deadly friendly

A holiday SWTOR poem

And now, a surprise: that cliché day of year
For Valentine’s Day, let us listen, and hear –
Tall, dark, and red, and he’s whetting the urge,
For power and flair, well, there’s no one like –
Cheerful and deadly and friendly and fierce,
When warriors are needed, just call out for –
Facial hair, rawr, in this style I am gloryin’,
For blue eyes and cheekbones, step right up for –
Tactics and dating, just name and he’ll win,
Through bitter demotions, you’ll always find –
Sexy, though apt to just glare like a Gorgon,
When push comes to shove you can bet on your –
Farmboy and sidekick, just look at that torso!
To run far afield at your side, look to –
A bad boy forever, he’ll always rebel,
The criminal touch gets quite hot in –
He’s literally horny, it isn’t his fault,
Exotic, I know, but there’s no one like –
Sexiest hive-brain and bod in the sector,
When meeting the unknown, you’d better take –
Bruised? Often yes, but he’s ready and rarin’,
For missions of love? A no-brainer: take –
Sweet but not sappy, a feat muy impresso,
Nobody does hero-ing quite like –
Oh help me out, medic, I’ve gone into shock,
That sexy-brain title makes me swoon for –
Fantasy girls may be his mode of carin’,
Try keeping it real to win over –
These are our options, or so we can pray;
Enjoy your PG-rated Valentine’s Day!

(Here at the end I must shout out to Zenith,
I couldn’t make rhyme except lithping, well, you know.)