deadly bells



ENVY- Elliot Rodgers (2014 Isla Vista shooting)

PRIDE- Dylann Storm Roof (Charleston Church shooting)

GLUTTONY- Jeffrey Dahmer (Milwaukee Cannibal)

SLOTH- TJ Lane (Chardon School shooting)

WRATH- Eric Harris (Columbine high school massacre)

GREED- Belle Sorenson Gunness (Norwegian-American female serial killer)

LUST- Ted Bundy (American serial killer)

“Starlight” Rockstar!AU + theoriginalbadasspuckerman

“Please welcome to the stage, Deadly Nightshaaaaaade!”

Belle’s heart was racing, pounding in her ears over the cheers of the packed bar, and she swallowed it down. She took a deep breath. And another. She had her candy apple red Gretsch Hot Rod slung over her back, wearing black leather pants, thigh high wedge boots, a leather jacket and a lacy black corset. Her makeup was tasteful with a dark smoky eye that made her electric blue eyes pop except for her lips, which matched the shade of the guitar, and her hair fell in gorgeous dark waves around her face. She looked gorgeous.

She let her bassist, drummer and keyboardist take the pitch black stage. She pushed back the thought of failing, they were too big now to fail and quit. They were headed straight to the top, if she had anything to say about it. She took another deep breath and walked out. She quietly plugged in the guitar and began the riff of their opener, “Figure it Out” by Royal Blood. 

In an almost sexy moan, her flawless voice carried across the bar:

“Nothing here to see
Just a kid like me
Trying to cuss and see
Trying to figure it out

Nothing better to do
When I’m stuck on you
And still I’m here
Trying to figure it out…”


look… i love seeing jericho dealing w/ awkward crushes bc she’s a professional mess but… guila fawning over jericho… distracted w/ puppy love… no one can tell bc she’s always making the same expressions in complete opposite situations… complete adoration, respect, and trust… constant internal swooning… she is so gentle and caring with the people she’s close to