deadly rainbow

//I haven’t drawn this bean in a long time and I wanted to again! Tried out different filters and things and I think it came out pretty well ^.^ //

Paper Crane belongs to @little-noko

MBTI as The Onion Headlines

ENFJ: Deadly Super Rainbow Tears Through West Coast
ENTJ: It’s Terrifying To Think That In 1,000 Years, All Of Us Will Be Forgotten Except For Me
ENFP: Free-Thinking Cat Shits Outside The Box
ENTP: Get Ready, Folks, ‘Cause This Is The Greatest Late-To-Work Excuse You’ve Ever Heard
ESFJ: Buddy System Responsible For Additional Death
ESTJ: Area Man Coasting By On Good Looks, Work Ethic, In-Depth Knowledge Of Virginia Real Estate Law
ESFP: You Meet The Most Interesting People Kicking Open Random Bathroom Stalls
ESTP: Looking Back On My Life, I Guess My Biggest Regret Is Trying To Fight That Alligator 5 Minutes Ago
INFJ: Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday
INTJ: NASA Completes 52-Year Mission To Find, Kill God
INFP: Child Slavery Gives Area Activist Something To Do With Her Evenings
INTP: Area Man A Walking Encyclopedia Of Everything Except Leading A Normal Life
ISFJ: I Want You To Know I’m Just Trying To Replace Your Mom
ISTJ: Jurisprudence Fetishist Gets Off On Technicality
ISFP: Sometimes, Area Woman Just Feels…
ISTP: Standard Deviation Not Enough For Perverted Statistician


Impossible colours, chasing across the surface of the oil slick, a rainbow as deadly as the eyes watching from the shoreline.

The girl swam slowly, her arms weighted by the poisoned water. Why was she struggling to breathe? Why keep moving forward when exhaustion offered the solace of sleep?

Water gave way to sand, the whisper of rippling waves receding. Her oil-streaked body flinched in the sudden unbearable heat. She opened her eyes, her eyelashes sticky with sand and salt, her voice raised in a cry of distress. All she could see was a great golden orb. She rolled over slowly, looked up again through her fingers.

Around the blazing sun white shapes wheeled across a sky as dark as the depths of the ocean. Her gaze lowered. Trees bulked like rocks beyond the sand dunes.  And the figure walking towards her, his lips curving in a familiar smile, his shirt and trousers covered with a dusting of fine sand. In one hand he held a clipboard. In the other…

‘No,’ she screamed as he threw the net, her hair catching in hempen strands as she struggled to free herself.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.



Resolution-ALICE IN ASIA- [2DVD+CD]<Tower Records Limited Edition>

DISC1: ASIA TOUR Documentary Movie
DISC2: ASIA TOUR LIVE @ 6.28 The ColiseumTM, Hard Rock Hotel®
Singapore, Resorts World® Sentosa
[Set list]
0. Prelude-resolution-
2. +-
4. Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly
6. KID
8. from KURAYAMI
9. Daybreak
10. Moebius
11. shooting star
13. Blue Planet
14. Velvet
15. Hyakkaryouran
16. Kaisen Zenya
17. Shunkashuutou
18. the beautiful name

Collaboration song with popular Chinese band SUPER VC
Video of Alice Nine × SUPER VC「Tender」

who’s the prettiest girl in the whole wide world? it’s me. it’s always been me. don’t act so surprised, it’s common knowledge, everyone knows

anonymous asked:

God you people are so ridiculous! You don't even care about the damage your doing to the band! You ruined their friendship. El is losing weight because of how stressed you are making her. Even Simon says the band is about to break up and it will be all your fault!! Just because your uncomfortable being gay doesn't mean to need to turn other people gay to feel better! You and your rainbow friends are nasty! I hope someone finds you in a dark street some night and makes you repent of your sins!

Anonymous said:It must make you feel so powerful to hide behind a stupid pervert teddy bear and try to corrupt a bunch of young straight boys. Fucking queer cowards with your rainbows. Kids go to those shows! They don’t need to see you and your sinful perveted ways! You’re probably hiding in the bathroomss trying to lure a few more to your godless ways. Someone will find you, I promise it! You can’t hide from judgement you sicko.~~~+~~~ Since these came within 1min of each other, I am going to assume you are the same trolling fool. Now, shall we begin? 1. Look at my “About Me” page on my blog. There is a picture of me right there. But in case you missed it, here I am in all my Prideful (Deadly Sin #4) rainbow glory:

2. Edwin MacDonald, Halifax, NS. If you want more specific details, let me know. You won’t be my first encounter in a dark alley, and you won’t be my last.

3. I already know more about you than you know about me. From the syntax and timing of your messages, I would place you at about a Grade 10 education level, probably from the Mid-west of the US. (It’s You’re, btw, not your) You come from an evangelical household. And you’re terrified.

4. I’m not afraid of you. Your anger and threats are meaningless to me. This isn’t my first time in the rainbow trenches. And the one things I have learned in the last 20 years is that your kind of hate is the surest signed that we are winning the “big gay war”. You are entirely without rational argument. Your messages are completely devoid of logic or any attempt at critical thought. You have simply taken separate and unrelated rumors, and used them to build a narrative that fits with what you already believe. To quote the good book, yours is a house built upon the sand. You are without a foundation, and now that Rainbow Direction has made real progress, your house of lies crumbles around you.

Feel free to come at me anytime. I’m more than happy to give you real gay nightmares.