deadly encounter

This second standalone graphic novel based on the film series is a new adventure that takes place shortly after the events in How to Train Your Dragon 2, during the period in which Hiccup is desperately trying to fill his father’s role as the chief of Berk. Created with the help of the film’s writer, director, and producer, Dean DeBlois, it bridges the gap between the second and third films.

Hiccup, Toothless, and the rest of the dragon riders encounter two deadly yet mysteriously linked threats: One is an island consumed by Dragonvine, an uncontrollable force of nature that’s poisonous to humans and deadly to dragons. The other is an all-new, all-terrifying dragon species–the web-spitting Silkspanners!

Coming everywhere on February 6, 2018.

Aliens react to Murderers/Humans who love to kill

Ok so I just spent my entire day reading the Humans are space orcs/earth is space Australia fandom and I wanted to add to it.

Aliens react to the SUPER HUMANS.
Imagine being an alien who has had many deadly encounters with pissed off humans beforehand encountering someone with incredible bloodlust. Like, they would have noted that when searching/hunting , humans would stay quiet. But then when hiding in a closet from the strange human, the human starts fucking cackling. The human just acts so animalistic the alien cannot even believe some humans can act like this. Just thinking about how terrified that alien would be if he survived and just goes to his friends and tells them about it like “HOLY SHIT GUYS, YOU KNOW HOW IN ANCIENT HUMAN LEGENDS THEY HAVE THESE THINGS CALLED BERZERKERS WHICH ARE JUST HUMANS BUT EVEN MORE INSANE”?! THEY EXIST AND I ENCOUNTERED ONE"!
and after this humans have to explain that some humans are born with extreme differences which cause them to act animalistic and without care towards social norms.



On the twenty-third day of the month of September, in an early year of a decade not too long before our own, the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence. And this terrifying enemy surfaced, as such enemies often do, in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places.

 Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Our party was wrapping up a deadly encounter and the last baddie ended up surrounded by five of the players

DM: The knoll falls to his knees and holds up his hands. 

Kitty (Chaotic Neutral Arakokra Warlock): I yell out, “DEATH TO CAESAR!” and stab him.

Stormy (Chaotic Neutral Human Fighter): Wait, can we all stab him at the same time? I want to get in on this.

Me (Chaotic Good Gnome Druid): I’m pretty sure he’s surrendering.

The rest of the party chants “DEATH TO CAESAR” until the DM agrees to let everyone with daggers stab him at the same time and the Arakokra changed his name to Brutus. 


Justine Damond reportedly called 911 about a possible assault in the alley behind her home on the southwest side of Minneapolis.

After police arrived, an officer opened fire, fatally striking her.

Her death has been ruled a homicide. Her family wants answers.

Australia native Justine Damond, 40. (Photo: Stephen Govel via Reuters)

Damond moved from Sydney to Minneapolis several years ago and was planning to marry her fiance, Don Damond, in the coming weeks.

“Basically, my mom is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don’t know, and I demand answers,” the slain woman’s stepson-to-be, Zach Damond, said in a video posted to Facebook. “I’m so done with all this violence. It’s so much bull—-. America sucks. These cops need to get trained differently. I need to move out of here.”

“This is clearly a tragic death,” the Minneapolis police chief said in promising an independent investigation. 

Nearly 9,000 miles away, in Australia — where lawmakers have passed some of the world’s most restrictive gun-control laws — people were struggling to make sense of Damond’s death.

“AMERICAN NIGHTMARE,” blared a headline on the front page of the Daily Telegraph, a Sydney newspaper.

“Why on Earth did U.S. cops kills Aussie who called for help,” the Courier-Mail, an Australian tabloid, asked on its cover.

Damond was the 541st person shot and killed by police in 2017, according to a Washington Post database of deadly encounters with law enforcement officers in the U.S.

Read the rest of the story: ‘AMERICAN NIGHTMARE’: Australians react to fatal police shooting in ‘very risky’ United States

This episode on My Deadly Encounter With Heterophobes, @izrktty tells her story….LGBT+ people aren’t discriminated against, cishets are the real victims, and LGBT+ people should just try to pass as cishet in order to be respected and not be so darn queer

Illis Impetus Latrinus

So I’ll start off by saying I have minimal experience DMing, only one dreaded 4E session over a chat roulette. But I’d recently got together with large group of adult friends to play 5e. The first two sessions were 9 or so hours long (we only play monthly so we make a day of it), and it was during that time I realized my players were quite… interesting. They were all new, fresh from normal society and very pushing on wanting to be thrown into the game with minimal preparation, no beginner’s stuff. So other than a basic tutorial they haven’t had much idea as to how to play the game.

The first session was atrociously bad, I was coming up with the encounter, enemies, environment and basically everything else on the fly, but it still became the most memorable moments in our campaign so far, until session 3. I’ll preface session 3 with that I, as DM, will not change die rolls when they are important, and to never say “no” to a player if they take the game seriously.

Well, by session 3 they’d gotten in the middle of a political quest I’d made, for several Player levels later. But with the power of their stupid luck, they rolled high enough to get the higher-up person to hire. Hire them, for the assassination of a War General of the most prosperous city in my world. Now the War General was given insane thought, buffs, and items. I’d designed him to be a final boss character much much later in the game. So I think: I’ll let them attempt to kill him and watch them fail terribly, then I’ll make an easy escape and they can come back to fight him another day. This did not happen.

During a gathering in celebration of a holiday I made for my world, which was preemptive for a big meeting between the world powers, my players manage to sneak in and find him. As they sit and talk among themselves, my older brother who plays says, “If we can get him somewhere alone before getting to his room, we can make this a lot easier.”

My one player I allowed to be an Undead, and this undead was busy inside their bag of holding, chewing on the corpse of the guy they killed in the alley. In there he was using some spells to freeze the blood to make what we come to call GoresiclesTM. So this undead player asks me, “If I gave him the poison we bought and I mix it with the blood and make him drink, would he throw up?”

I reply, to my later great dismay, “It would take a little bit but he’d probably throw up, probably be running to the bathroom once he started feeling queasy.” The player walks up to the general, a large and scary-looking man, and hands him the drink saying it was from their female companion. When he asks what it is my player simply replies, “It’s a bloody mary.”

Well, he drinks it and he rushes to the bathroom which is in the middle of a large bathhouse with an open roof. He gets there and begins puking and my players all at once, jump on his back and begin pushing down on his head to put it into the toilet. Every time they roll to grapple him down they win until several rounds have gone by in just drowning him in the toilet. They did all this, fully knowing there were people in the nearby open baths! But, and this is where the dismay kicks in, every time I rolled for the Perception of others I would roll a one or a two. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Eventually I started sending people to use the bathroom, but one of the players companions goes and begins convincing people to turn around. He was doing this, and had the lowest Charisma of any of my players, a total Charisma of 5. He just kept rolling nat 20’s, over and over and over, all of them did! Even when one of my players blew a hole through the bathroom with eldritch blast, NO ONE NOTICED. Eventually they drowned him in that toilet, my boss who was 6 levels ahead of what would be a deadly encounter for them. Then my players made it out of the building undetected, with no issue whatsoever….

After that they decided to make it tradition and painted this Latin phrase onto the side of the boat they stole:

“Omnis Qui Rebellionem Contra Nobus Timueritis Illis Impetus Latrinus” Or simply, “Illis Impetus Latrinus”

It means, “Everyone who revolts against us, fear the flushing of the toilet.” and shortly, “Fear the flush of our toilet.” My players now carry out all of their executions by drowning their enemies in a custom-made execution toilet. You can probably imagine the kind of crap I have to deal with. 

Ba Dum Tss…


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast pallet ♥

A very happy and hot July day to all of you audio drama fanatics out there! There’s so much to look forward to during the summer: the beach, the barbecues, and the bountiful amounts of free audio drama seeking out new listeners to tell their stories to.

Strap on and dive in, saddle up, and stay Scottish if you haven’t already because my selection will keep your summer’s filled with the most delightful sounds available. 

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love. 

1. A Scottish Podcast

When washed up radio DJ Lee finds himself “between jobs” he decides to launch a paranormal investigative podcast series, inspired by the likes of The Black Tapes, The Message, and Limetown. Enter The Terror Files. Aided by his long suffering sidekick, struggling musician Dougie, the pair embark on their first investigation - by heading down into a newly uncovered vault underneath Edinburgh’s old town. 

Comedy and horror is a combination I barely see in audio drama and A Scottish Podcast is the answer to just how well the two can combine. With our host Lee, we get a look into a protagonist that functions his own show, providing some fascinating insight into the woes of audio drama management…albeit with some more supernatural elements sprinkled in.

For those who enjoy more adult humor, A Scottish Podcast is guaranteed to give you your fill of tasteful yet vulgar comedy all wrapped up with some genuine heart and dedication to producing a one of a kind podcast.

2. The Haven Chronicles

The Haven Chronicles follows the mysterious events that have unfolded on Haven.

Step into the Haven and the Haven chimes back with a fascinating sci-fi adventure story. This follows the mission of a group of soldiers responding to a distress beacon from a backwater planet and getting a little more than they bargained for in the process. 

Complete with some excellent acting chops, atmospheric sound editing, and a gripping tale containing an underlying mystery, suspense, and just the right amount of comedy, The Haven Chronicles delivers and is bound to be a fun ride.

3. Wynabego Warrior: The Tale of John Waynnabe

A modern day old west tale, wrought with peril and danger, redemption, and renewal. The tale of a man determined to find the old west that he remembers from the silver screen of his youth. 

A very overdue recommendation on my part though Wynabego Warrior, one of many shows in the works by Audioblivious Productions, is the western podcast you never thought you were missing from your feed.

A unique contender drawing inspiration from old fashion cowboy tales, our lead John Waynnabe pursues a journey of self discovery with some bumps in the road as he finds both friends to stick by his side and foes interrupting his happy trails. 

4. Spines

Two months ago, Wren woke up covered in blood, suffering from memory loss, and surrounded by the remnants of some strange cult ritual. SPINES is the story of her search for answers, and the deadly, powerful people she encounters along the way. 

We’re all due for a summertime scream fest and Spines is here to deliver. With our lead Wren acting as narrator, we follow them through a twisted tale filled with all the icky, eerie details we seek in the best of horror podcasts.

If you’re eager to learn about bloody attics and creepy cults and can’t get enough delightfully gory mysteries, Spines will grant you a very spine tingling listening session.

5. MarsCorp

From the creators of The Bunker podcast - MarsCorp is a 12-part scripted comedy podcast about Station Supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year at MarsCorp, a terraforming colony established on the red planet in 2070. 

From the same minds behind the audio drama original The Bunker by Definitely Human, we have a sci-fi serial comedy for those looking for stories on Mars beyond The Penumbra

For fans of Wolf 359 dreading the beloved show’s conclusion, MarsCorp is a fresh and intriguing selection that is sure to give you that right fill of comedy and tragedy in a delightfully fun and futuristic setting. 

6. Under Pressure

A near future podcast about life aboard the underwater research station Amphitrite featuring deep sea scholars, love, oblique literature references, and chaotic neutral kraken.

Now diving twenty thousand leagues into a fresh podcast published this year. Those who may like aquatic themed tales such as The Bridge and Passage may find some common sea ground here as Under Pressure dives into the audio logs of Rebecca, a member aboard station Amphitrite alongside crew mates seeking information about the deep mysteries of oceanic life. 

One part survival story of both the dark depths of the ocean and survival boredom from being in said position, Under Pressure promises light comedy and sea creatures that will hopefully make listening something more sweet than salty.

now, get to listening.

Some SU thoughts #2

I will here debrief the latest Steven Bomb, beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet !

I must say that I am nicely surprised by how well the Bomb is built. It has a very logical storyline, all the episodes being closely linked to each other. To me, Steven Universe is a great show for a lot of reasons but it has a weak spot : its lack of link between certain episodes, especially episodes outside the “main” storyline. This is why it always feels like the show is divided in two categories of episodes : the “gem-centric” ones and the ones centered around the humans which the fandom often calls “the fillers”. This seems like the episodes are not presented on the same level because they are so separated from each other even though both are important.
A show like Gravity Falls for example manages to reduce the gaps between the main-story episodes and the so-called fillers.

But this Steven Bomb is different because both types of episodes fuse : the Crystal Gems are actually on the background this time, even though it is strange that Peridot and Lapis are never included in the most recent confrontations with Homeworld Gems, especially in case of a big event like this one.

This allows the humans to be on the front line for once. Their characters are developed while the story goes on and there really are involved in it. Doug Out stages well this involvement with Connie’s dad joining the party to track down some (gem-)criminals. It is different from a so-called filler because it is not a short-lived story which will never be mentioned again. The same goes with Lars’s episode. It is a crucial episode for Lars’s character development. Staging his coward behaviour in two very different situations : failing show off his cooking abilities because he is afraid of judgement and refusing to help Saddie because Topaz might be a deadly encounter. We clearly see the link between the two episodes here. This staging is really important because Lars stays on the ship with Steven and the Homeworld Gems : it prepares us for the obstacles in a potential escape plan and also makes room for Lars’s own development. The next episode Stuck Together already bears in its name the difficulties ahead.

The Bomb also has a sort of mirror structure as Lion 4 and I am my Mom seem to resonate with on another articulated around Rose’s figure.

Lion 4 : Alternate Ending brings up questions about Lion’s role in the story. Right from the start he has been the most mysterious character. He seems to play the part of some sort of guide for Steven. He is like the wise character in a fantasy quest only revealing informations to the hero when he is ready. The idea of the quest is actually a low-key theme in the show as Steven is in search of his purpose and of himself so it fits for Lion to have this “guide” role.
And a new story element has also been presented : the mysterious chest inside Lion’s mane.

Finally we get introduced to new Gems : Aquamarine and Topaz.
There is something quite odd about Aquamarine : she doesn’t summon her weapon nor her wings through her gem which has been the rule up until now. She either uses shapeshifting or enhancers like Peridot but it would be strange as she is quite powerful and an obviously high-ranked gem.

The Aquamarine-Topaz duo shows the differences and complementary aspects of blue and yellow Gems. Now that Aquamarine has been added to the list of blue Gems, we see that a lot of them have flying abilities thanks to wings or a floating feature like Sapphire. It mirrors the fact that Blue Gems are originally characters driven by their mind : Sapphire sees through her mind’s eye. Characters build around their mind feature tend to be linked to air and thus flying : think about the airbenders in Avatar the Last Airbender. Blue Gems are hence supervisors, as you can see with Holly Blue Agate : she is in charge of the Zoo and the Famethyst represents the muscles.  The same thing goes for Aquamarine, she is the cunning mind of the mission whereas Topaz is brute force. It is enhanced by the fact that Aquamarine talks a lot while Topaz only acts. This complementarity between the different Gems has already been addressed in That will be All especially in Yellow Diamond’s song where she clearly leans towards action while Blue Diamond is overwhelmed by her interior thoughts : you can read a more detailed analysis here. Mind has a power and this is why the Gem’s size doesn’t matter :  while being very small Aquamarine is much more dangerous than Topaz. Remember what Jasper said about Lapis : “I thought I was a brute, but you… you’re a monster.” Blue Gems are definitely much more powerful than they look.

This may also explain why Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are depicted on the same level on the Diamonds pattern : they are complementary :  it’s reflection and action working together.

Address your questions, theories or anything you want to say here !

Evaluating the “Sasuke tried to kill Sakura” Argument

One of the main arguments that anti-sasusaku fans propose is that Sasuke tried taking Sakura’s life. I will admit, it is a good argument to have. After all, what an individual would really want to end up with someone who wanted to kill them? However, many who use this argument fail to realize several key concepts in the manga,or they are too stubborn to even try. In this post we will be looking at the world of Naruto, the attempts sasuke made to kill sakura and their context/meaning, and also observing Sasuke’s desire to kill Naruto (I will be mentioning this as it is a topic that many overlook).


First, let’s remember that the Naruto realm/reality is NOT REAL.


The lines of morality and ethics cannot be held to the same standard that we have in today’s modern society. I think we all seem to forget that Naruto’s society starts training children in academies at young ages to kill. Not only this, but they are later put through exams and missions where it is acceptable to kill in order to complete their mission. They are exposed to death, murder, and the struggle to survive throughout their entire lives. Of course, killing, especially a former comrade, is shocking to anyone. However, this brings me to the next topic: Sasuke always attacked Sakura with a reason.

Sakura was NEVER innocent in the attempts Sasuke made to kill her. At all the points where Sasuke and Sakura have had a deadly encounter, Sakura has always made the attempt to attack, or intended to. And because people are obsessed with viewing Naruto through a more realistic-view, I ask you this: If your best friend were to suddenly try to kill/attack you, would you just let them? And running isn’t really an option, especially since they plan to follow you until they die. Now, we can also apply how Sasuke was raised. At young age he was told he would need to kill to survive. This then leads to Sasuke’s state of mind during the attempts, which we will analyse individually.


*** ATTEMPT #1 CH 308 ***

Here team 7 is reunited (minus Kakashi) for the first time. As we all know, they are trying to bring Sasuke back to the village. Because Sasuke will not surrender, naturally they go to utilizing force.

Now, it is very important to point out that :

  1. Sasuke attempts to kill Naruto immediately, in which Sai stops him. His attack towards Naruto was not warranted, and rather sudden.


External image

2. Sasuke only attacks Sakura because she attacks him first. And with Sasuke’s sharingan, he is able to see her building up the chakra in her fists, which would be a lethal attack.

External image
External image

Sasuke did not simply attack Sakura out of desire, but out of instigation. Had Sakura merely stood there and watched, I believe she would have been left unharmed. Sasuke rarely killed those outside of getting his vengeance (until later that is….).


I also, believe that his chapter was more of a shocker than anything. Kishimoto is showing the audience Sasuke’s change from what they remember. He is more cold, collecting, and ruthless. It is setting up the story to truly emphasize that retrieving Sasuke will be a formidable task.


Notice that Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Yamato are not fretting over the attacks, but understand that hey just need to become more powerful. If they’re not in a tizzy about it, why are you? They know exactly what they’re getting into. This is the way life is in the ninja world.

External image

*** ATTEMPT #2: 483 ***


Oookay, so now chapter 482-484 were so ridiculously important in showing Sasuke’s dramatic change in character


. In 482, Sasuke has already attempted to kill his teammate Karin and was about to finish the job when Sakura suddenly appears. In which case, Sasuke is already suspicious of her motives.

External image

After all, he does know Sakura. He knows her true character, and he further instigates her by prompting her to kill Karin herself. At this point, Sakura can tell that Sasuke has truly lost himself. It must also be noted that his ruthlessness is not just directed at her, but ALL of Konoha.

External image

Sasuke is then able to see through her intentions as he watches her hesitate to kill Karin, knowing very-well that Sakura’s intentions are to kill him.

External image
External image


So, I pose this question to you again:  If your best friend were to suddenly try to kill/attack you, would you just let them? Hell no, especially when Sasuke refuses to let anyone get in his way. Even Kakashi was able to recognize Sakura’s intentions.

External image

Again, Sasuke was instigated into attack, not just because he just wanted to kill her for the sake of doing it. Also, these three chapters represent the true fall of Sasuke’s character. He has lost himself entirely. So again, Kishimoto uses this as a way to shock the reader, and make them understand the depths of Sasuke’s hatred.


External image
External image


I mean seriously…. The dude has freaking lost it. He’s gone psychotic:

External image
And PLEASE DO NOT FORGET this psychotic line:

External image


I mean, seriously? This also brings up the fact that Sasuke has verbally expressed his desire to kill Naruto and Kakashi, but never Sakura.


And how is it that Kakashi and Naruto can forgive him, but Sakura cannot?


*** ATTEMPT #3: CH 484 ***


Continuing from the previous chapter, ch 484 further emphasizes Sasuke’s dramatic change. HE IS NOT HIMSELF.


External image

Sakura, unable to sit aside while Kakashi fights Sasuke, she decides to attack again:

External image

So, for the third time, Sasuke has acted out of defense. He is not in his right state of mind, and she had full intentions of killing him, and had she not stopped she would have stabbed him with that poison. She was so close, but it was her love for him that stopped her. She is not lost in the darkness like Sasuke,



Now, these were all of the attempts Sasuke made to hurt or kill Sakura. Of course, nothing justifies murder, but these scene were much more than just Sasuke killing. They foreshadowed, gave the reader an understanding of Sasuke’s hatred, and made us realize how serious this was.


However, there is another important element in Naruto you all seem to forget : The ability to empathize and forgive.


Look at all of the villains in Naruto who have killed thousand of people, yet they find forgiveness.

In fact, in chapter 485, just after Naruto saves Sakura from Sasuke’s third attempt he says this to Sasuke:

External image

I fully grasp and understand why anti- sasusaku fans would use this argument against SasuSaku fans, but this was never just directed at Sakura alone. It was to ANYONE.


External image
External image


So to use this excuse against SasuSaku, then you would be unable to support Sasuke’s redemption at all (and there are those who wish Sasuke had just simply died for what he did). Sakura is perfectly capable of forgiving Sasuke, like anyone else in the story.




This also brings me to how many time Sasuke has tried to kill Naruto - yet they’re best friends throughout the entirety of the manga




CH 176 - Kakashi to Sasuke after stopping Naruto and Him

  • “That level of Chidoro just now… Isn’t an appropriate technique to be used against your own comrade. Were you trying to kill Naruto?” (here I am putting a picture of Sasuke’s face to show how menacing it is)

External image


CH 228

External image

External image

CH 308

External image

CH 486 Sasuke to Naruto


  • “I’m going to kill you and every last person in your beloved village”

  • “I’m not gonna’ die… you will”


CH 487

External image

CH 696

External image

There is a lot more dialogue and occurrences, but I’m sure you all get the point. So despite Sasuke attempting to kill Narto x2354633 times more than Sakura, I have yet to see anyone criticize Naruto for forgiving Sasuke, like they criticize Sakura.

Encounter idea: Desperate goblins and a hungry bulette

Got a deadly encounter in mind for an upcoming session. Here’s the bare bones of the encounter. 

How would you expand on this encounter? 


This encounter takes place at a mountain range, where a small party of goblins hide atop a 40 ft. cliff to escape the hungry jaws of a bulette, which travels just beneath the floor’s surface. A few goblins have already been devoured by the bulette, which leaves a gaping sinkhole in its wake as it rises from the cliff floor to eat. The goblins want to leave, but are afraid to move or disrupt anything that may give away their location; any distraction which gives them a chance to escape is welcome to them. 


To introduce the threat of the bulette, start the encounter by having the group discover one of the sinkholes it left behind. This sinkhole is 5 ft. wide, and is discovered near the cliff which hides the goblin party, so the goblins can observe the PCs actions. 

  • Investigation check to search for a specific thing near the sinkhole.
    • There is rubble around the sinkhole, so make the DC more of a challenge, if the thing the PC is looking for is present at all.
    • A PC may discover a trail in the earth where the ground bulges slightly. This is the route the bulette took after it burrowed.
  • Nature check to understand what beasts may leave sinkholes. 
    • Unless a PC is a ranger, survivalist, or has met a bulette before, compare the sinkhole to a badger’s tunnel but obviously more massive.
  • Perception check to get a closer look at the sinkhole. 
    • There is opportunity for a PC to spot specks of blood on the rocks, or a severed arm or finger of a devoured goblin. 
    • A PC may detect a slight tremor underneath them if a bulette is approaching. 


The combat begins when a PC rolls poorly on a skill check that interacts with the sinkhole, or if rocks drop to the ground. Anything that would alert the bulette’s tremor sense of 60 ft. will trigger a surprise attack round. Once the bulette is active, the goblins will throw rocks down the cliff while hidden in order to drive the monster towards the party, and away from themselves. 


  • SP: 40, burrow 40
  • STR (+4) / DEX (+0) / CON (+5) / INT (-4) / WIS (+0) / CHA (-3)
  • HP: 94
  • AC: 17
  • Standing Leap.
    • It can jump forward up to 30 ft. and it can jump vertically up to 15 ft.
    • If it jumps at least 15 ft. as part of its movement, it can land on a target. That target must pass a DC 16 STR or DEX save or be knocked prone and take 3d6+4 bludgeoning damage and 1d6+4 slashing damage. On a successful save, the target only takes half damage and isn’t knocked prone, but is moved 5 ft. away instead. 
  • Bite. (+7) to hit. 2d10+4 piercing damage.

The bulette will attack whatever target it deems the easiest to eat, goblin or PC. It will stay on the floor of the cliff to attack stragglers who fall off the cliff or fail to flee fast enough. Once it has eaten three targets, it will burrow away from the scene. 

When it burrows, the bulette leaves a 5 ft. sinkhole in its wake. The area 5 ft. around the sinkhole is considered difficult terrain, and the sinkhole is 15 ft. deep beneath the surface. 


  • SP: 30
  • STR (-1) / DEX (+2) / CON (+0) / INT (+0) / WIS (-1) / CHA (-1)
  • HP: 7
  • AC: 15
  • Nimble Escape. 
    • Can take a Hide or Disengage action as a bonus action. 
  • Scimitar. (+4) to hit. 1d6+2 slashing damage.
  • Shortbow. (+4) to hit. 1d6+2 piercing damage. 

The goblins will never leave the cliff or reveal their spot if they can help it, and won’t share their hiding space with anybody climbing up to their spot. They will throw rocks to draw the bulette’s attention to the PCs, and will resort to shoving PCs off the cliff if needed. If the bulette hasn’t made an appearance yet and the PCs are getting close to the goblins, the goblins will attack from their hidden position with their short bows. 

Context: So into one of our longer campaigns we encountered a deadly threat in the form of what I think was a succubus/siren type thing. She had this special power over men that would cause them to fall asleep while she preyed upon the women. I was the only female in the party and all of the dudes failed their checks miserably (ALL OF THEM), so it was just me an the elf wizard, Ekmetiel (or “Ekky”), who was male but looked quite feminine. This is what ensued.

Me: (halfway into a fight we are losing horribly) Okay, look, lady, we’re women just like you!

Ekky: Excuse me?

Me: Ignore her. Can’t we just have girl talk?

Monster: Very well. (Proceeds to explain how she captures the men by hypnotizing them and smiles creepily rather than explain what happens to the females.)

Me: Um, okay… so are you going to kill us? ‘Cause I’m almost out of arrows.

Monster: YES.

Me (OOC): DM, how high would I have to roll to convince her that we’re actually male?

Ekky (OOC): am male!

DM: Pretty high. Even you’d have to roll a twenty at least.

Me (OOC): M'kay (rolls Nat 20) AH YES!

Me: Miss Monster… Lady… Thing, please, have mercy, for we are cursed like you! We are but humble elves.

(A lie. I was a half-elf. But I just happened to be one suave BAMF half-elf.)

Me: Thus, from birth we were cursed to look female. In actuality we are male!

Monster: …I’m listening.

DM: Okay, if you want to actually convince her, you’re going to have to roll almost that high again.

Me (OOC): Screw that, how high do I have to roll to pull down Ekky’s pants?

Ekky: What?!

Not very high, it turned out. But when I tried to convince her I was male as well I rolled another Nat 20. She left in a huff (because she couldn’t put us to sleep) and in sheer embarrassment.

I saved my entire team by pantsing our wizard.

jeveuxxvivre  asked:

It's been a while since I've sent you an unnecessary rambling ask... so, what did you think about (my mans) Desmond? I.e., did you think he was a compelling main character, do you think his death helped the story, do you approve of his semi-posthumous marriage to me, etc...?

As a forewarning, spoilers on Desmond Miles ahead. Also, long post.


I’ll admit, I didn’t get into AC early on. Think it was Brotherhood that was my first one – and that was around the time AC3 had come out.

To me, Desmond has always been a protagonist to root for in a “let that boy rest” kind of way. He grew up in his father’s constantly disapproving shadow, locked away in a compound with Assassins who, let’s face it, outwardly look like conspiracy theorist nutcases, until it broke him and he left at fucking 16. Uprooted, fleeing the Assassins who’d helped train him, and having to start a whole new life with the constant anxiety of being found.

And of course he was found. After 9ish years of freedom, he’s captured by Templars, poked and experimented on, escapes and makes new friends – both real and the digitized wisp of a former “experiment” like him that committed suicide from the stress of the fucking Animus Desmond uses constantly. And of course… stone cold murders his Templar friend who was out to betray him and others. Which he’d done unwillingly while some alien entity was controlling his body through the very item HE’D WORKED SO HARD TO GET. All of this is done while he’s reliving every tragic and furious memory of his ancestors, of course.

And then what happens? Back into it to save the world again. No time to grieve. No, no. The world dies in a few months. He meets up with his father again and isn’t that just the cherry on the shitcake because of course William has’t changed. Still disapproving and a horrible, demanding, cold reminder of everything Desmond had wanted to leave behind.

And that, finally, is where we see things turn around for Desmond after less than 4 months of countless deadly encounters. Amends are made with his father, there’s plans to see his mother, and a cautious hope that maybe when this is all over it will be okay.


He fries himself saving the world while being manipulated by the same alien entity that had him murder his friend, and even in his diddly darn death he doesn’t get any peace because there’s the Templars to pick up his corpse and put it to use because why wouldn’t they by harvesting his DNA and his genetic memories. Jfc, even his damn personal items, voicemails to his father, weren’t safe from examination.

And in the end, that child he’d unknowingly fathered at 18 is growing up, is a goddamn sage, and well-tracked on the Templar’s radar. :’)))

Everything Desmond did and does is only just enough. And more is always asked of him. Always. One of those “doomed from the start” characters. A happy ending would have been preferred, but since that wasn’t going to happen… again, I say: let that goddamn boy rest

But, hey. You asked for answers, not a rant.

Do I think Desmond is a compelling main character? Hell yeah.

Did his death help the story? It technically set the framework for later games and introductions of other beloved characters and their stories so… begrudgingly, I say yes. (Yes, yes, I’m well aware this all could have happened without his death. Note the ‘begrudgingly’ part.)

Do I approve of his semi-posthumous marriage to you? Of course. But you’ve got to do what you can to protect his baby from another lady. Or else Desmond Jr. is going to go through the same things his papa did.

Shiro is Beautiful

@paladin-pile You wanted Shiro as the Beauty, you got Shiro as the beauty! Hope it lived up to your expectations and if not, more just might be on the way.

(AO3 Link)

Plaxum sighs dreamily, “Isn’t he handsome?”

Florona raises an eyebrow, “I guess? But you do remember we’re dating right?”

Plaxum laughs, “Of course I do silly, but you have to admit, he is absolutely beautiful.”

Florona shrugs, “Ehh, I don’t swing that way, so it’s no real issue to me.”

Plaxum pouts, “You’re absolutely no fun, Florona.”

Florona grins, “I can be plenty of fun, if you like pranks and practical jokes, along with sarcasm and bitterness.”

Plaxum smiles, “While all that’s fun, I honestly like it best because it comes from you.”

Florona flushes and tries to hide behind her hair, “Aww, Plaxum…”

Plaxum giggles and kisses her girlfriend on the cheek.

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Azula deserved better

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Honestly the scene with Azula trying so hard to flirt with that guy and be a normal teenager is so fucking heartbreaking to me I cry literally every time I watch it. 

Here we have Azula, a girl who has been raised to believe she is better than everyone - that she has to be better than everyone or risk the disappointment and rage of their father and be punished like Zuko - someone that’s never had the chance to grow up like a normal kid. She’s been raised in such a toxic environment and has learned from her father that it is far better to be feared than loved, she she uses fear to control people, even her closest friends. 

But Azula wants to be loved. Everyone loves Zuko despite him supposedly being a failure, the banished rejected prince, and yet people gravitate towards him and care about him and Azula wants that because no one has ever loved her. She believes her own mother thought she was a monster. Ursa loved Azula but always favoured Zuko, making Azula feel unloved by their mother, and Ozai doesn’t love her he just favours her because she’s a natural prodigy, and the moment she isn’t she knows she’s in trouble so she’s constantly striving for perfection, not allowing herself to slip up and make mistakes and be human.  

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She is so mean to Ty-Lee when she sees her getting so much attention from boys, but immediately apologises when her friend starts to cry because she didn’t mean to be a bitch she just knows no other way of dealing with her emotion, so she lashes out. She admits to Ty-Lee that she’s jealous of the attention the boys give her, and when her friend offers to teach her how to act like a normal girl and get a guy to like her she’s completely on board. 

She looks so happy to get lessons on how to be fucking normal for Agni’s sake. She wants this boy to like her so badly, because she wants to be loved but she also wants to be a normal girl, a normal teenager. She didn’t tell anyone she was the Princess because she wanted to see how people react to her just for her, she wanted to see if anyone would like her for who she is, and not just pretend because she’s the Princess and they fear her. She said that boys look at her like she’s about to do something horrible to them, and Ty-Lee agrees she probably will. Azula, in actuality has no self-confidence. 

When Ty-Lee tries to cheer her up with a shower of compliments she accepts them like it’s obvious they’re true, but she doesn’t really believe them. It’s just something she’s been told her entire life and she’s conditioned to believe them because they must be true if everyone always tells her, but when she’s in the real world outside her royal status she can see that’s not true people don’t like her, they think she’s weird, she’s scary, she’s mean. If they knew who she was they’d be kissing her feet but she doesn’t want that, she wants someone to like her because they like her. Even her friends she believes only act nice to her because of who she is and who her father is, which is confirmed to her when they betray her to help her disgraced brother.

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On Ember Island we see Azula just being a teenager like the others, we see her just trying to be her and have fun. She and her friends play a game of volleyball but instead of high-fiving because they won Azula, influenced by her father, lords over her victory over the other team and goes a little crazy. Even when she tries to act normal her morbid upbringing ruins it for her and she says things that confused and frightened other people. 

When’s she flirting with that guy with the help of Ty-Lee’s instructions we can see she’s really happy, and she’s happy because the guy seems to like her and she can’t believe she managed to make someone like her without throwing the Princess card or scaring them into submission. She wants to be a normal teenager so badly but she just can’t, she’s too much like Ozai, too much like Sozin, she’s been raised to use fear and manipulation to control people and when she tries to be loving or compassionate she always reverts back to being power-hungry and psychotic because she doesn’t know any other way of expressing herself, when she tries to act loving and caring it’s actually an act or she’s trying very hard to stay like that, because that’s not who she is inside and she really wants to be, she had to get her friend to teach her how to smile and laugh like a normal person and that is so sad, because even though she’s good at it for a while her act fails when she gets genuinely happy and she then reverts back to using fear and power and scares the guy she likes away.  

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Like she literally tells him that his outfit is so sharp it could puncture a hole in the Fire Nation ship and kill hundreds, and that’s her way of flirting. She’s as awkward and dorky as Zuko when she tries to be nice and normal, only a little more morbid. But that’s what makes her character so sad to me, Zuko gets redeemed, he gets to act like a normal kid for a bit and he gets people who love him and support him and are there for him even though he’s done terrible things, Azula never gets that. Her friends betray her, her father leaves her behind while he goes to conquer the world, her mother never loved her as much as she loved Zuko, and Zuko wants to take the throne from her and may end up killing her - even though we know Zuko wants to avoid killing his sister, Azula doesn’t know that. She thinks he hates her and wants her dead.

No one’s ever loved Azula and she so badly wants to be loved but she doesn’t know how to get people to love her without forcing them or threatening them, and in the end when she can’t beat Zuko and has to admit to herself that she isn’t the best, that isn’t the strongest, that she isn’t all the wonderful things people told her growing up, she breaks down. She goes literally insane. She can’t handle knowing that what she secretly believed all her life, that the things people told her were untrue and only said because she was Princess, was right. She really isn’t special. No one loves her. Zuko’s a better person than she is. No one wants her, she’s nothing. 

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Despite how many deadly encounters she and Zuko get into, she doesn’t want to kill him. She wants to kill what he represents, and he represents everything she isn’t. Liked, loved, good, accepted, forgiven. Zuko is everything Azula is not despite him being the one that was always in the wrong growing up, she was taught that everything Zuko was that she wasn’t was a good thing because she was superior, but when he stands with the Avatar and has friends and is loved and wins over her she has to admit that everything he is that she isn’t makes her less than him, makes him better than her, he found love and acceptance despite always being told he was nothing, and she couldn’t find those things despite being told she was perfect.  

She loses her mind, and Zuko pities her, and still loves her and tries to help her even though she’s always been cruel to him and tried to kill him and his friends so many times. They’re siblings, pitted against each other since birth, and Azula can’t understand why Zuko tries to stand with her when she would never do the same for him. When they’re together in the Fire Nation you can see she cares about Zuko, on the island she tries to help Zuko through his self-doubt, asking him what’s wrong and if it’s her that he’s angry with, taking him away from their family home because it depresses them both and tries to reassure Zuko that father loves and accepts him now and is proud of him so don’t worry about the past and come down to the beach with everyone. 

When she tells Ozai Zuko killed the Avatar, she had no reason to give him the credit. We as an audience know Aang is alive, and we know that Zuko knows he’s probably alive because he knows about the Oasis water, but Azula doesn’t. Azula has no way of knowing the Avatar could have survived, and though it’s portrayed like she secretly knows he’s alive and wants to bring Zuko’s downfall, there’s no reason for it because there’s no way she could know Aang was alive and threaten that secret to Zuko. She never tells Ozai any different, and even during the invasion Ozai had no idea Aang was alive until Zuko told him, meaning there was no way Azula could have known, even if she might have suspected and not been surprised when she saw Aang with the others, she could have told Ozai weeks ago the truth and shamed Zuko but she didn’t, even if she knew the truth why did she give him the credit and then not spill the truth to disgrace Zuko? Zuko was worried Ozai would still not accept him for technically not completely his task and Azula made sure that he did by giving him the credit, and to ease Zuko’s worries. She did that for that reason alone.

She wanted her brother back, she wanted her family back, she wanted to be loved and accepted and to be normal. But she never got that. As cruel as she was, and as horrible as the things she said and did were, she deserved better than this. She deserved better than what Ozai gave her.

Azula deserved better. 

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