deadly poppies

“Strawberry Bubblegums, Strawberry Kisses”

I finished it, finally! :D That’s an old request from @the-forgotten-glow, sorry for the long wait! But I hope that’s good enough, and since in Italy it’s almost Christmas… that’s a very little “Christmas gift” for all of you!

I also wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for the 259 followers! ;D 

( Oh, and the fourth chapter of my Broppy fic (Light Blue Sky, Pink Bright Flower) is almost ready, just a few days and it’ll come out.:) )

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the signs as plants
  • aries: poppies. simple and burning bright with jewel tones. sometimes deadly, sometimes intoxicating. poppies have stems covered with soft, fine fuzz, a brackish warning; beyond the tough exterior is a heart of scarlet and gold.
  • taurus: ivy. strong, tough, irrepressible. twines over your life and your heart quietly, before you realize it, so beautiful and so impossible to extract yourself from. the soft green of newness and laughter.
  • gemini: heather. uncommonly lovely under close inspection, thrives in conditions no one else could survive in; gives off a scent of the earth and rain and growing things. when you realize how beautiful they are, you want to gather them close, but their roots are strong and deep. you are infrangible, easily bruised and deeply stubborn.
  • cancer: mimosa. sweet and simple, pastel and pastoral. when you get close, they surprise you with their beauty, their quirkiness, their leaves that fold up at a touch for protection. looks fragile, yet ferocious.
  • leo: sempervivum. multifaceted, you're addicting, your personality enviable, you spread yourself out wherever you are and people look and admire. you thrive on stony living but you need tenderness or you lose a little yourself; you fade. a gentle touch is needed for your vibrancy.
  • virgo: lilac. infinitely lovable for your tenderness, your innocence, your sweet scent and gentle blush. it is assumed you are too delicate for extremes of cold or heat, for many do not notice how thick you bloom, how tall you grow. a gentle bloom with a singular perseverance.
  • libra: botrychium. strong to the touch, tough-skinned and invasive, but with delicate fronds. people assume your compelling nature means you're indestructible, but you need tenderness as much as anyone else. you thrive in sunlight, warmth, and love.
  • scorpio: birch. graceful, ephemeral, extremely attractive. beneath your delicate exterior lies a sturdy heart and stubbornness. you thrive with others, but you stand alone and enjoy those with a similar mindset to yourself. sensible and level-headed, with your feet solidly on the earth and your eyes solidly lifted to the sky.
  • sagittarius: rowan. intrinsically interesting, practical with a thread of whimsy. useful to have in a group, you can be a leader when needed, you can be fearless and admirably gutsy. fallibility is a reality for you, and you know this. you thrive under the twin pull of rise and fall.
  • capricorn: oleander. lovely but sometimes abrasive. you like isolation, being alone with yourself or people who share your heart. you can sting those who enter the realm of your thoughts uninvited, but there are a few special people who know you and your inner workings, who would rather be with you than without you. seductive in love and friendship.
  • aquarius: verbena. full of goodness, giving, unselfishness to the point of injury. sweet and outgoing. you don't understand unnecessary harshness, you are unapologetic ally yourself. others thrive on you. sweet and unforgiving.
  • pisces: iris. quietly beautiful, deeply unique. you flash your colours without realizing, to the admiration those around you. people smile when they think of you, associate you. you need gentleness to thrive and a light hand; you love to befriend, to care.

Plant updates

My Henbane is beginning to flower, hopefully the normal color this year lol.

Rue and Angelica are growing like mad.

Poppies are continuing to bloom.

Chamomile is also getting ready to bloom, and my baby San Pedro Cactus has started to grow quite nicely.

I’m thinking I may start harvesting a bit of Belladonna next week as it’s starting to get quite nice berries on it as well as flowers.

Calamus and Dragon Tree are still growing slowly.

And one of my four Daturas I started at work (two strammonium, two inoxia), which has really been growing fast and has really been making my work nights go faster. I love stopping to smell the Datura lol.