An entire episode about a Detective: first time ever?

I think it is the first time we get a so centered episode. From what I recall, we’ve had many episodes Detective centered on Olivia and family, Elliot and family, Fin and family but it was always based on another case or another case ran alongside the character story.
So this is the first time they try this, and they chose Amanda, Kelli to do it and I think they nailed it, they made a great job revolving the whole episode all around her (ok they reminded us there was the pizza guy rapist but…waste of a line, just to tell us “hey we’re working on other cases too u know”) and Kelli did an amazing job with this episode; i knew she could do it , i watched Chase and she was great in it ( not her fault if who created that show didn’t think it through enough).

I hope you can survive if after 14 years you didn’t get much Olivia, i have to be honest, with Kelli perfomance i didn’t get to miss Mariska.

Although i think Fin could’ve put his hand on her shoulder at the end instead of standing there looking at the nothingness all around xD

Oh and Hello Mother Tucker


But the next one is going to kill me. I don’t know whether or not to be excited or just down right terrified for Amanda.

PS, I loved tonight’s episode. So much better than the one last week that was supposed to be the best in the past couple of years. Regardless of who was in it. That was such an emotional blow for Oliva…. :(


So, about the 9/11… All I have to say  is in this video. No it isn’t about “conspiracy theories”. It’s about the many people that died on a tuesday 9/11. Because of politics. Ambition. A deadly ambition. In Chile

It’s lovely how the USA always cry about the 9/11/2001 but it’s terrible how they don’t even mention the 9/11/1973 - Chile.

So today, it isn’t only victims of the September 11, 2001 that should be remembered, but also those of September 11, 1973. Today we should remembered  all the innocent people who have died because of the deadly ambition that moves governments around the world. No only govenments really.