deadly bells


a nessian one-shot.

a semi-related part one here

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“three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth”


The bells tolled exactly at nine o’clock in the morning, the fast fading face of the moon floating away.

The male stepped off the porch, ignoring the fists slamming against the entrance door. He slid the key in his left pocket and walked off without a second glance back.

“You bastard!” Feyre screamed. “I was doing you a favor!”

The bells tolled exactly at ten o’clock in the morning, the whispers of words and sounds of shoes fading into the church.

The male slid out the window, ignoring the raging protests from the representative. He slid the neatly folded contract in his left pocket and walked off without a second glance back.

“You thief!” the businessman yelled. “I’ll find you!”

The bells tolled exactly at eleven o’clock in the morning, sparks flying from the black stone and fire raging around the slab of rocks.

The male held out his palm, and the blacksmith set the warm leathed into his rough hand. He gripped the hilt and watched the sharpened blade absorb the piercing light.

“My finest creation,” the blacksmith stated. “Dark and deadly.”

The bells tolled exactly at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, the dry rays of the blearing sun falling across the deserted village.

The male went up the steps of white-cracked stone and strode under the dome of the church. Flinging the iron-rodded doors open, he carelessly twirled the blade in his hand.

“—are there any objections?” the priest started, and stopped—

—gaped at the dangerous male stalking down the aisle—the darkness exuding from him, the darkened blade of obsidian and might, and the delightful wickedness curved onto his mouth.

Murmurs broke through the pews, but the male only focused at the bride, at the veiled woman in gray, not white.

He smiled wider. “I object.”

The husband sneered, malice pinned over those beady eyes. “A bastard thinks he can claim my property?”

The male saw red, and twirled the blade to a stop. “Property?” he breathed lowly, too softly.

Those at the end of the pews leaned forward eagerly. The priest edged further away from the altar, sensing the brewing trouble.

A pause. Then — “Property?” the male roared, and strode forward at a faster pace.

The proclaimed husband sneered, and drew his own blade from his side. “She’s indebted to me, anyways. By law you can’t interfere, bastard.”

It was time they learned to not provoke the bastard he was — little did they know his true ferality and rage — little did they know the game they’d just stepped into — little did they know the true wildcat behind that veil.

The male merely shrugged, sheathing back his blade. The priest visibly sighed, the husband smirking in victory.

Pawns indeed.

The male drew the contract out of his pocket.

The pews were silent.

“What’s that?” the black and white figure of a husband called from the top of the steps. “You can’t beat me by sword, so you turn to paper?”

The male could see the outlines of the female’s lips under the veil — curved up into a crooked smile.

It only made him smile more.

“Sure, Tomas Mandray,” he drawled out. “But it’s not legal to marry Nesta Archeron, either.”

“ ’the hell you mean?” the Tomas Mandray bit out.

The bride lifted her gray skirts and took one step down from the platform. The male walked one step up, rolling out the paper. The priest took the contract warily, eyes skimming over the legal document.

The priest cleared his throat.

The man at the altar clenched his fists. “Well?”

The priest looked almost apologetic. “It seems you cannot marry Nesta Archeron because, she—in fact—is already married.”

Tomas’ mouth dropped open and closed.

The bride tore off her veil, revealing the vicious woman underneath. She didn’t stop there, tearing off her skirts and sleeves — revealing the combat clothes underneath.

No more gray and white, but ink and darkness.

Her true self.

Nesta Archeron held out her left hand, revealing an obsidian ring embedded with pure, shining rubies.

“Hello, Cassian,” she smiled, and down the rest of the steps towards the male. “My husband.”

Tomas seethed.

Cassian walked up the steps, and kissed her forehead. “Hello, wife.”

A cough sounded from behind them, Tomas snarling, a vein popping out from his forehead. He had brandished his sword again, the edge aimed at Nesta’s back.

Cassian immediately moved his wife to his side and launched forward, deflecting the blow in a smooth, fierce motion, drawing out his own sword in a single movement.

Tomas’s sword flew through the air and snagged through the golden curtains covering the crystal, mosaic windows.

The priest ran.

“You dare harm an unarmed female?” Cassian snarled.

Tomas backed up against the altar, lines of sweat running down his face.

“She does not belong to you — never has and never will.”

Tomas reached for the goblet on the stand and tossed it at Cassian’s direction.

Cassian easily dodged the flying goblet and lunged — wielding the blade under  Tomas’ neck. Leaning in, he made sure the other male could hear every enunciated syllable.

“Midnight. Here. We settle our scores there.”

Tomas swallowed, his adam’s apple bobbing.

The blade pressed against the other male’s neck, drawing little lines of crimson pressing against his black suit.

“Fine,” Tomas Mandray managed to snipe out, eyes blackening. “Midnight.”

The pews emptied.

The bells tolled exactly at twelve o’clock midnight, the moon casting disillusioned rays of white against the dark, the only witness of what served to transpire at the church.

The male walked up the stairs of the church with air of confidence. He pushed open the cold, steel doors and walked down the single path.

Another male figure stood at the altar, a larger sword hanging low at his hips. “I thought you wouldn’t show,” Tomas rasped.

“No one hurts my family,” Cassian snarled, “and lives to tell the tale.”

Tomas descended from the altar, Cassian striding up.

When Tomas lashed out with his first stroke, Cassian dodged — a tossed his own sword to the side.

A maniacal grin. “I don’t need another weapon to kill you.”

Tomas faltered. Cassian’s right hand reached out and grasped Tomas’s neck.

He squeezed, relishing in the sounds of protest and the aroma of fear. Tomas weakly swung his sword, but Cassian merely grabbed the edge of the blade, and yanked it out down — dislocating Tomas’s wrist.

Tomas squeaked and let go of the blade.

Cassian expertly caught the sword with his left hand and raised Tomas by the neck higher.

He squeezed — a crush to the windpipe.

Perhaps Tomas Mandray pleaded, but Cassian — the bastard — never heard him above the other male’s own choking noises.

Cassian raised his left hand, the steel sword glinting in the faded fray of the church.

He struck a line down Tomas’s abdomen. A semicircle and a slash. More lines. More blood. Tomas’s body stopped squirming in Cassian’s grasp.

Cassian drew Tomas closer so the male could hear every enunciated syllable. “As Nesta Archeron is my wife, her debts are paid. You have not a single legitimate claim to or on her.”

Tomas stilled.

Cassian plunged the blade — not through Tomas’s heart, but through Tomas’s kidney.

Cassian twirled Tomas’s body around, and slashed the blade in an arc — not through Tomas’s neck, but through Tomas’s spine.

A cripple.

He dropped the convulsing body.

“The blood spilled here tonight was spilled by your own sword.”

A horrid cacophony of coughing and spewing emerged from the floor.

Scarlet and crimson red stained the royal red carpet, soaking into the tiles and through the pews.

Cassian spared one last look at the twisted figure at his feet, and the lines carved over the fallen’s stomach: RAPIST.

“By tomorrow, you will excommunicated for your sins. In front of everyone, you will be damned.”

The bloodied body twitched.

The male left the church, the moon shining a brighter eerie glow along his path, the darkness and shadows swallowing the other fallen male’s body whole.

The bells tolled exactly at one o’clock in the morning, the moon a crescent and half-smile of a Chesire’s cat leering down in expectation.

The male rounded the cathedral where the priest slept.

He pushed open the golden-rimmed doors with silver embroiderment.

The figure in the bed roused awake quickly, pulling the blankets around the bed. “Who’s there?” A whisper.

The male merely flicked the blood-stained blade up in answer.

The figure shrieked — a high pitched sound belonging to a female.

The male stalked around the room, noting the intricate scrawls of feminine writing. When the figure at the bed made to leap out and away, he turned around with abruptness that had the hooded figure halting in shock.

Cassian smiled — a predator’s grin. “You should have known better, Ianthe.” He tsked his tongue. “You — even a High Priestess in Priest’s clothing — should have never, ever mess with a bastard.”

He shot forward and grabbed Ianthe’s jaw, forcing it open.

Before she could scream, he nicked off her tongue in a clean slice.

It fell to the ground.

The scream died at her lips.

Cassian drew the blade through her second kidney. Blood splurted over blue robes and all over the pearled floor.

“The blood spilled here tonight was spilled by Tomas Mandray’s sword,” the male recited.

He pulled the blade out.

He pulled back the Priest’s hood, revealing the blond-haired woman inside.

“Tomorrow, you will be excommunicated for as imposing as a male who serves a higher status than you.” Cassian watched the convulsing figure on the floor. “In front of everyone, you will be damned.”

He stalked out of the cathedral, tossing the bloodied blade into the fountain of holy water.

The bells tolled exactly at two o’clock in the morning, the shadows seeping out from the lines of the fields of lilies.

The male leaned down and picked on in full-bloom along the stem.

A woman appeared from the stalks, a ghost of a phantom.

She swung the obsidian sword in her hands easily, the red encrusted jewels glimmering through the darkness.

“My plan fully worked?” Nesta asked.

She pressed the hilt into his hands.

The blade was clean, immaculate.

He pinned the flower behind her ear and kissed her forehead.

The wind blew softly around them.

The male nodded. “Remember to tell me to never get on your bad side, Nesta Vatra.”

A viper’s smile. “Feyre’s unlocked now, and can’t suspect the other’s deaths.”

A soft breeze carried away their secrets of the day and dawn.

“Just curious,” the male drawled, nodding. “But why the kidney?”

She intertwined their fingers. “A strike to the heart or across the neck, and the village would have expected you.”

Cassian chuckled deeply, and stared at the woman — his wife. Dangerous, dangerous this woman.

Sheathing his blade, he wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist, lifting her up along the white light of the moon, and kissed her deeply, the flowers singing the melody of dark and deadliness around them.

“To the future and the past,” she whispered, as he nipped her lips.

“To freedom, Nesta Vatra.” And Cassian Vatra lifted her into his arms bridal style, carrying her into the dawn. 

*Vatra means fire in Croatian; I’ve always imagined Cassian as Middle Eastern among others. 



ENVY- Elliot Rodgers (2014 Isla Vista shooting)

PRIDE- Dylann Storm Roof (Charleston Church shooting)

GLUTTONY- Jeffrey Dahmer (Milwaukee Cannibal)

SLOTH- TJ Lane (Chardon School shooting)

WRATH- Eric Harris (Columbine high school massacre)

GREED- Belle Sorenson Gunness (Norwegian-American female serial killer)

LUST- Ted Bundy (American serial killer)

whole truth // nothing but the truth.

6 word oath.

we cleared thick air as you sat on backless chair                                                            shirtless // teal bra // shoulders bare. 

concentrated on muscle tissue knots as he often does // you admitted what made you nervous // his lack of friendships //  his lack of trust.

unhealthy loner // moaner in the twilight

explains himself // how something close to betrayal felt // as though life whipped him old folk with a belt // still smarting from the welts. 

into you he wants to melt.

runaway imagination clanging ringing bouncing 

peaked deadly treacherous // maroon bells // uncharted territory // she sleeps bound for long night traveling hills. 

dog tuckered on couch // this type of life cannot be bought with any monetary amount.

she played pressure circles                                                                                      swiping cross  immature undreaded tendrils. 

center core magma at heart of his world. 

xxx SirPup Kingston // 05.21.2017 // 06.09.2017

look… i love seeing jericho dealing w/ awkward crushes bc she’s a professional mess but… guila fawning over jericho… distracted w/ puppy love… no one can tell bc she’s always making the same expressions in complete opposite situations… complete adoration, respect, and trust… constant internal swooning… she is so gentle and caring with the people she’s close to

Always my savior // Part 3

PAIRINGS: Theo Raeken x Reader



A/N: I’m so so sorry for making you wait ♥ This part is a bit longer and I hope you like it. Please let me know if you want part 4 and what you think about it :) Enjoy 

Part 1 // Part 2 

Originally posted by lets-be-a-queen

It’s been a week since the attack and today was the day of my discharge. As soon as I opened the door to exit the room, somebody’s hands wrapped around me immediately. If it wasn’t the wall, I could have fallen on the floor.

“Wow, Lydia calm down.”, I laughed, “I don’t want to stay in this hospital for another week.”

She smiled but didn’t release from the hug. Of course I hugged her back and the other members of the pack – Kira, Scott, Stiles, Liam, Malia but no Theo. To be honest that made me sad. All the days I stayed in the hospital my friends except him had been coming and introducing me to the supernatural world. I became aware of what had attacked me, well not at all but we knew it was a Chimera, a monstrous hybrid creature created by some Dread Doctors but the purpose wasn’t known. Dropping the bomb with that ‘date’ and not coming to at least see me, I started thinking that it was all a joke…  

“Earth to (Y/N)!”, Stiles managed to brought me back.

“What ? Did you say anything?”, but instead of answering he just shook his head smiling. Putting and arm on my shoulders he led me out of the building with the others following us.

“Stiles is so happy he is not the only human in the pack anymore.”, Scott said as he appeared next to me.

“I’m part of the pack ?”

“We just have to find you a specific weapon and you’ll be part of our suicide squad.”

“You and your sarcasm, Stiles.”, I laughed. “But only for the protocol I want to be Harley Quinn”

“Woah, wait a second you dork. I’m the one with the baseball bat and if you try to steal it from me I will punch you with it repeatedly.”, Stiles warned me waving his finger in front of my face as someone from mean girls. I knew he was joking but the way he was acting made me laugh from the bottom of my heart.

“Okie dokie. You don’t have to be bitchy with me.”, I tried to act hurt but the smile on my face never disappeared.

When we exited the hospital I saw my mum waiting for me in the car on the parking lot. I said goodbye to my ‘squad’ and got in the car.

“How is my sweetheart feeling?”, mummy asked.

“Great, although the wounds aren’t completely healed.”

“I-I’m so sorry something like this happened to you. I-I…”, I saw the tears in her eyes. We’d talked about this but she still felt that it was her fault. That if the day I got in the hospital, she hadn’t been so far away from town due to her job, this wouldn’t have happened.

“Mum, please don’t blame yourself for this. It was me who forgot the notebooks in school. You always say that I’m capable of losing my head somewhere, too.” She smiled slightly “Don’t be upset, mum. Please!”, she nodded and kissed my forehead.

We drove home safely while listening to music. It was Sunday which meant I had to do my homework, so the first thing after I got home and had dinner with mum was that. Hopefully, Kira had given me her notes.

I tried to focus on my homework but I just couldn’t. Theo was the only thing in my mind for the whole week. They way he had saved me, his arms around me and his famed smirk. The thought of him made a smile to form on my face. Something was happening with me, something I wasn’t sure I wanted, although Stiles had warned me about that guy. He didn’t trust him but how could I ? He saved my life! But the way he said he wanted a date and after that hadn’t shown to even check on me made me think he did it only for fun, to see how stupid I would react…

The clock on my wall was showing it was midnight so I decided to go to bed. I laid on bed but the thoughts weren’t leaving my mind.

“Don’t think about it. It is all a joke. Don’t fall for him! Don’t you dare fall for him”, murmuring the words I soon fell asleep.

The sudden sound of the alarm clock made me groan in frustration. I stopped the alarm got out of my bed and went to the bathroom. When I freshened myself I stood in front of my wardrobe trying to make the most difficult decision – what to wear.

After half an hour I was in red jeans, white shirt and my leather jacket. I still had some trouble in putting the jacket without any pain but somehow I managed to do it. Before taking my bag, phone and keys somebody’s car beeped. Through the window I saw it was Lydia’s so I hurried downstairs where I saw mum. After I said goodbye to my mum I stormed out of the house.

“What are you doing here?”, I asked my friend as I sat on the passenger seat.

“We talked with your mother. She wanted to drive you to school but we promised her that we will do it instead of her.”

“So you’re going to drive me to school every day?”

“We just want to keep you safe.”, she placed her hand on mine showing me how much she cared.

“I still don’t understand why you are so protective over me. I see why Kira is but not you. We weren’t that close before.”

“Yes, but we are now. To be honest we were distant due to the fact we didn’t want to involve you in this supernatural thing.”

Without realizing we were in front of school. Getting of the car I took my stuff and we went straight to the gates. When entering, my heart skipped a beat. My legs were slowly walking but my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I saw a locker with a recess. I closed my eyes but that was a bad decision. Pictures from the pernicious night appeared. Thanks to Lydia’s voice I ‘came back’ on Earth. She gave me a sympathetic look. I smiled back and she did the same. I inhaled and exhaled deeply and continued walking until I reached my destination. While collecting the things I need Stiles showed from somewhere.

“Oh, that’s where you’ve been.”

“Hello to you too Stiles.”, I gave him a smile which soon faded.

“Have you studied for the math test?”, Stiles asked

“What ?! A test ? Why didn’t I know about it ? Oh my gosh…”, I started panicking which caused the boy to laugh at me.

“I’m just kidding, kiddo.”, he put a hand on my shoulders.

“You idiot.”, I hit him with a book. “How you dare ?”, we both smiled and said goodbye to Lydia.

We entered the classroom and I was giggling at Stiles’s jokes. That boy could make me laugh even when I’m in a bad mood. There were only two free seats. The one was near the window and the other…Oh, shit.

My heart skipped a beat again.

There was my savior, sitting behind the free seat. When he looked up and saw me, he smiled and waved at me. My pulse speeded up and my cheeks became pink. I bit my lip and smiled back at him. With the first step I made in order to reach the seat before Theo, Stiles pushed me slightly and sat on it. I looked at him, then at Theo’s murderous face, then back at Stiles who was smiling ear to ear. I gave him a dead glare and sat near the window, far away from the boys.

And it was like that the whole day. Every time I saw Theo and tried to approach him I was dragged back by my sarcastic friend. I knew Stiles didn’t trust him but trying to keep me away from him was stupid. But the fact that Liam had believed Stiles and was helping him with his plan was driving me crazy. I gave a try to some plans, like exiting the classroom as fast as I can when it finished, being late for the classes but as soon as I left a room a ‘guardian’ appeared next to me. I was telling them that I just wanted to thank him but still they didn’t left me alone.

It was the last class. The lesson was boring and nobody paid attention. I was tired of creating plans which would be ruined later so I was drawing something in my notebook. I looked up to see if the teacher had written something on board but instead of that I saw Theo standing near the door. I looked around but I was the only one seeing him – Malia was trying to understand all the stuff the teacher was saying and Stiles was almost asleep. I looked back at Theo. He smirked and went somewhere.

“Excuse me, May I go to the toilet?”, I asked politely.

“What for ?”

‘To open the Chamber of secrets’, I thought.

“Um…”, I couldn’t think of a non-sarcastic answer to this question.


I smirked and got out of the room with a fast pacing. I surveyed the hall and soon my eyes locked on Theo’s body. He was leaning against his locker. With every step I took I got more and more nervous.

“Hello, sweetheart.”, oh god that voice. Blushing I turned away trying to hide it but that only caused Theo to grin.

“Why did you call me here ?”

“Maybe because I wanted to talk to you.”, he answered simply.

“If you wanted to, you would have done it at least a week ago!”, I snapped with anger. “Everybody checked on me except you! But maybe you didn’t care about me. And…” I was interrupted. Theo spun me so now my back was pressed against the locker and his body inches away from mine.

“Don’t say such things, baby-doll.”, he whispered not breaking an eye contact with me. “I tried to come and visit you but your friend Stiles was doing anything to stop me.”

“That son of a…”, Theo placed his finger on my lips showing the sign to shut up.

“Language, sweetheart.”, my cheeks turned red but I couldn’t look away. “But now we have little time to talk.”

“We’re you serious about…um, that date?”

“Deadly serious.”, the bell rang. My friends were soon going to come and Theo knew that so he leaned in making the space between us disappear and whispered “Friday night at eight. Put something nice.”, his words sent shivers down my spine. He smirked at me and he mingled with the crowd.

“You were talking with him, weren’t you ?”, angry Stiles said.

“Don’t sneak like that, Stiles!”, I turned to face him. What a surprise – Liam was there too.

“I will if you promise me to stay away from him.”, he warned me.

“Hear me, you donuts! I’m having a date with him and if you two try to ruin it, I promise you’ll end up in a coffin six feet under the ground. ”, I said coldly. “Goodbye, guys.”, I smiled wildly and got out of the school.

I had no idea how I would wait till Friday.

Part 4 

oh man i think i’ve discovered the name of my favorite genre:

superpowered teenagers doing ridiculous/absurd shit on a background of an actually mostly serious plot who keep fighting enemies that inexplicably turn around and become allies after getting hit in the face

I’m thinking of writing a fic partially based off the song Hotel California where Adam “Prince Beast” Dubois owns a club and Belle “Proud Beauty” Lafayette is his star entertainer. And of course he’s highly protective of his ladylove. People constantly come and go, but the most familiar faces, aka, the regulars, never leave. I want the regulars to each be associated with one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Belle and Adam are associated with Pride. I think Gaston would be either Lust, Pride, or Wrath. Let’s be real - Lumiere would most likely be Lust.

I need some help coming up with the rest, though. Any ideas?

Keeping Track Week 44

Been a while since I did one of these but why not. Noticed that DS pretty much equals Metro so I guess these are the spoilers that are issued by ITV?

Tuesday 1st Nov

Zak attacks Bailey for betraying Belle with Megan, but feels guilty when Megan explains what was really going on between them. Lisa is furious that Zak has resorted to violence. She also struggles when it becomes apparent that Belle has been lying about the extent of her ‘recovery’.

Later, Zak tells Lisa they have to pull together at this difficult time and kisses her. Will Lisa respond?

Moira is accused of not appreciating Cain.

Wednesday 2nd Nov

Lisa considers confessing to Joanie about the kiss with Zak, but she can’t bring herself to do it.

Later, Lisa gets tough with Zak by warning him to stay away from her from now on - not wanting any more heartbreak.

Emma’s worst nightmare comes true when Ashley seems to be remembering her at the bridge.

Thursday 3rd Nov

Emma has to pretend that she’s shocked and upset at the 'news’ that James told Moira he loved her.

Later, with the pressure mounting, Emma heads for the footbridge. Ashley sees Emma up there and a memory comes flooding back.

When Kerry decides to use online dating to find a new man, Liv decides that Lisa should follow suit. When Liv makes an online profile for Lisa, she agrees to try it out.

Emma desperately tries to make Ashley doubt his memory, even switching between different conversations to confuse him further.

By the time Emma hands Ashley back to Laurel, she’s managed to convince him that he was wrong - but Ashley’s camera has recorded the whole thing in the background.

Finn heads to the hospital to see Kasim, the man whose life he saved in the crash. Kasim is still in a coma.

Friday 4th Nov

It’s the day of James’s funeral. During the service, Emma breaks down and apologises to James but everyone is baffled by her behaviour.

Emma slaps Moira

Chrissie is annoyed to hear Rebecca calling herself 'White’ and complains to Lawrence, but he won’t listen. Robert assures Victoria that Rebecca is on their side.

Monday 7th Nov

Rebecca manipulates Lachlan, claiming that Robert knows there is evidence and warning him to hide whatever it is.

Later in the woods, Lachlan tries to retrieve something from a stream but is interrupted. Rebecca watches as he leaves, ready to pounce on the evidence.

Rebecca tricks Lachlan into revealing key evidence that incriminates him but Chrissie soon moves in with a deadly attack.

Belle reveals that she’s coming home for good on Friday and will be staying at Dale Head with Zak. Zak claims that he’s cleared this with Lisa in advance, but is he really telling the truth?

Tuesday 8th Nov

Chrissie tries to dispose of a vase in the Home Farm bonfire, but she’s startled when Rebecca turns up – bloodied but alive. (Aaron in background with Sam)

Rebecca has some shocking revelations for everyone in attendance, claiming that Chrissie knocked her out – as well as framing Andy for shooting Lawrence. How will everyone react?

Diane is hell bent on revenge

The Bartons are left reeling

Nicola has a panic attack as she worries about the children’s safety at the bonfire. (i guess flashback to the mill fire and not Robert’s shooting - sorry my bad)

Wednesday 9th Nov

When the police turn up to question the Whites, Lachlan pretends that he was merely fishing his phone out of the stream.

Now aware of everything, a furious Diane is determined to make the Whites pay for their actions and bursts into the kitchen at Home Farm. Lawrence tries to make Diane see that there’s nothing in the allegations his family are facing.

Ross earns himself a slap from Victoria when he kisses her, but he urges her to tell Adam about it.

Thursday 10th Nov

Robert tries to reassure Diane

Victoria is pushed to the ground when Ross and Adam clash over what happened yesterday.

With Victoria in obvious pain, Adam, Finn and Aaron drive her to the hospital, where she tells a shocked Adam that she might be pregnant.

Adam is adamant that Victoria can’t be pregnant, but as she heads off to get a pregnancy test, Adam reassures her they’ll face the result together.

Out in the hallway, Victoria confides to Finn that she wants to have a baby but isn’t sure if Adam does. What will the test reveal?

Finn worries about Victoria’s plan

Aaron is surprised when Finn reveals that he’s been visiting Kasim. Aaron warns Finn he knows nothing about this man and that he should leave him alone. Finn agrees, but are his promises to leave it as genuine as they appear?

Diane, Rodney and Doug disrupt a PR event at the Home Farm adventure course by waving placards outside and urging the guests not to go in.

Also, a rock flies through the window at Home Farm, narrowly missing Lachlan. Is Diane really responsible?

Zak does a U-turn by insisting that he’s happy with Joanie and begging Belle to forget what he told her. Belle agrees not to tell Joanie, but insists she can’t live there anymore.

Friday 11th Nov

Adam tries to hide his doubts

Chrissie retaliates following recent events by giving Doug, Bernice and Diane an eviction notice. She explains herself by revealing that Diane threw a brick through the window.

Diane warns Lachlan that his lies will eat at him if he doesn’t confess. Lachlan films Diane on his phone and goads her until she smacks him. Has Diane gone too far this time?

(Diane is my hero)

Will update when the mags download ><

Monday 14th Nov

Rebecca tries to help Diane

Jimmy and Bernice are caught in a compromising position (:o/)

Tuesday 15th Nov

Aaron grows jealous over Rebecca

Lawrence has some words of reassurance for Doug and Diane

Wednesday 16th Nov

Rebecca seizes an opportuntiy

Thursday 17th Nov

Things start to get messy when a police officer turns up at home farm

Will Lachlan confess everything?

Liv teases Paddy about his feelings for Rhona (yes! Liv and Paddy <3)

Liv hatches a plan

Friday 18th Nov

Pierce is paranoid that there are still feelings between Rhona and Paddy

Rhona is shocked by Paddy’s actions

Chrissie is desperate to help Lachlan

Endure and Survive, Epilogue

Rating: M
WC: 1242
Pairings: Kristanna
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure, Horror
Summary: The world as we know it was lost 13 years ago, thanks to a cordyceps virus that turns humans into the deadly infected. Anna Bell and her sister Elsa have taken refuge in the city’s quarantine zone, where rations are scarce and executions of suspected infected run high. When the sisters meet Kristoff Bjorgman, a fellow survivor with plans of escaping and finding a cure, they must choose to stay in the zone, or risk it all in hopes of finding the one thing to ensure their survival. A Last of Us/Frozen crossover.
Also on: {} {AO3}
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