deadly target

  • Canon McCree: Ran with the notorious Deadlock Gang as a teenager, a gang so strong it had lasted nearly a century and needed to be taken care of by Blackwatch. Trained under Gabriel Reyes at 17, joining Blackwatch where they only accept the best of the best. Extremely skilled with a gun, fires a revolver as if it were a sniper, and can lock onto targets with deadly accuracy without any known enhancements (see: a tactical visor, prosthetic, cybernetic eye) and in the dark as well. Can sit atop a train moving 640 kilometers per hour with ease, and has a bounty on his head bigger than both Junkrat and Roadhog's combined.
  • Fanon McCree: "wow gee oh golly darling i'm making a whole mess of myself what a complete shame ive absolutely retired and am completely useless in even the most basic maneuvers because of how rusty i am wow partners it's a sure good thing im gay and married to hanners and say a bunch of cutesy phrases and make lots of cowboy jokes along with m' hat otherwise there's no real tactical advantage in keeping a liability around. lovable and useless, can't even hold my own in combat but that archer sure as hell ain't ugly"

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how the fuck is 7 trans people murdered IN A WHOLE YEAR somehow ' an alarming trend'? fucking seriously? does the author of that have any fucking idea how many other people belonging to other groups get murdered each year with no one calling it 'an alarming trend'? like how women are literally the most murdered and attacked but who's calling it 'an alarming trend'? fucking no one.

You do realize that

1) We just started the third month of the year, in a year during which we are under an explicitly anti-LGBT administration and will continue to see the open embrace of anti-LGBT, including anti-trans, sentiments being popular and deemed decent to express publicly

2) Many black and brown trans women (this is a specifically racialized issue in a way that gets erasesd uncomfortably by white trans women imo) are killed by partners, meaning this is often an issue of domestic violence which ought to concern you just as a human being, and in many cases where it’s not domestic violence being perpetrated it is targeted deadly violence against a marginalized group

3) These are usually cases wherein someone being trans is a specific part of the reasoning for why some man feels it’s okay to murder her in a way that’s different from how violence against women is typically perpetrated against cis women, though not completely different or completely the same

4) Even if you saw the questions of “violence against women” and “transmisogynist and broadly anti-trans violence” as 100% separate, that in no way means that you could only care about one or the other and it’s quite telling that you’re so upset just by someone saying “Hey a lot of black trans women have been murdered” and saying this should be cause for concern

5) Even if you didn’t see violence against trans women as violence against women, you’d still be obligated to see it as anti-LGBT violence or, at least, violence against gender nonconforming people which should concern you as a human being and a feminist ostensibly interested in caring for gnc people, especially

6) It is intellectually dishonest to act like the world cares more about this than about violence against cis women when you should know that, in general, outside specific circles, people don’t give a shit about either. Nobody in general cishet society is wringing their hands over sex selective abortion OR the murders of black trans women, I assure you. A single article calling attention to a problem should not bother you this much, and if it does that’s on you. Nobody is in general thinking of this as an epidemic, I assure you, even though they should.

Don’t tell me you’re somehow unaware that you can care about two things at one time either. I don’t think you’re that stupid, I think you’re just hateful and an asshole who uses politics to rationalize that.


“Hold still darling,” you tightened the zip ties around the Mexican bikers wrists, “you don’t want them cutting in any deeper.”

Standing to your feet, you took a step back to get a good look at your so called “deadly” target, “And they said you were going to give me a hard time,” you flashed the pic to on your cell and turned to grab your gun from your bag.

“You’ve got to be shitting me…”

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A Favour

60 – “Do me a favour? Stand back.”

Dean x Reader


No answer, apart from another dull thud as your knife flies through the air and finds its home in a target, your deadly accuracy guiding it right to the centre of the bullseye.

“Y/N, I brought you some soup.”

Once again, silence, but another knife sinks into the space right between the target’s eyes.

“Y/N, please say something.”

He’s right beside you at this point and for the first time, you turn to look at your boyfriend – your eyes are red-rimmed and mascara trails mar your cheeks with charcoal stains.

“Dean, do me a favour?”


“Stand back.” You say, your voice bland and emotionless as you pick up another knife and turn back to the target, flicking another blade deep into the metal target. Dean winces, gingerly placing the bowl of soup down on the bench and reaching out, touching your arm. You tear it away from him, taking a few steps back.

“Don’t bother.”

“Y/N, please,” He says, looking so miserable and helpless that it breaks your heart a little more, “I know this was rough. I know how you feel. But you can’t just hide down here forever.”

“Watch me.”


“They were kids, Dean!” You hiss, tears building up in your eyes once more, “They were kids and they had whole futures and now, because I wasn’t fast enough, they’re dead!”

With those words you break down, sliding down the wall and burying your head in your hands. Dean is instantly at your side, sat on the cold concrete floor and pulling you into his lap. You sob into his chest, taking handfuls of his shirt while you grieve for the people you’d lost – you’d barely known them, but you feel it just as intensely as if you had. It’s part of the reason he loves you so much.

“I’m sorry,” You whisper, finally emerging from his chest after what feels like a lifetime of him whispering soothing words into your ear and rubbing your back. He scoffs, shaking his head.

“Don’t apologise. Ever.” He says, pressing a kiss to your cheek – it tastes like salt, but he doesn’t mention it, “Your emotions are valid, Y/N. If you need to vent and let it out, then do that – I’ll be here for all of it. I promise.”

Teacher, My Teacher...

(( Bit of a warning: dark content. ))

Arthur could say with complete and total honesty that he couldn’t stand Alfred day one.

Alfred was the type of angel they sang hymns about. He was the type of angel that humans thought of when they imagined one—painted one, sculpted one. He was the type of angel that had a brilliant smile and a pure heart. He was God’s perfection wrapped in a neat little angel-shaped package. He was a servant to the Lord, as pure and loyal as they came.

And Arthur was his mentor.

He absolutely couldn’t stand the guy.

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Jormungandr: Examine Hoard

Fang of Jormungandr

A fang ripped straight out of Jormungandr’s mouth. It’s about the size of a skyscraper, creative uses of the Alchemizer would allow the Player to create a deadly weapon indeed.

Divine Bane - Double the weapon’s Damage when used against anything that can be considered a god. The weapon also has a high chance of completely bypassing any Divine protections the target has.

Deadly Toxin - The Fang is covered in Jormungandr’s poison. This poison is deadly enough to kill gods in short order. Though some powers may be able to cure it, or at least find a cure for it, it works fast enough that any such cure needs to be administered immediately.

Kraken Lure

The lure Thor had once used to fish Jormungandr out of the seas of Midgard. It looks like a regular fishing lure, though its shape belies its power.

Lure the Leviathan - The lure is able to attract sea monsters and would prevent the line from being snapped by their sheer strength and thrashing.

More liberal terrorism: Two charged with attempted murder in stabbing at Trump event
External image

Photo source: Twitter, @BakedAlaska

Liberalism has a domestic terrorism problem.

This time, it’s two liberal terrorists who have been charged with attempted murder after stabbing a prominent alt-right figure’s bodyguard at a Trump event.  Antonio Foreman,  bodyguard for “alt-right” personality “Baked Alaska” was stabbed nine times by liberal terrorists outside a Trump rally in Los Angeles.

Edgar Khodzhasaryan, 30, of Glendale, and Arsen Bekverdyan, 31, of Burbank, are now charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Foreman was targeted by the pair after they noticed his vehicle’s pro-Trump stickers. The two allegedly shouted “You’re getting the shank, White Boy” as they stabbed him, “Baked Alaska” announced on Twitter.

Foreman was not on duty at the time, but was attending the event as a Trump supporter.  He nearly died in the attack, and spent 12 hours in surgery.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney did not file so-called “hate crimes” charges.

Terrorism is violence targeted at civilians to achieve political or social goals. Liberalism has a domestic terrorism problem.


Imagine coaxing Natasha into going to the amusement park with you, knowing that if anyone can win you the biggest plushie that is out there it is this wonderful redhead with her amazing aim by your side (or Clint but he was already busy). How could you have known she’d ask for something in return? ~ -Requested by anon

Others in the Avengers Carnival Series: Tony Stark | Bruce Banner | Peter Parker | Bucky Barnes | Thor Odinson | Clint Barton | Wanda Maximoff | Sam Wilson | Vision

You were walking with Nat side by side down the streets of the carnival, past the ticket booths and ride entrances, until you saw it.

“Wait! Nat, stop!” You tugged on her wrist and pointed at a gigantic stuffed teddy bear hanging from the roof of the Balloon Dart stand. It was perfect. “I want that! Think you can get it for me?”

Nat smiled. “You want that huge bear up there?” You nodded eagerly in response. “Alright, fine. I’ll try. But…” she paused, “you have to take Bucky on the big rollercoaster.”

“Deal!” You jumped up and hugged her. She smiled mischievously, almost like she knew something you didn’t, but you didn’t notice. You dragged her by the arm over to the booth. The guy in charge looked mildly annoyed that he had to set down his paperback novel and greet new customers.

“How many balloons do I have to pop to win the big bear?” Nat questioned.

“You’d have to pop 5 in a row, sweetheart,” the man said, but he wasn’t really paying attention.

Nat ignored his rude attitude and pulled out a few dollars and handed it to him. “Then I’ll take 5 darts, please.”

“You goin’ for the big bear, huh?” He laughed cruelly, like it was the funniest joke in the world. “A girl like you? Good luck, sweetheart.” He exchanged the money for darts, but didn’t seem to see the death glare Nat was giving him. He sat back down and picked up his book, not bothering to see if she popped any balloons.

“You can do this,” you encouraged her. She didn’t hesitate before she threw the first dart. It didn’t look very sharp, but the dart didn’t seem to know that. It was thrown with such force the balloon popped anyways, and even managed to get stuck in the wall behind it. One by one, quick as lightning, the darts hit their target with deadly accuracy, popping 5 balloons in a row. The last dart whizzed past the rude vender’s ear, and the balloon closest to his head popped. That got his attention.

He practically tripped on himself getting up. His face was pale, as if he just now noticed who he was messing with. He gulped, “Right. The big bear, right away.” He unhooked it from the wall and handed it to Nat, who gave it to you. It was as soft as it looked.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You squeezed the bear. It was almost as tall as you were.

Nat beamed. “You’re welcome, (y/n).”



Things are getting awfully personal between Black Widow and Recluse, a rivalry that shows no signs of stopping soon.

In Black Widow #8, the stakes are raised when Recluse brings Natasha’s off and on boyfriend into the mix, who just happens to be the Winter Solider. Though a quick assessment of the situation doesn’t bode well for the two lovebirds.

Black Widow #9 is written by Chris Samnee and Mark Waid, with art from Samnee.

You can read the exclusive preview in the gallery, and the official description of the issue can be found below. It hits comic stores on December 28.

The Eisner Award-winning team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are taking Black Widow on the lam! Natasha has spent years gathering secrets, and when some of the darkest ones begin mysteriously going public, no one is safe. With her betrayed former confederates at S.H.I.E.L.D. on her heels and a lifetime of training and ingenuity at her disposal, Natasha’s out for answers in a knock-down-drag-out tale of action and espionage! Hidden enemies, old friends and unusual allies collide, and all eyes are on Black Widow. The chase is on!

THE RETURN OF BUCKY BARNES! Natasha’s living in a world without secrets, and Bucky’s got a pretty big one…You can’t go home again…particularly when there’s a deadly killer targeting you!

Champion Reveal: Jhin

Jhin’s assembling his gun and orchestrating his grand entrance onto the Rift. He’s meticulous and calculating - League’s slowest marksman yet. But when the murderous artist gets you in his sights, when he catches you off-guard, there’s not much that’ll save you from an inevitable, perfect death.


Jhin’s gun - Whisper - chambers four shots, the last of which always crits and applies extra damage based on a portion of his target’s missing health. After firing all four shots, Jhin takes a moment to reload.

Jhin’s crits deal less damage than normal, and his attack speed doesn’t actually scale with attack speed. Instead, Jhin gains attack damage from any attack speed and crit chance he earns through itemization and runes, while crits give him a burst of movement based on his attack speed.


Jhin throws a cannister at a nearby targeted enemy. After landing, the cannister bounces up to four times on other nearby enemies. Killing an enemy with Dancing Grenade causes the following bounces to deal extra damage.


Passive: Enemy champions that have been struck by Jhin’s basic attacks, Captive Audience, or any allied damage are marked for a few seconds.

Active: Jhin fires a massively long range shot that damages all enemy minions and the first enemy champion in a target direction. If the enemy champion he strikes has already been marked, they’re briefly rooted, while Jhin himself gains a burst of movement speed.


Jhin places a trap on the ground that turns invisible after arming. Enemy champions that walk over the trap trigger it, revealing and marking them with Deadly Flourish and creating a large slowing zone. After a brief pause, the trap detonates, damaging all enemies inside its explosion.


Jhin fully assembles his weapon before taking aim in a target direction, revealing all marked targets in a huge area. He can then fire four rounds that stop at the first enemy champion struck, slowing them and dealing damage based on their missing health. Jhin’s fourth and final shot with Curtain Call deals massively increased damage and is guaranteed to crit.


Jhin’s a different kind of marksman. While most look to whittle their opponents down with a constant barrage of sapping attacks, Jhin’s fastidious to the extreme, and thrives when he handpicks his opportunities to strike. In lane, he’s best off saving his valuable bullets for last-hitting, keeping track of his ammo count and looking for moments when he can expend his fourth bullet - his deadliest - on his lane opponent. Jhin’s basic attack range is distinctly average at best, making him relatively easy to harass in lane. That’s where the Virtuoso can turn to Dancing Grenade, using the bouncing cannister to secure last hits from relative safety, and even apply effective harassment if his opponents stick too close to their minion waves.

Still, Jhin’s low attack speed will often see him pushed under tower, and having to fire off his shots to last hit instead of harass. Here’s the thing, though: when Jhin correctly plans for this, when he places a few of his Captive Audience traps as he falls back, he’ll be perfectly placed to call on his jungler and slowly close the noose around his hapless opponents’ necks. As the gank starts, Jhin and his allies work best initiating the attack and corralling their targets towards their pre-set traps. Once they trigger, Jhin can follow up immediately with Deadly Flourish, damaging his target and rooting them inside the trap’s slow zone as it ticks down toward zero. The explosion, which they’re now guaranteed to be caught inside, chunks them down further, setting the stage for Jhin’s fourth and final bullet. They’ll die, one way or another.

Traps being traps, they also make perfect defensive cover for Jhin when he decides to aim his iron sights at his enemies and get aggressive. While these opportunities are rare, a fortuitous crit against a weakened enemy doesn’t just give Jhin the chance to kill his target, but also the means to chase. Jhin excels here, following up on enemy marks with Deadly Flourish to root his target as he blows them away with basic attacks. Overextending generally attracts enemy junglers, of course, but if Jhin manages to pull the trigger on his fourth and final shot, the guaranteed crit (and therefore guaranteed speed boost) should help him speed away as his would-be killer slogs through the Virtuoso’s traps.

A fortuitous crit against a weakened enemy doesn’t just give Jhin the chance to kill his target, but also the means to chase.


Once he’s set up, Jhin’s great at objective control, thanks in part to his traps. By placing Captive Audience traps on the enemy team’s easiest path to dragon, Jhin earns his team advance notice of any impending arrivals, and can temporarily root marked enemy junglers with Deadly Flourish. Even if they continue their advance, Jhin can throw in a Dancing Grenade to apply damage to grouped enemies before carefully picking off his targets with basic attacks. He’s poor at securing objectives himself - his slow attack speed alone sees to that - but he gives his team a huge boost toward securing objectives when he plans out and prepares for the fight in the areas around them.

Then there’s Jhin’s ultimate. Curtain Call gives Jhin and his team huge leverage over objectives when the Virtuoso is able to set up and prepare his sniper nest. The ability has huge range, but only within a set angle, giving Jhin a few key considerations to think about as he searches for his grassy knoll. Set up too close and he’ll make an easy target for enemy assassins; too far and he’ll render himself irrelevant after he’s spent his ult; set uppoorly and he’ll risk losing sight of the battle as it shifts around. Get his position just right and Jhin will wreak havoc from afar before moving in to finish the fight up close.

Jhin gives his team a huge boost toward securing objectives when he plans out and prepares for the fight in the areas around them.


Jhin has two viable strategies in teamfights: either appear at the start of the battle, or at the end. If he chooses to stick with his team, he takes up a traditional backline position, setting up traps to protect his fellow squishes while aiming Deadly Flourish at marked targets. Dancing Grenade only adds to the carnage, and when the enemy team starts to flee, Jhin’s perfectly positioned to fully assemble Whisper and cut the remaining enemies down with Curtain Call.

Alternatively, Jhin can choose to set the stage early by firing off his ult first. This makes him an unusual character in a teamfight because he won’t actually be seen, at least initially. And while enemy teams might first revel in the apparently lopsided fight, they’ll quickly realize that the Virtuoso’s absence is deliberate. Jhin’s presence may not be felt, but his bullets absolutely will. Curtain Call deals less damage to high health enemies, but the ability’s slow will hinder enemy frontliners from getting to where they want to be, and stop vulnerable enemies from squirming away from Jhin’s damage dealing allies. More importantly, Curtain Call will start to pin Jhin’s enemies down, forcing them to hide behind their tankier allies or run for cover. And even when his ult’s spent, Jhin can contribute to fights, locking down marked targets with Deadly Flourish so his allies can clean up the fight and push on toward victory.

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Hey hey hey! can you do an scenario where s/o knows Kageyama and Oikawa from middle school,and both boys hace a crush on the s/o,then they go to highschool and the s/o goes to karasuno with kageyama,and then they have a relationship,but whenever they meet w/ oikawa he gets all flirty w/ the s/o and kageyama gts mad as fu. Sorry if it is hard to understand DD: ilu guys <33

With bonus Iwaizumi for plot convenience~

“_____-chan, it’s so good to see you,” the brown-haired setter calls from across the rec-center’s court that the couple frequented since the end of volleyball season. Seeing Oikawa here, though, was a first and, considering the look Kageyama makes as his senior saunters over and sudden harshness of his hand on their hip, it isn’t an entirely welcome one. “My two favorite kohais to tease in the same place. Lucky me.”

“Oikawa-san, what’re you doing here?” Kageyama asks, now slightly more nervous since Iwaizumi is allowing him the time to bother them.

“I don’t wanna talk to you right now, Tobio-chan,” he pouts back, “so butt out.”

“Tobio, go warm up, okay? I’ll be right there,” they assure upon seeing his face darken, offense taking over his feature, and nudge him to start a jog.

“Don’t poke fun at him like that, Oikawa-senpai. It isn’t nice and you look childish.”

Much to their distress, he decides an appropriate response is practically draping himself over them as he whines about how they sound just like Iwaizumi. Even across the court stretching, they can feel Kageyama’s displeasure at his actions. Oikawa himself obviously notices as well and takes the opportunity to make it infinitely worse by nuzzling their cheeks together and confessing how much he’s missed them.

“You should have come to Seijo! I only have cranky Iwa-chan to keep me company and you’re much nicer to look at!” That comment and the light blush that creeps up their cheeks at it are the breaking points for the other members of their parties.

Two separate balls zoom through the air and hit their intended target with deadly precision, effectively knocking him to the floor and off of them.

“Ow Iwa-chan! That hit me in the face!“ Oikawa whines from the floor, hand covering his nose in pain while propping himself up to see his other kohai back by their side.

“That one was mine.”

With Kageyama’s fury at its peak, they wonder if this really is how Hinata feels as his arms pull them tightly against his torso, shielding them possessively from whatever else Oikawa might try to pull. He doesn’t have the chance, however, once Iwaizumi stalks over to where he still lay.

“We came here to practice, Trashykawa, not harass people!” he roars, dragging his idiot best friend back to their court by his ankle.

“I can walk, Iwa-chan!”

“Shut up, you’ve caused enough problems. Now warm up! By the way,” Iwaizumi adds, turning back to look at Kageyama who’s still curled around them, “nice shot.”

The tiny, proud smile that he cracks at the compliment dispels the majority of his intimidating aura as he releases them.

“We should get practicing, too,” they chime, lightly poking his side and making his smile wider as a result.

All better.

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Hey there, Just made it through Winter Soldier Issue #14 and I'm dying inside. You're obviously more knowledgable than me about this topic. Can you tell me if Nat ever remembers Bucky or is this the end? So pissed off at Marvel for doing this to me. :(

So I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is Nat still doesn’t remember Bucky. OTL

The good news is this is not the end, and the even better news for you is that you picked the least worst time to read WS #14 because finally after all this time, December’s issue of Black Widow is finally going to deal with it:

• Natasha’s living in a world without secrets, and Bucky’s got a pretty big one…
• You can’t go home again…particularly when there’s a deadly killer targeting you!

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“I believe in you.” stony??

“Come on, Tony. Try it, it’s easier than it looks.”

Tony side-eyes him and sticks out his tongue. “Shut up, this is impossible to do. Not all of us are super soldiers, Steve Rogers.”

Steve grins and just to be a little shit, he throws his shield once more. Of course it hits the targets with deadly precision, only to then land smoothly in his hand again.

He holds it out to Tony.

“Don’t pout, sweetheart. You said you wanted to try it; now here’s your chance. I’ll even show you how to do it.”

“Don’t sweetheart me”, Tony grumbles but he does come closer. To be fair, they did try this before, but it ended… not so well. Tony still tells everyone that it shouldn’t even be physically possible for Steve to throw the shield the way he does – which Steve explains with his enhanced senses, of course.

Tony takes the shield and looks it over. “I’m still calling bullshit on this. You’re cheating. I don’t know how, but you are.”

Steve’s grin only widens. He steps behind his boyfriend and places his hand over Tony’s, bringing the shield into position. “It’s physics, Tony. You can do it. I believe in you.”

The brunet cranes his neck to glare at him and Steve steals a kiss before Tony can speak up.