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I need more witchcraft aus in my life

- Patton is a witch of nature. Gardens bloom at his fingertips and herbs spring up in his footsteps. But for all the good he does, it has a negative side to it too. Thickets grow, twisting around him and keeping everyone away. Deadly Nightshade grows roots alongside Rosemary and Sage. His smile, ever present, can go from friendly to deadly in minutes.

- Logan specializes in love. A potion here, a spell there, and people around him fall for what they will soon come to think of as their soulmates. For all his talk of love, he doesn’t much believe in it. Love is fake and cold and brewed in his kitchen when the moon shines through the window so prettily, giving light to his love. He’s never felt it, never wants to.

- Virgil is a witch of water. He loves the ocean more than anything, especially for all of its mysteries. In it, he sees himself. Rumor has it he’s sailed them all, but no one can be sure when he never speaks. Silence covers his life like a blanket, but you can always tell when he’s sad, because rain falls heavily enough to flood.

- Roman brings words to life. From his lips come stories, tales as extravagant as his suit, as dramatic as his voice, as unbelievable as children’s fairy tales, but they take shape. As he speaks, a mini world enacts it before him for all to see. That’s the fun side, at least. When he feels like it, he can conjure up anything with nothing more than his speech. A sword, a dragon, an umbrella for the suddenly frequent storms- there is no limit on his power.

ok but Guilonica and Jerilaine are really good ships, and them having double dates is the most blessed thing ever

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he’s getting spicy…

so I added the two pieces of Ranger gear to match his little boobly doop things on his head //idk what they are, but the darkest brown part on his head// and to drive home his woodsy nature. He used his Black-Edged Claw as sort of a perch for his Sweetpuff //like the leather gloves used for falconry!// and fights with his bow and arrow

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⚡ Three character traits are my competitiveness (monopoly is deadly with me lmao), friendly (i make friends and acquaintances pretty easily), and ambitious. Three things that are important to me are my friends (my close ones that weren't as easy to befriend and my sister mean the world to me), my memory, and memes. at the moment, I prefer women, and I am lightning era trash! <3

Welcome to Hogwarts!!

House: Gryffindor

Best Friend: Hermione Granger

Dating: Ginny Weasley

You spend most free days on the quidditch pitch, must to Hermione’s dismay. You’ve explained to her that Gryffindor can’t possibly beat Slytherin in the finals if you don’t practice with their strategies in mind. She usually mutters something about needed to go to the library. Ginny is always waiting for you in the locker room, ready to discuss tactics and things she’s noticed about other team’s players. She’s a sharp one, Ginny. See’s things most don’t. Luckily, so do you.

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