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  • Canon McCree: Ran with the notorious Deadlock Gang as a teenager, a gang so strong it had lasted nearly a century and needed to be taken care of by Blackwatch. Trained under Gabriel Reyes at 17, joining Blackwatch where they only accept the best of the best. Extremely skilled with a gun, fires a revolver as if it were a sniper, and can lock onto targets with deadly accuracy without any known enhancements (see: a tactical visor, prosthetic, cybernetic eye) and in the dark as well. Can sit atop a train moving 640 kilometers per hour with ease, and has a bounty on his head bigger than both Junkrat and Roadhog's combined.
  • Fanon McCree: "wow gee oh golly darling i'm making a whole mess of myself what a complete shame ive absolutely retired and am completely useless in even the most basic maneuvers because of how rusty i am wow partners it's a sure good thing im gay and married to hanners and say a bunch of cutesy phrases and make lots of cowboy jokes along with m' hat otherwise there's no real tactical advantage in keeping a liability around. lovable and useless, can't even hold my own in combat but that archer sure as hell ain't ugly"

Supposed Secret weapon of the CIA- The Heart Attack Gun

In 1975, the CIA declassified this formally secret weapon at a conference dealing with rogue activities of the secret service.  A poison-coated dart is shot at close-range which then penetrates clothing, skin, and finally a major organ, leaving nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. Supposedly, this dart then disintegrates upon entering the target, all while the lethal poison rapidly enters the bloodstream and causes a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes.

Conspiracy theorists have connected many deaths to this weapon, including those of Antonin Scalia, an associate judge of the US Supreme Courts, and businessman Andrew Breitbart. 

Film Face-Off: Deadly Target (1994) Vs. White Tiger (1996)

While re-watching some of my movies in search of something to review, I realized how strikingly similar 1994’s Deadly Target and 1996’s White Tiger appear to be. Both are pretty good vehicles from Gary Daniels’ solo career, and seemingly by coincidence, they have the same plot. This realization and the provisional quality of the films makes me want to try something new and turn this would-be review into a competitive comparison between the two. Should be fun, right?

Know now that this article’s almost exclusively for the Gary Daniels fans out there. Few casual viewers will have seen both features, but hey, we’re all about niches here at B-Movie Dragons.

First, some background. Deadly Target is a PM Entertainment production, and while not the first starring picture for Gary Daniels, it’s his first solo vehicle that’s actually good. Indeed, it wasn’t until PM gave him this nudge that the prettyboy kickboxer from London became Gary friggin’ Daniels. Just a couple years afterwards, he was working on a Hong Kong feature when the production went broke and was bought out by the Canada-based Keystone Pictures company. Keystone scrapped the existing footage and did away with the storyline, committing themselves to a completely different movie called White Tiger, which inexplicably ended up being very similar to Daniels’ aforementioned feature. There’s no evidence that this was actually their intention, but there’s no denying the parallels.

Now, let’s look at which version of this adventure did it better.

The Story

In both features, a law enforcement agent seeks to capture a rogue member of the Chinese-American mafia who’s killed the hero’s partner en route to distributing an addictive narcotic on the West Coast. In both cases, the hero is aided by a love interest and the final showdown takes place on a docked ship.

The overriding difference between the two is how seriously the story takes itself. As tends to be the case with PM productions, Deadly Target is lighthearted with a noticeable comedic streak. It’s a popcorn flick despite never having seen the inside of a theater. Contrarily, White Tiger is far too serious to have much fun with itself. It goes for drama over laughs, and even when there is some humor, it’s dry or ironic. Merely considering this, I prefer the former. While I can see some viewers being bored by Deadly Target’s 90s-style cheesiness, it’s the same cheese which gives the story texture and an organic quality that White Tiger lacks.

That said, White Tiger invests you more in its characters. While not the most skillfully-written action feature, it knows what it’s going for and does a good job of directing viewers’ emotions. Deadly Target’s characters are established as soon as they appear onscreen, but White Tiger’s tend to not show their cards right away. There’s development here, and it’s not just limited to the leads. The movie wants you to think about characters’ motivations, and it’s ambitious enough to try and surprise the audience at intervals with out-of-nowhere twists. Wisely, it doesn’t overplay its hand: though it liberally sprinkles the thriller aspects,  it never forgets that we’re expecting an action movie and makes sure to avoid pretentiousness. To that end, it wins me over. Deadly Target may be more fun, but White Tiger gives me more to write about. It’s a pretty good movie with which to introduce newcomers to Gary Daniels, whereas Deadly Target is mainly for established B-movie audiences.

Point: White Tiger

The Hero

Gary Daniels wasn’t the greatest actor at this point in his career and his starring roles sort of blend together. Such is the case when you compare these movies: he’s Detective Charles Prince in Deadly Target and Agent Mike Ryan in White Tiger, and they seem like merely different takes on the same character. The major difference between them is that Charles seems to have more fun with his life-or-death mission, taking the time to crack jokes and express interest in other things while Mike pursues his target with uniform intensity. You can see practically Charles in an early scene of White Tiger while the hero’s vacationing with his partner’s family, and Mike seems to pop up in Deadly Target whenever he’s faced with the lead villain.

When it comes to their motivations, Mike is a little easier to empathize with. Charles mentions that the villain killed his (first) partner, but with Mike, you not only see this happen but also experience his investment in his partner’s family. This favors White Tiger, and it doesn’t help that Charles seems to have some sort of unspoken homophobia going on…but despite that, I give the point to Deadly Target. For all his shallowness, Charles is simply more likable. Gary Daniels turns in a better dramatic performance for Mike, but he’s just not interesting enough to make his relentless seriousness worthwhile. Charles is an example of Daniels having fun with a role, and in this case, it wins him the category.

Point: Deadly Target

The Villain

A hero is only as impressive as their adversary, and in both cases, Gary Daniels draws a good card for a bad guy: Byron Mann as Chang in Deadly Target and Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa as Victor Wong in White Tiger. Mann and Tagawa are both acclaimed performers who, despite having predominantly acted in other genres, are generally known for playing martial artists – Mann in Street Fighter: The Movie and Tagawa in Mortal Kombat. Both are versatile actors who swing between low-budget and Hollywood-grade productions with ease, bringing class to both while keeping their dignity intact. For both movies, they elevate the production and help legitimize Gary Daniels with their presence.

That said, I’m more impressed by Cary in this instance. Part of it’s just that his character’s written with greater nuance, but he also just has the stronger presence. It helps that this role goes against type for him, so that he’s not depicting an upright sentinel for a change. He starts off like that, but within minutes you get the impression that Victor Wong would be more at home in The Silence of the Lambs than Showdown in Little Tokyo. By the time the movie reaches its climax, Victor has become a self-destructive freak, single-handedly justifying the film’s drug & fire motif. Comparatively, Mann doesn’t have much going for him other than that he’s obviously having fun. Byron manifests the tone of the screenplay perfectly, but his character sometimes goes absent long enough for me to almost forget he’s the bad guy. Given his youth, Mann may seem like the more obvious choice for an underworld renegade who’s upsetting the established order, but Tagawa stands out thanks to Victor’s greater depth. (Also, he has a fight scene with Gary Daniels, which Mann doesn’t.)

Point: White Tiger

The Love Interest

Please forgive the condescension this label implies, but in both movies, the most prominent female character is largely defined by her relationship with the hero. Nevertheless, Susan Byun’s Diana Tang and Julia Nickson’s Jade are uniquely different characters that lend differing tones to their features. Diana is a warm-hearted person who, despite working in a casino owned by a mob boss, leads a pretty sheltered life. Jade spends much of her movie being an enigma, clearly knowing more than she’s letting on. Diana wants to get intimate with Charles because she feels genuinely attracted to him, whereas Jade is a femme fatale who nudges Mike along and has sex with him only to further a personal agenda. Also, Jade is infinitely more in touch with her Hong Kong heritage while Diana is utterly Americanized and initially repulsed when Charles prepares her a “Chinese delicacy” with squid.

As for who earns the point, it comes down to how they fare in the face of danger, and there’s really no question. Diana introduces herself by clubbing an attacker in the head to rescue Charles and later goes on to have two unexpected fight scenes. Susan Byun becomes a temporary action hero despite her character’s conventions, but Julia Nickson ironically fares worse. White Tiger spends much time building Jade up as an experienced assassin, but when the need for her to make a move arises, she’s instantly overwhelmed and becomes a damsel without really having accomplished anything. For both of these characters, they end up doing the exact opposite of what you’d expect, but only Diana benefits from it. It’s a cheap move on the part of White Tiger’s writers to ultimately demean their character this way, and in this instance, it costs them.

Point: Deadly Target

The Supporting Cast

Which set of supporting characters you end up preferring is largely dependent on what tone you favor, as all the performers do a good job reflecting the mood of their picture. Again, there are many parallel roles that are merely played differently. Portraying the hero’s partner is Ken McLeod in Deadly Target and Matt Craven in White Tiger: martial arts-practicing straight man and tragic best buddy. Both police captains are played by award-winning TV actors: colic-y Max Gail (Barney Miller) and the reserved Philip Granger (Neon Rider). The most visible mafia lord is played by the expressive Aki Aleong in the first film and the graceful Dana Lee in the other. Both feature henchman extraordinaire Ron Yuan as the villain’s lieutenant, but he’s only a fully-fledged character in Deadly Target. Last but not least are the roles good ol’ George Cheung plays: he’s a mafia figure with no lines in the first picture, and one of the more interesting co-stars in the second.

If there was nothing else to consider, I’d happily decree this category a draw, but the deciding factor ends up being the amplitude of supporting fighters in Deadly Target. It’s a cool lineup: Leo Lee, Al Leong, James Lew, Randall Shiro Ideishi, and Koichi Sakamoto all have at least one highlighted altercation, and the late Master Bill Ryusaki plays one of the more active henchmen. Lieutenant Lydia Look – along with her stunt double, Olympian taekwondoka Dana Hee – has a couple of surprisingly good fights against Susan Byun. By comparison, White Tiger doesn’t bother highlighting many of its supporting kickers, and that seals it for me.

Point: Deadly Target

The Production

In addition to the filmmakers’ talent, the quality of a movie’s production is a matter of time and budget, and it’s easy to tell which of these films had more. As I’ve mentioned, Deadly Target is a PM Entertainment film, and while PM was great at maximizing its resources and cranking out exciting B-movies, it’s obvious that these are, in fact, B-movies. Deadly Target’s no exception: the locations are unremarkably urban, the cinematography is staid, the camerawork isn’t dynamic, and even the film quality is a little grainy. Director Charla Driver – one of the few women to direct a PM production and one of the few women to direct a U.S. martial arts feature, period – is every bit as good as her cohorts at putting together a compact and entertaining action package, but there’s no opportunity for it to rise above that status.

White Tiger, on the other hand, may easily be mistaken for a Hollywood production. Keystone Pictures would actually produce a couple of those shortly after this one, which in retrospect seems like a warm-up exercise for director Richard Martin. The movie showcases some exotic locations, has a lot of good-looking sets, and actually has the time to do fun stuff with its camera. The musical stings are almost comically overdone at times, but the soundtrack still stands out where its adversary’s is forgettable. The movie generates mixed results when trying to be artsy but still has the finesse to qualify as a neo-noir. Whereas both features are by-the-numbers in their own way, White Tiger is simply more lavish and thereby pulls ahead.

Point: White Tiger

The Action

In a way, this is the most important category. Action pieces and fight scenes are the backbone of any martial arts feature, and with a star as capable as Gary “Danger Man” Daniels in the lead, both productions knew they had the potential to make a minor action classic. To help get them there, both selected fantastic coordinators to get the job done: Deadly Target had Jeff Pruitt and White Tiger had the late, great Marc Akerstream.

Pruitt was an exotic regular of the TV and DTV realms from 1991 to 2003. As the first American member of the Japan-based Alpha Stunts team, his cohorts and he brought a dynamic, stunt-heavy style of action to the small screen. Though best known for working on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Jeff regularly got career-defining performances out of the performers he directed, particularly DTV golden boy Jeff Wincott. Deadly Target was the first (and thus far only) time Pruitt collaborated with Gary Daniels, and the Hong Kong veteran works well with the style of his handler. No slouch either is Akerstream, whose career highlight may have been working with Jackie Chan by coordinating the vehicle that gained JC fame in America: Rumble in the Bronx. Though he tended to work in low-budget fare, he coordinated several times in Hollywood blockbusters and did a ton of work for TV. Tragically, an accident on the set of The Crow: Stairway to Heaven ended his life in 1998.

White Tiger may actually be Marc’s magnum opus as an action filmmaker, as he delivers some strong pieces without being relegated by a higher-placed coordinator. Though this is primarily a martial arts movie, it mixes things up with some vehicle scenes and shootouts. Deadly Target does this as well, but White Tiger has a flair in that regard that the former can’t top, especially when it comes to the well-choreographed scenes with the biker assassins. Still, Gary Daniels’ fight scenes are the highlights of the picture, and what highlights they are! The brawls dig deep into Daniels’ real-life abilities, featuring not only a plethora of spinning kicks but also aikido throws and intricate kung fu exchanges. A showdown with Ron Yuan is pretty cool, and the final match with Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa is a very decent brawl.

However, the increased production standards ultimately work against White Tiger via over-editing. While not horrible, the fight scenes are filled with cuts and slow motion that tries to fool you into thinking that the brawls are even better than they already are. Gary Daniels isn’t some inexperienced Ken doll with shortcomings that need disguising, so the editing tricks are facetious. Deadly Target’s fights have no such problems, with their long takes and limited slow motion. Though Jeff Pruitt’s heavy usage of throws and flips may seem excessive to some, the fact is that his film’s simply less restrained in showcasing physicality. While I understand that White Tiger’s action may simply be a matter of stylistic consistency, Deadly Target’s greater willingness to show a fight junkie like me everything its performers have to offer puts it over its competition.

Point: Deadly Target

The Winner: Deadly Target

Deadly Target (1994)
Directed by Charla Driver (assistant director for Ice Cream Man)
Written by
James Adelstein, Michael January (To Be the Best)
Starring Gary Daniels, Susan Byun (Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.), Ken McLeod (College Kickboxers), Byron Mann
Cool costars: Ron Yuan, Aki Aleong (Farewell to the King), Lydia Look (Battle of the Damned), Philip Tan (Martial Law), Master Bill Ryusaki (Ulterior Motives), George Cheung (First Blood II), Al Leong (Rapid Fire), Leo Lee (The Perfect Weapon), James Lew (Balance of Power), Randall Shiro Ideishi (Black Scorpion), Koichi Sakamoto (Bounty Tracker), Butch Togisala (Firepower)
Content warning: Violence against women, kidnapping, police brutality
PM Entertainment Group / Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

White Tiger (1996)
Directed by
Richard Martin (Air Bud: Golden Receiver)
Written by
Bey Logan (original story), Gordon Melbourne (Bulletproof Heart), Roy Sallows, Don Woodman, Raul Inglis (uncredited)
Starring Gary Daniels, Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa, Julia Nickson (Noble House), Matt Craven (Crimson Tide)
Cool costars: Ron Yuan, George Cheung, Dana Lee (Dr. Ken)
Content warning: Violence against women, torture, sexual assault
Keystone Pictures / Crown Media

Aries often dissipates the Mars energy in the premature exposure of emotional reaction, fighting on the defensive. A Ram never attacks unless struck first. Remember that Aries is the symbolic Infant of the zodiac, and infants don’t yell unless they’re ignored, or someone jabs them with a sharp safety pin. After all, it’s the only defense they have against pain or neglect. When more serious danger threatens, their guardian, Mars, comes to the rescue. Scorpios, however, are masters of the offensive - an offensive laced with clever, cool strategy, exquisite patience and an uncanny sense of the weakness of others. You won’t find Scorpios coming unstrung, running hither and thither, or striking wildly. When they strike, it’s straight on target, with deadly precision.

Love Signs by Linda Goodman, Aries x Scorpio

A good example showing the different expressions of Mars through the Aries and Scorpio archetypes

anonymous asked:

how the fuck is 7 trans people murdered IN A WHOLE YEAR somehow ' an alarming trend'? fucking seriously? does the author of that have any fucking idea how many other people belonging to other groups get murdered each year with no one calling it 'an alarming trend'? like how women are literally the most murdered and attacked but who's calling it 'an alarming trend'? fucking no one.

You do realize that

1) We just started the third month of the year, in a year during which we are under an explicitly anti-LGBT administration and will continue to see the open embrace of anti-LGBT, including anti-trans, sentiments being popular and deemed decent to express publicly

2) Many black and brown trans women (this is a specifically racialized issue in a way that gets erasesd uncomfortably by white trans women imo) are killed by partners, meaning this is often an issue of domestic violence which ought to concern you just as a human being, and in many cases where it’s not domestic violence being perpetrated it is targeted deadly violence against a marginalized group

3) These are usually cases wherein someone being trans is a specific part of the reasoning for why some man feels it’s okay to murder her in a way that’s different from how violence against women is typically perpetrated against cis women, though not completely different or completely the same

4) Even if you saw the questions of “violence against women” and “transmisogynist and broadly anti-trans violence” as 100% separate, that in no way means that you could only care about one or the other and it’s quite telling that you’re so upset just by someone saying “Hey a lot of black trans women have been murdered” and saying this should be cause for concern

5) Even if you didn’t see violence against trans women as violence against women, you’d still be obligated to see it as anti-LGBT violence or, at least, violence against gender nonconforming people which should concern you as a human being and a feminist ostensibly interested in caring for gnc people, especially

6) It is intellectually dishonest to act like the world cares more about this than about violence against cis women when you should know that, in general, outside specific circles, people don’t give a shit about either. Nobody in general cishet society is wringing their hands over sex selective abortion OR the murders of black trans women, I assure you. A single article calling attention to a problem should not bother you this much, and if it does that’s on you. Nobody is in general thinking of this as an epidemic, I assure you, even though they should.

Don’t tell me you’re somehow unaware that you can care about two things at one time either. I don’t think you’re that stupid, I think you’re just hateful and an asshole who uses politics to rationalize that.

Until The End of Time

fanfic writer: MaximumKillshot

Warnings: OK this is what I call, SUPER FLUFF… It is semi lethal at times… I figured that a Monday needs a little !Pregnant ReaderX!Daddy Dean love.

A/N: This is a concept that I came up with months ago and then I had A brain storm a few days ago and this beautiful rainbow popped out! Posted this Monday by request of @kawaiilivkitty. Enjoy the fluff!!

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It was dark in the bunker. At least in this part… Dean was sleeping comfortably in his room when he felt something that he hasn’t felt in a while. He didn’t feel your familiar warmth next to him. When Dean rolled out of bed he wondered if you had gone to the bathroom or something, then he heard a dull thumping sound.

When Dean looked at the clock it was 4:00am. Dean went to see what was wrong. He grabbed his gun and slowly opened the door, his wedding ring shining slightly in the dim light of the hall.

Dean went to the bathroom to see if you were there and you weren’t. Then he checked the kitchen and you weren’t there either. He started to hear the thumping louder and louder until he saw the light from the firing range on. And the thumping was no longer thumping, it was preceded by what sounded like a bone being gnawed and Then a loud thwack!. It was repeated a few times.

Dean cautiously approached the door and flung it open to find you drawing a bow with an arrow already loaded and then releasing it at the target with deadly percision, going directly through the head for the now joining the other arrows from your quiver in the target. “I was waiting for you to get up, I got out the 100lb for you, if you wanna join” you said with a smile as you grabbed your tummy wincing a bit.

“ what’s wrong, are you in pain, did your water break? Is the baby ok?” asked Dean, holstering his weapon and practically running toward you.

“Nothing, nothing, the baby’s been using me as a punching bag for the last two hours is all” you said laughing, earning another kick from the baby directly to your lung.

Where’s the hotspot now?“” asked Dean as he knelt down and kissed your belly. Ever since the 7 month mark this baby’s been kicking up a storm. Marry laughed when you told her because Dean used to do that to her all of the time. Any time of day, any day of the week.

“Well last kick landed to my left lung, the one before that was the liver, but tonight she’s been favoring the intestines and bladder, which is oh so fun” you said sarcastically as the baby gave you another one right to the lower intestine.

“She’s gonna come out with boxing gloves” he said laughing as he felt around your upper belly, feeling the baby kick yet again. “Man she’s hitting hard! You craving anything, need me to go out and get something for you?” said Dean to your belly. He then put his ear up to listen to the belly. You’re about to pop so you can sometimes hear the baby sloshing around in there and even see a foot or a hand through your tummy.

Then Dean looked up at you with his emerald green eyes and shruged and said “I’m getting nothing baby”.

You started laughing at how cute Dean turning into a dad turned out to be. He was enjoying every minute of it. Even the kicks to The back or stomach that the baby gives him through your belly while he’s sleeping.

“Hey babe are your feet hurting? Your legs are getting swollen” stated Dean as he looked concerned at your swollen bare feet. They had been like this for the past few weeks, anymore than 15 minutes on them and they turn into Macy’s Day Floats. Well at least that’s what people tell you, you haven’t been able to see the damn things since month 5. You can’t even shave anymore, Dean has to do it. Which he doesn’t mind because he still thinks your sexy, gorgeous, and a complete badass. While you think that you look like a beached beluga whale.

“Hun?” asked Dean, bringing you back to reality. “Hmm, what was that babe, sorry I just zoned a bit” you responded. “Do your feet hurt?, they’re really swollen” said Dean now lightly touching your right ankle, which is turning the ever terrifying reddish blue with blood rushing to it.

“ a bit I guess, I’ve been distracted by your daughters impersonation of Layla Ali" you said chuckling. “Well let’s sit you down, you’ve been up for 2 hours, you hungry baby?” said Dean as he took the bow out of your hand and grabbed the quiver. “ no not really, the baby’s kicking my intestines and it makes me wanna puke a bit..” you said, now realizing how bad your feet actually do hurt.

Dean had to help you down the hall and to the entertainment room. This pregnancy has been hard on you. For starters you didn’t stop puking until about two weeks ago. The doctor said was because you were full of extra hormones and that if your mom was the same way, it’s most likely hereditary. 

As you sat on the couch, you felt the blood rushing back to your body and you let out an audible sigh. Dean then put out his arm so that you could lay on his chest and watch tv.

Dean had his hand laying on your belly monitoring the fully active baby in your womb and man was she kicking hard. It was to the point that you were wincing in pain so Dean got up and got you a pillow, then sat on the floor next to your belly and rolled your night shirt up so that your belly was exposed.

“Hey Jody, calm down baby girl, your giving your momma a lot of pain.” said Dean as he rubbed your belly. The baby kicked in return at exactly where Dean’s hand was, visibly lifting it. “I know your awake and I know that you want to come out to meet us but it’s gonna be a few more months, okay sweetheart?” Said Dean trying to sooth the baby as much as possible.The baby then reached out a hand just above Dean’s. 

You looked at Dean, already being such a dad and semi-negotiating with his daughter to relax and  you smiled. 

Dean looked up to you and said “what?”

“Nothing, you are just already so good with her” you replied.

“ Well believe it or not, Sammy used to kick up a storm at night specifically. I remember seeing my dad trying to negotiate with Sam. It never worked but when I asked to try, Sammy always listened to me. I’d rub my mom’s belly and talk to him about all of the games we were going to play when he got old enough, how many adventures we were going to have, how no one could separate us and how I’ll always protect him… It was almost like he knew that we’d have only each other at one point so he trusted me only.” Said Dean as he looked at your belly and the still active baby. You could see a tiny bit of worry in his eyes. 

 You grabbed Dean’s hand reassuringly saying “Well now this time around it’s not just going to be you and the baby, alone. We are a team. She has her mommy, daddy, Uncle Sam, and Uncle Cas to protect her. And tons of other angels looking out for her like her Uncle Bobby, Uncle Rufus, Uncle Kevin. Never worry about her turning out with your responsibilities or with you turning into your dad, we have an army to make sure that doesn’t happen Dean”.

The baby started to kick harder again, almost signaling to change the topic and Dean smiled, “Why are you still kicking up a storm Jody?” said Dean as he rubbed your belly again. 

“Dean she’s not gonna relax” you said as she kicked forcefully again and then Dean started to sing to her and you immediately realized the tune as you first dance as husband and wife with Dean, “Love Will Keep Us Alive” by The Eagles: 

click here for the song

“I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive”

Then you began to feel the baby relax a bit, still kicking but not as hard.

“Don’t you worry
Sometimes you’ve just gotta let it ride
The world is changing
Right before your eyes
Now I’ve found you
There’s no more emptiness inside
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive”

You started to tear up as he gently rubbed your belly, lulling the baby to sleep with his smooth and calming voice.

“I would die for you
Climb the highest mountain
Baby, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do”

Dean’s other hand came up and wiped away your tears.

“I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive”

By the end of the song the baby way quieted down and you were trying your hardest to not fully burst out into tears and Dean whispered, “What’s wrong baby?”

You replied with “I could never find a better song to describe you, Dean Winchester. I love you so much”

Dean kissed you on the forehead and said “and I love the both of you, with all of my heart until the end of time”.

When you made a move to get up Dean stopped you and said “Nope don’t do that, the baby will get up with the vibration of your feet hitting the floor, I got you”.

Dean then picked you up bridal style and brought you back to bed and as he got into bed you whispered, “How did you know to sing?, Sammy?” 

Dean responded with “Nope, whenever you’re having a bad nightmare I sing to you to get you out of it. I figured what mommy likes, the baby’s gotta like too. If it’ll calm you, it’ll calm her”.

You then smiled up at your husband and he said “what?” with a little chuckle.

And you replied with, “I’m just wondering how I got so lucky”

“Funny, because that’s exactly what I think about you two everyday” Said Dean as he kissed you and guided you to your favorite spot to sleep, with your head resting right on his chest, where you can hear the heartbeat of the man that you love, and will continue to love until the end of time.

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Can you post the article separately? I cannot read it

2nd September

Vicky Allan: Taylor Swift may be a pop genius, emerging triumphant from the digital snake pit

Vicky Allan // Senior features writer

WHEN Taylor Swift’s dark, angry new track, Look What You Made Me Do, was released, it broke the internet, setting a record for YouTube views. But the reaction to the single itself was far from positive. Swift had created what’s often called a “diss track”, an attack on various unnamed celebrities that appears to deliver a history of all the public feuds she has had in one deadly punch. Targets, according to those who have dissected the record, supposedly include Kanye West (she mentions a “tilted stage” which featured in his tour), Katy Perry (shots of her in a leopard print coat in gold car, evoke Perry) and Nicki Minaj.

Critics described the song as petulant and petty, encapsulating the worst of celebrity narcissism and social media culture. They criticised Swift for being self-obsessed. But Swift happens to be the world’s most successful musician, bigger than Rihanna or Madonna or Beyonce, with a net worth of £215 million. So perhaps the target of all this loathing is the fact we are caught up in the online sniping and tit-for-tatting that often serves as popular culture today. It’s not so much Swift that we hate, but ourselves.

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Sabine knew exactly what she was doing naming the weapon the Duchess, make no mistake.

This was the one way to get back at a woman who had succeeded in eradicating her culture/tradition, and banishing her family and people from their homeland. And if not get back at her, it was one way for Sabine to subtly show the galaxy how awful Satine was to her people. What Satine did, her genocide and imperialism, was praised by everyone including the jedi, everyone except the people she oppressed. And those are Sabine’s people.

So naming a deadly weapon, that targets and destroys an ancient tradition just because it can—just because the people who will be using it have the privilege over a culture that is defiant and will not back down to oppression, was the one way Sabine could get Satine back for she and her people and paint the true image of the late  Duchess of Mandalore that the galaxy was to ignorant to see.

This was Sabine getting back at a woman who would have she and family (and her people) dead if she was still alive. So yes Sabine, naming that weapon the Duchess—you did the right thing.

I went snooping for all the Bleach episode titles that have both Ichigo and Rukia’s names in them and found:

14: “Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia”

63: “Rukia’s Resolution, Ichigo’s Feelings”

70: “Rukia’s Return! Revival of the Substitute Team!”

109: “Ichigo and Rukia, Thoughts in the Revolving Sky”

114: “Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia and Soul Reapers”

Then I searched IH’s names and got nothing, but I did find these titles:

28: “Orihime Targeted

85: “Deadly Battle of Tears! Rukia vs. Orihime”

127: “Urahara’s Decision, Orihime’s Thoughts" – We know she got dismissed in this chapter

142: “Strict Order! The Forbidden Rescue of Orihime Inoue

159: “Yasutora Sado Dies! Orihime’s Tears

261: “The Person with the Unknown Ability! Orihime Is Targeted

271: “Ichigo Dies! Orihime, the Cry of Sorrow!”

349: “Next Target, The Devil’s Hand Aims at Orihime!“

359: “The Sorrowful Battle! Ichigo vs. Sado & Orihime

You see?

Powers for a Bard of Doom

Class: Bard

-Bard abilities: Passive destruction of aspect; immunity to aspect

Aspect: Doom

-Doom abilities: Disease; immobilization; status effects

The Bard of Doom is uniquely skilled at buffing allies and debuffing enemies. They can attack directly, but their best use is giving status effects to allies and enemies.

Their spells are usually powered by their opposite aspect, since they are a destruction class. This would give them an extra “Life meter” of sorts, that gets used up to cast spells. Once the meter runs out, spells must be cast from their actual health.

The Life meter does act very similar to a second HP meter; the difference is their actual HP is not affected until the Life meter is empty. They cast spells from both in the same manner, but only when their Life meter is empty does using spells actually damage their own body.

A spell can be amplified massively depending on the Bard’s emotional state; a Bard in a berserk state will have much more potency to their spells, but they will use up a proportionate amount of Life much more quickly.

Passive abilities:

-Resistance to poisons

-Lasts much longer when afflicted with wounds that would kill a normal person

Active Buff Spells:

ENERGIZE – Requires 5 Life to use – Grants extra stamina to a person; an exhausted person who this spell is used on gains enough energy to continue on as if they’d just awoken from a few hours of sleep.

HALT AFFLICTION – Requires 10 Life to use – Nullifies any continuously damaging effects someone has such as bleeding, poison, etc.

UNLIMIT – Requires 25 Life to use – Multiplies the effect of a person’s ability massively; however, this also causes it to take up a proportional amount of their spell energy.

Active Debuff Spells:

EXASPERATE – Requires 10 Life to use – Increases duration and intensity of negative status effects such as bleeding, poison, etc.

EXHAUST BURDEN – Requires 15 Life to use – Makes an enemy incredibly tired and exhausted.

VENOM TOUCH – Requires 20 Life to use – a deadly poison afflicts the target, draining their health. Requires skin-to-skin contact.

Active Healing Spells:

CURE – Requires 35 Life to use – Immediately heals minor wounds and accelerates the healing of deadly wounds. Removes poisons and contaminants from the target’s body.

LIBERATE – Requires 45 Life to use – Frees target from any external mind control or possession.

Active Attack Spells:

DECAY BLAST – Requires 80 Life to use – A burst of dark magic that causes anyone in the blast radius to begin to rot away. Lasting damage only occurs after about ten seconds in the decay field; irreparable damage occurs after sixty seconds. After the initial 10-second burst, keeping the decay field from disappearing costs 1 Life per second.

DEATH DESIRE – Requires 200 Life to use – Extremely difficult to use successfully; essentially, drains away the target’s very life force through sheer force of will. Extreme willpower is needed to drain someone to the point of death, and wavering even slightly causes the spell to end. Two full minutes of use are needed to finish the spell. Excessive use of this spell results in irreparable mutation and decay of the user’s body and soul.

A Favour

60 – “Do me a favour? Stand back.”

Dean x Reader


No answer, apart from another dull thud as your knife flies through the air and finds its home in a target, your deadly accuracy guiding it right to the centre of the bullseye.

“Y/N, I brought you some soup.”

Once again, silence, but another knife sinks into the space right between the target’s eyes.

“Y/N, please say something.”

He’s right beside you at this point and for the first time, you turn to look at your boyfriend – your eyes are red-rimmed and mascara trails mar your cheeks with charcoal stains.

“Dean, do me a favour?”


“Stand back.” You say, your voice bland and emotionless as you pick up another knife and turn back to the target, flicking another blade deep into the metal target. Dean winces, gingerly placing the bowl of soup down on the bench and reaching out, touching your arm. You tear it away from him, taking a few steps back.

“Don’t bother.”

“Y/N, please,” He says, looking so miserable and helpless that it breaks your heart a little more, “I know this was rough. I know how you feel. But you can’t just hide down here forever.”

“Watch me.”


“They were kids, Dean!” You hiss, tears building up in your eyes once more, “They were kids and they had whole futures and now, because I wasn’t fast enough, they’re dead!”

With those words you break down, sliding down the wall and burying your head in your hands. Dean is instantly at your side, sat on the cold concrete floor and pulling you into his lap. You sob into his chest, taking handfuls of his shirt while you grieve for the people you’d lost – you’d barely known them, but you feel it just as intensely as if you had. It’s part of the reason he loves you so much.

“I’m sorry,” You whisper, finally emerging from his chest after what feels like a lifetime of him whispering soothing words into your ear and rubbing your back. He scoffs, shaking his head.

“Don’t apologise. Ever.” He says, pressing a kiss to your cheek – it tastes like salt, but he doesn’t mention it, “Your emotions are valid, Y/N. If you need to vent and let it out, then do that – I’ll be here for all of it. I promise.”


“Hold still darling,” you tightened the zip ties around the Mexican bikers wrists, “you don’t want them cutting in any deeper.”

Standing to your feet, you took a step back to get a good look at your so called “deadly” target, “And they said you were going to give me a hard time,” you flashed the pic to on your cell and turned to grab your gun from your bag.

“You’ve got to be shitting me…”

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Teacher, My Teacher...

(( Bit of a warning: dark content. ))

Arthur could say with complete and total honesty that he couldn’t stand Alfred day one.

Alfred was the type of angel they sang hymns about. He was the type of angel that humans thought of when they imagined one—painted one, sculpted one. He was the type of angel that had a brilliant smile and a pure heart. He was God’s perfection wrapped in a neat little angel-shaped package. He was a servant to the Lord, as pure and loyal as they came.

And Arthur was his mentor.

He absolutely couldn’t stand the guy.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there, Just made it through Winter Soldier Issue #14 and I'm dying inside. You're obviously more knowledgable than me about this topic. Can you tell me if Nat ever remembers Bucky or is this the end? So pissed off at Marvel for doing this to me. :(

So I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is Nat still doesn’t remember Bucky. OTL

The good news is this is not the end, and the even better news for you is that you picked the least worst time to read WS #14 because finally after all this time, December’s issue of Black Widow is finally going to deal with it:

• Natasha’s living in a world without secrets, and Bucky’s got a pretty big one…
• You can’t go home again…particularly when there’s a deadly killer targeting you!


Imagine coaxing Natasha into going to the amusement park with you, knowing that if anyone can win you the biggest plushie that is out there it is this wonderful redhead with her amazing aim by your side (or Clint but he was already busy). How could you have known she’d ask for something in return? ~ -Requested by anon

Others in the Avengers Carnival Series: Tony Stark | Bruce Banner | Peter Parker | Bucky Barnes | Thor Odinson | Clint Barton | Wanda Maximoff | Sam Wilson | Vision

You were walking with Nat side by side down the streets of the carnival, past the ticket booths and ride entrances, until you saw it.

“Wait! Nat, stop!” You tugged on her wrist and pointed at a gigantic stuffed teddy bear hanging from the roof of the Balloon Dart stand. It was perfect. “I want that! Think you can get it for me?”

Nat smiled. “You want that huge bear up there?” You nodded eagerly in response. “Alright, fine. I’ll try. But…” she paused, “you have to take Bucky on the big rollercoaster.”

“Deal!” You jumped up and hugged her. She smiled mischievously, almost like she knew something you didn’t, but you didn’t notice. You dragged her by the arm over to the booth. The guy in charge looked mildly annoyed that he had to set down his paperback novel and greet new customers.

“How many balloons do I have to pop to win the big bear?” Nat questioned.

“You’d have to pop 5 in a row, sweetheart,” the man said, but he wasn’t really paying attention.

Nat ignored his rude attitude and pulled out a few dollars and handed it to him. “Then I’ll take 5 darts, please.”

“You goin’ for the big bear, huh?” He laughed cruelly, like it was the funniest joke in the world. “A girl like you? Good luck, sweetheart.” He exchanged the money for darts, but didn’t seem to see the death glare Nat was giving him. He sat back down and picked up his book, not bothering to see if she popped any balloons.

“You can do this,” you encouraged her. She didn’t hesitate before she threw the first dart. It didn’t look very sharp, but the dart didn’t seem to know that. It was thrown with such force the balloon popped anyways, and even managed to get stuck in the wall behind it. One by one, quick as lightning, the darts hit their target with deadly accuracy, popping 5 balloons in a row. The last dart whizzed past the rude vender’s ear, and the balloon closest to his head popped. That got his attention.

He practically tripped on himself getting up. His face was pale, as if he just now noticed who he was messing with. He gulped, “Right. The big bear, right away.” He unhooked it from the wall and handed it to Nat, who gave it to you. It was as soft as it looked.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You squeezed the bear. It was almost as tall as you were.

Nat beamed. “You’re welcome, (y/n).”

anonymous asked:

Hey hey hey! can you do an scenario where s/o knows Kageyama and Oikawa from middle school,and both boys hace a crush on the s/o,then they go to highschool and the s/o goes to karasuno with kageyama,and then they have a relationship,but whenever they meet w/ oikawa he gets all flirty w/ the s/o and kageyama gts mad as fu. Sorry if it is hard to understand DD: ilu guys <33

With bonus Iwaizumi for plot convenience~

“_____-chan, it’s so good to see you,” the brown-haired setter calls from across the rec-center’s court that the couple frequented since the end of volleyball season. Seeing Oikawa here, though, was a first and, considering the look Kageyama makes as his senior saunters over and sudden harshness of his hand on their hip, it isn’t an entirely welcome one. “My two favorite kohais to tease in the same place. Lucky me.”

“Oikawa-san, what’re you doing here?” Kageyama asks, now slightly more nervous since Iwaizumi is allowing him the time to bother them.

“I don’t wanna talk to you right now, Tobio-chan,” he pouts back, “so butt out.”

“Tobio, go warm up, okay? I’ll be right there,” they assure upon seeing his face darken, offense taking over his feature, and nudge him to start a jog.

“Don’t poke fun at him like that, Oikawa-senpai. It isn’t nice and you look childish.”

Much to their distress, he decides an appropriate response is practically draping himself over them as he whines about how they sound just like Iwaizumi. Even across the court stretching, they can feel Kageyama’s displeasure at his actions. Oikawa himself obviously notices as well and takes the opportunity to make it infinitely worse by nuzzling their cheeks together and confessing how much he’s missed them.

“You should have come to Seijo! I only have cranky Iwa-chan to keep me company and you’re much nicer to look at!” That comment and the light blush that creeps up their cheeks at it are the breaking points for the other members of their parties.

Two separate balls zoom through the air and hit their intended target with deadly precision, effectively knocking him to the floor and off of them.

“Ow Iwa-chan! That hit me in the face!“ Oikawa whines from the floor, hand covering his nose in pain while propping himself up to see his other kohai back by their side.

“That one was mine.”

With Kageyama’s fury at its peak, they wonder if this really is how Hinata feels as his arms pull them tightly against his torso, shielding them possessively from whatever else Oikawa might try to pull. He doesn’t have the chance, however, once Iwaizumi stalks over to where he still lay.

“We came here to practice, Trashykawa, not harass people!” he roars, dragging his idiot best friend back to their court by his ankle.

“I can walk, Iwa-chan!”

“Shut up, you’ve caused enough problems. Now warm up! By the way,” Iwaizumi adds, turning back to look at Kageyama who’s still curled around them, “nice shot.”

The tiny, proud smile that he cracks at the compliment dispels the majority of his intimidating aura as he releases them.

“We should get practicing, too,” they chime, lightly poking his side and making his smile wider as a result.

All better.



Things are getting awfully personal between Black Widow and Recluse, a rivalry that shows no signs of stopping soon.

In Black Widow #8, the stakes are raised when Recluse brings Natasha’s off and on boyfriend into the mix, who just happens to be the Winter Solider. Though a quick assessment of the situation doesn’t bode well for the two lovebirds.

Black Widow #9 is written by Chris Samnee and Mark Waid, with art from Samnee.

You can read the exclusive preview in the gallery, and the official description of the issue can be found below. It hits comic stores on December 28.

The Eisner Award-winning team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are taking Black Widow on the lam! Natasha has spent years gathering secrets, and when some of the darkest ones begin mysteriously going public, no one is safe. With her betrayed former confederates at S.H.I.E.L.D. on her heels and a lifetime of training and ingenuity at her disposal, Natasha’s out for answers in a knock-down-drag-out tale of action and espionage! Hidden enemies, old friends and unusual allies collide, and all eyes are on Black Widow. The chase is on!

THE RETURN OF BUCKY BARNES! Natasha’s living in a world without secrets, and Bucky’s got a pretty big one…You can’t go home again…particularly when there’s a deadly killer targeting you!