deadly vixens

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Could you please do Akashi being seduced by an heiress of a rival conglomerate? It started off as a business meeting, but the heiress fancies Akashi and decides to make advances on him. She's alluring, but her personality is nauseating to say the least. Akashi has a s/o, whether he succumbs to temptation and cheats is up to you~

I know most of us (me included) like to portray Akashi as a knight in shining armor but I want to take a different approach this time. Hope you like it! -Admin Fyre

Accompanying soundtrack: Betrayal from Mass Effect 3

*Fun fact: The woman’s name in this request is Sayuri Kiyohime (小百合 清姫). In Japanese flower language, hanakotoba, a sayuri is an orange lily, and symbolises hatred. Kiyohime is a beautiful woman in Japanese folklore who fell in love with a handsome young priest, but when the priest overcame his temptation and stops seeing her, she transforms into a serpent and kills him out of rage of her unrequited love.*

Any resemblance to real characters or events is purely coincidental.

Part One: Serpent’s Embrace

Alternate scenarios:

Part Two (routes):

It wasn’t unusual for Akashi to cancel dates for meetings, or get up in the middle of the night for business calls overseas. You didn’t mind that he prioritised the company over you. You’d grown used to it over the years and never questioned anything, rather becoming his support if deals fell through or contracts were successful. You were there for him, but you didn’t pry, and that became your undoing.

Her name was Sayuri Kiyohime, and she was a woman of chaotic elegance and deadly capability. A cunning vixen, the media called her.

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