deadly target

A Favour

60 – “Do me a favour? Stand back.”

Dean x Reader


No answer, apart from another dull thud as your knife flies through the air and finds its home in a target, your deadly accuracy guiding it right to the centre of the bullseye.

“Y/N, I brought you some soup.”

Once again, silence, but another knife sinks into the space right between the target’s eyes.

“Y/N, please say something.”

He’s right beside you at this point and for the first time, you turn to look at your boyfriend – your eyes are red-rimmed and mascara trails mar your cheeks with charcoal stains.

“Dean, do me a favour?”


“Stand back.” You say, your voice bland and emotionless as you pick up another knife and turn back to the target, flicking another blade deep into the metal target. Dean winces, gingerly placing the bowl of soup down on the bench and reaching out, touching your arm. You tear it away from him, taking a few steps back.

“Don’t bother.”

“Y/N, please,” He says, looking so miserable and helpless that it breaks your heart a little more, “I know this was rough. I know how you feel. But you can’t just hide down here forever.”

“Watch me.”


“They were kids, Dean!” You hiss, tears building up in your eyes once more, “They were kids and they had whole futures and now, because I wasn’t fast enough, they’re dead!”

With those words you break down, sliding down the wall and burying your head in your hands. Dean is instantly at your side, sat on the cold concrete floor and pulling you into his lap. You sob into his chest, taking handfuls of his shirt while you grieve for the people you’d lost – you’d barely known them, but you feel it just as intensely as if you had. It’s part of the reason he loves you so much.

“I’m sorry,” You whisper, finally emerging from his chest after what feels like a lifetime of him whispering soothing words into your ear and rubbing your back. He scoffs, shaking his head.

“Don’t apologise. Ever.” He says, pressing a kiss to your cheek – it tastes like salt, but he doesn’t mention it, “Your emotions are valid, Y/N. If you need to vent and let it out, then do that – I’ll be here for all of it. I promise.”