may like this…or not Haha ^^;    


Pretty Deadly #6

(W) Kelly Sue DeConnick (A/CA) Emma Rios

KELLY SUE DeCONNICK (BITCH PLANET, Captain Marvel) & EMMA RÍOS (Dr. Strange, ISLAND) reunite for the continuing story of Deathface Ginny, Fox, and Sissy. The survivors of the battle against Death enter a new century, where they face fresh violence and the horrors of war.

(Release date: 18th November 2015)


MCU Black Widows vs Comic Black Widows

In the recent episodes of Agent Carter, Bridget Regan’s character, Dorothy “Dottie” Underwood hints at the MCU origins of the Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff played by Scarlett Johansson in the Avengers. For those unfamiliar with Natasha’s history, here is all you need to know:

Natasha Romanoff is born in 1928 (and yes I am aware Captain America 2: the winter soldier, Zola says 1984). But either way, she is a product of the Cold War. As a young child she was one of the 28 young female subjects for the soviet’s Black Widow program run by an organization known as Red Room. Red Room’s mission was to create deadly female spies to infiltrate America (as this was during the cold war, arms race, la di da). But what Red Room was best known for was brainwashing. They erased the memories of her espionage training and replaced it with memories of ballet training.

That is pretty much the jist of it and of course at some point Natasha defects from Russia and joins America whether it’s SHIELD or the Avengers depending on which universe.

Now back to Agent Carter: it’s been confirmed that Dottie’s role in Leviathan are the stepping-stones to the Black Widow program. There were also several hints along the way: the training flashback, the ballet reference… But one thing that really struck me was the fact that Dottie seduced Howard to get his weapons.

In the very early Black Widow comics, Natasha is a Russian spy sent to seduce Tony Stark, steal his weapons, and eventually kill him. Luckily for Tony, she did not succeed. But does that not sound just a bit similar to Dottie’s mission with Howard?

Right now it seems to me that Dottie is more like comic Natasha and MCU Natasha seems more like comic Yelena Belova.

For those who don’t know Yelena, she is basically a “phase 2 Black Widow”. She wasn’t part of the first 28 subjects. Now this makes a lot of sense to MCU Nat being born in 1984, doesn’t it? Another small connection is in Iron Man 2 when Tony mentions how “Natalie Rushman” was a mode and in “Homecoming” Yelena also mentions how she is a lingere model.