deadly sea creatures

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 6)

Me:*sees drama|Me:….Anyway, did anybody asks for Captain Noir getting  a heart attack? Here is part 6 guys

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When Chat Noir came back in his cabin, it was midday. His mermaid was still in his bed, her tail taking the place of her legs. Yet she was still covered in his jacket and holding it like it was her most treasured possession. Her rosy lips were parted slightly and her long, dark eyelashes rested against her pale cheeks. She gave a content sigh and Chat almost dropped the tray with her food. It was by far one of the most heavenly sounds he had ever heard.

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when you're gone for a day, absolute chaos emerges. the sun falls from the sky, pigs grow wings, ohio vanishes from the face of the earth, every unknown humungous deadly sea creature we've yet to discover grows legs and eats newborn babies, young justice is cancelled (aGaIn), a bigoted orange demon is elected president, tim drake ""dies"". don't leave us, destiny. you're the only one who stops this chaos. (i'm joking, obviously, but i missed seeing you around for a bit! 😋💕)

(Thanks, ily2 😘) 

A vampire mermaid AU. After surviving a shipwreck caused by deadly sea creatures, a recovering Robin’s left to wonder why he was spared. He wasn’t left completely unscathed by them however, and he soon learns that one particular mermaid may not be finished with him after all.

tagging @idoltina and @x-wishesonfallenstars-x who’ve already looked through this, thanks guys! (also thanking tina for the titling this first part – let’s play who can guess the reference?) and also @the-alpha-incipiens and @the-notsoevil-queen because you seemed to care <3

(chapter one - blood in the water)

He wasn’t prepared for the fall off the ship. His mind was still trying to fight off the lingering effects of the hypnotism when he felt the initial crash of (what was left of) the ship propel him into the deep, chilly waters. With the cold helping a bit to clear his head, the next thing on Robin’s mind is Roland.

He was still dazed when it happened, but he knows he saw Roland get pushed off the ship at some point after all the other men had started jumping off. And he knows what was waiting in the deep — the bloodthirsty creatures whose silhouettes he can vaguely make out now still moving around him in the distance — looking for more prey, he can only assume.

Most everyone has a general knowledge of the dangers of voyaging through the oceans. Mermaids are one of the mostly unavoidable risks one must always take when they travel through water. The odds are usually in man’s favor; the odds of falling trap to a group of bloodthirsty sea monsters aren’t all that high, though there are a number of variables that could tip the scales. How much time one spends in the middle of the ocean; what exactly they’re doing out there; the company they’re keeping.

This wasn’t a particularly long trip; a day and a half was the plan. Boarding with a crew of men Robin knew well enough to trust them taking him and his son to the small maritime kingdom where a few old friends lived, honestly the last thing he truly expected was a run-in with mermaids.

He needs to find Roland, can’t fathom the mere idea of already having lost him. But he can’t manage to move his limbs, and he feels himself sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean. The lack of oxygen is starting to become too much, and it’s not helped in the least by the throbbing pain of a blow to the head he can’t remember taking. His vision’s getting spotty, and that’s when the panic sets in. Roland. He opens his mouth on accident, but the rush of water into his lungs barely gets acknowledged as his vision goes dark and he slips further out of consciousness.

The last thing he registers is the vague feeling of moving upwards before he blacks out.

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