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“Humans are remarkably complex. Their emotions are more bewildering than I thought.” -Gowther

Productive, Fun Marvel Things You Can Do Instead of Being Mad About White Iron Fist

I know a lot of you are pissed and/or disappointed about Marvel casting a white Iron Fist. Instead of being mad, I am going to recommend Marvel stuff that does truly represent Asian heroes, and they exist in the amazing and diverse world of comics.

The Totally Awesome Hulk

Amadeus Cho is Korean American and he is now the Hulk. After a mysterious accident putting Bruce Banner out of commision, Amadeus, one of the smartest people in the world, took it upon himself to be good old jolly green, except this time, he has his anger under control. This kid brings a sense of fun to being a huge, green monster and his series subverts all Asian stereotypes to give a legacy hero his own unique identity.

You can buy his series here


Cindy Moon was once bitten by a radioactive spider and after years in solitude, she became her own spider-hero, naming herself Silk. Her story is all about becoming accustomed to a world that has outgrown her and changed to an astonishing degree. She also looks for the family she was estranged from due to her powers. Any person with anxiety and just plain awkwardness can immediately relate to her.

You can buy her series here and here

The Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu/Master of Kung-Fu

Do you want to see a true Asian martial arts master? Well then Shang-Chi is the man for you. The guy is a bit of a drunk and a loser but his resolve and skill are top of the line, and he will need all of his wisdom and strength to overthrow the evil government run by his father. This is the true Marvel kung-fu epic Netflix should be adapting. When he is not fighting his father’s authority, he works as a detective, taking on the most unusual cases and fighting the biggest of enemies.

You can buy his series here, here, and here

Iron Spider in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon 

In the animated world, Amadeus Cho is still the lovable genius we know from the comics, except this time he is a Spider-Man. Using an Iron Spider suit he improved upon from a useless Tony Stark design, Cho becomes a master of flight and a genius engineer. He is a true hero and protector of New York City.

You can see him on Ultimate Spiderman vs. The Sinister Six and Ultimate Spiderman: Web Warriors on Disney XD 

Blindspot in Daredevil

Samuel Chung is an illegal Chinese immigrant that hides a fierce intellect and need for justice. Using what little money he has from an dingy apartment he shares with his sister, he builds himself a suit and a code of honor to protect his home and family in Chinatown as the vigilante Blindspot, eventually becoming the apprentice of the legendary hero Daredevil.

He can also turn invisible how cool is that?

You can read his origin here

And you can read his exploits with Daredevil here

Nico Minoru in A-Force

Nico Minoru is a magic user. Once a member of the Runaways, she is now a full-fledged Avenger working in the all-female A-Force team. She fights alongside great heroines like Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Medusa, and her good friend Singularity. She is hero not to be messed with and she deserves everyone’s respect.

You can buy Runaways here

You can buy A-Force here and here

I understand why you want to be mad, but instead of being mad about movie and TV studios, we NEED to find places where change and representation is happening and there is no better place for that than in comics. Nothing is hopeless, we just need to look beyond our comfort zones.

All of these series are amazing and they need to be read.

Please read about these heroes, buy their series, and support them. 

If you already know about them, spread this post like wildfire and introduce these characters to people who need or want to see heroes that represent them.

Show Marvel that THIS is what we want both in their comics, TV shows, and movies.

Classic perv greeting

Aloy...How do I begin to explain Aloy?
  • Petra: I've calluses older than her...Oh, and she sparks!
  • Varl: I hear she doesn't like being called the Anointed.
  • Teersa: One time she called her mother a 'door'.
  • Erend: She's a pretty girl hidden in the middle of nowhere who likes blaze explosions.
  • Vanasha: I hear she has lovely hair and delightful freckless.
  • Sylens: She whines like a spoiled child and have it easier with doors than me.
  • Nil: Her bow doesn't have a name.
  • Helis: One time she survived my blade to her throat and a deadly fall...It was awesome!
  • Liz: I hear she's everything I wanted her to be.
  • Resh: I hear Teersa and Jezza anointed her as a Seeker...that motherless chuff.
  • Talanah: She goes by 'Aloy despite the Nora'.
  • Avad: I hear she sees the invisible, splits arrows at fifty paces and tames machines at a glance.
  • Olin: She made my focus malfunction once.
  • Dervhal: I hear she likes fighting Glinthawks.
  • Steven: Connie, did you finish building your weapon yet?
  • Connie: I have created the most deadly of maces!
  • Steven: Awesome! You know, I'm actually pretty proud of mine too. [shows her]
  • Connie: ...uh, wha?
  • Steven: It is a pine cone tied to a string, and then, I put some flowers on it and drew a face. I call him Davey.
  • Connie: ... Fantastic! Ho!
  • Steven: Ho!
  • Amethyst, to Pearl: You know, when they turn 18, they're the government's problem.

sig-h-snow  asked:

Hey firecracker, here's a prompt for the good old Cap. America! How about the scene when Steve {Shiro} first realizes that it's Bucky {Keith} as the winter solder and say's "Bucky?" Thanks and keep on being awesome! <3 PS. Ulaz as Black Widow, the man needs so much love. :3

Oh my god ldflkjsdfjlksdjfsldkjflksdjflksdjfljsdf

[Sheith Captain America AU] This was not how Shiro imagined his Saturday to go. Clearly, being Captain America meant he didn’t get a normal day off. He was, after all, a fugitive now—for doing the right thing. Apparently, that wasn’t how the world worked these days. It was so much better back in the 40′s when it was so much simpler, just him and Keith.

“Is there anyway we can stop that guy? His metallic arm cracks pavements, Cap! Which, I gotta admit, is pretty awesome,” Lance shouted from his hiding spot behind a mini van.

“Not so awesome if it hits your face, loser,” Pidge rolled her eyes. She was located behind a wall of a building near them. “Though it would be amazing if I could run some tests to find out its capabilities.”

“You just admitted Emo Deadly Guy had an awesome arm!” 

“I did not! I’m just curious about his arm. We could probably take it. Well Shiro can, considering he has super human stre—”

“No one’s going to take someone’s arm,” Shiro said with finality. “Lance, head to the bridge. Pidge I need a diversion. I’m going to take down Emo Deadly Guy myself.”

Lance barked out a laugh. “Hah! You used my nickname for him!”

All three of them got into positions. EDG was currently no where to be seen, but Shiro held his shield closer to him just in case. He looked around and heard firing of guns: Lance. A bomb blew off and that could only mean one thing: Pidge was on the move. It may not be the mighty Avengers, but with just the three of them, they made a pretty good team. He was very thankful enough Pidge was on his side and that he found Lance while doing his morning run.

This wasn’t the time to get distracted with his thoughts, so when he peeked from a window car to check if their enemy was in the premises, he was met face to face with a bazooka aimed at him.

“Oh shit,” he cursed at himself and ducked as quickly as he could. He rolled to the side and before he could get up on his feet, he was punched in the abdomen that sent him flying to one of the cars.

He looked up, groaning in pain. The guy in all black with the metallic arm had his eyes locked on him. He approached Shiro with purpose. The eye black wasn’t helping either with his look, as if Shiro wasn’t intimidated enough. What was up with that anyway? And why did he have a black mask covering half of his face? Also, Shiro had never heard him utter a word either. Granted, they were in battle, there was no room for talking but a grunt here and there would be inevitable.

Sooner than expected, Shiro got all the answers to all his questions. The way this guy fought him, the way he punched his way into Shiro’s shield with his metallic arm with no restraint—causing impact to Shiro’s body—the guy only had one thing on his mind: finish the mission, and his mission was Shiro. 

The guy was a weapon, not a person—and he moved to kill.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just his metallic arm anymore. The guy had a knife and he threw it Shiro with speed and precision. Shiro tried to avoid it as fast as he could, the knife slicing through the bridge of his nose. Without any warning, the guy punched him in the face, retrieving his knife. Shiro grabbed hold of his metallic arm, twisting his body for his shield to go under to the other side and pushed it upwards the masked guy’s face. Knowing he had no time he lose, he pulled the guy over and flipped him, grabbing his mask at the same time.

The mask was now on the ground and Shiro looked up to see the guy getting up. His fists was clenched and it seemed like Shiro pissed him off even more just by looking at the guy’s back. It wasn’t going to end well, even Shiro knew that. He was about to throw his shield at the guy when the other one turned back to look at him and Shiro felt like someone took his ability to breathe.

In front of him, the guy he was just fighting a few moment ago, the guy with long hair, the guy with the metallic arm… It felt like Shiro was taken back 70 years ago because right in front of him was the man who was his best friend, the man whom he thought died years ago… the man he loved.

“Keith?” Shiro gasped, stumbling backwards. 

It was impossible. He must be seeing a ghost.

“Who the hell is Keith?” the guy asked, metallic arm raised towards his direction.


Seven Deadly Sins💖
Goat Sin💖
Gowther 💖

So, I’ve ranted a lot about T/ony recruiting a 14 year old Peter Parker to fight in his personal war with Steve, and how in the process he literally kidnapped said 14 year old (because yes that is absolutely what taking a minor to another fucking country without his legal guardian’s knowledge or permission is, like lol, there are no extenuating circumstances which make that okay, if she wanted to May Parker could press criminal freaking charges against Tony for that and she’d be one hundred percent in the right and warranted for that).

And how since then, T/ony has not only enabled Peter’s crime-fighting and the amount of physical danger it puts him in (at least when it suits T/ony’s mood), but has also enabled Peter keeping this a secret from his legal guardian, up to and including giving him a cover story of having an internship to explain his absences. Again, this is only for when it suits T/ony’s personal agenda and moods to do so, as we all know at other times he’s perfectly willing to play the “I’ll tell your aunt” card to get Peter to fall in line or do what he’s told. The spokesperson for oversight and accountability has actively and with deliberate intent circumvented the legal guardian of a 14-15 year old boy and made it physically impossible for her to fulfill her moral and legal responsibilities to her nephew and make decisions about his physical safety.

I mean, I’ve ranted about all that before, yeah?

But you know what I personally haven’t seen anyone talk about in regards to Spiderman: Homecoming yet?

Peter’s suit.

I want to talk about the suit T/ony designed for Peter and gave to him, without any kind of official overview of the suit’s capabilities or you know, an instruction manual. I want to talk about how Homecoming showed that the suit had built in LETHAL CAPABILITIES that Peter had absolutely no knowledge of, whatsoever. T/ony designed a suit that could literally kill people, and then gave it to a teenage prodigy with no warning. For as long as Peter’s had that suit, he’s been walking around with the equivalent of a loaded gun, and absolutely ZERO idea he was doing so. Not to mention, he also had no idea that along with all the tracking and surveillance capabilities S/tark had built into it to let him know where Peter was and what he was doing, there was an AI built into it as well. The very same technology that has in the past massively backfired and either been hacked by villains or hell, evolved to BECOME the villain, was literally laced into the very fiber of Peter’s suit without his knowledge. His suit could have been hacked, its weapons capabilities subverted and used to harm someone without Peter having any way to prevent it, because Peter didn’t even know TO prevent it.

But that didn’t happen, you might say. Just hypotheticals, you can do that with anything. Of course T/ony installed safeguards, took preventative measures to make sure no one could do that, because he’s learned from his mistakes, its not like he was going to make something that could evolve into Ultron again, that someone could hijack again like any of his own villains. You just hate T/ony, you might say, and so you’re coming up with imaginary worst cast scenarios to vilify him. Sure, that COULD have happened, but it didn’t. Right?


Except, y’see.

It DID happen.

PETER hacked his own suit. Peter undid the safeguards T/ony installed, found a way around them, because not unreasonably, once he knew there was more to the thing he was literally wearing on his body, he wanted to know what the fuck it was. T/ony’s own fifteen year old protege hacked through his safeguards and unlocked his suit’s deadly capabilities because it never occurred to him to let him know why that might possibly be a terrible idea.

And sure, if you were really determined, you could argue Peter shouldn’t have done that. That he should have trusted that those safeguards were there for a reason and left them alone until T/ony saw fit to tell him about them. I mean, I personally think that’s a completely fucking stupid argument, because if you’re going to give someone a suit you wear like a literal second skin and make it capable of killing people, that’s absolutely something the person wearing it has a right to know, so he can like, decide if he even fucking WANTS it at that point.

But all that aside, even with you making that argument about how Peter was wrong to hack it or whatever, it still misses the point. That point being, that if Peter hacked it, then ipso facto….IT COULD BE HACKED. T/ony’s vaunted safeguards were once again not up to the task, just like they haven’t been each and every time before when his technology has been turned to criminal enterprises. And this is why some of us say he hasn’t evolved at all, has never learned a damn thing. Because he’s still making the exact same mistakes he made in his first solo movie. He’s still utterly convinced of his own genius to the point where he’s confident he has accounted for the various possibilities and made sure they won’t be an issue. He decides what he wants to do without informing others, even when they have a personal stake in whatever it is he’s doing, and then rests confident in his own plans and countermeasures despite the fact that they have been proven insufficient in literally every single one of his previous experiences. 

T/ony designed a suit with lethal weapons capabilities and put it in the hands of an underage teenager who had absolutely ZERO idea he had lethal ordinance literally at his fingertips. He designed his own safeguards to keep those capabilities from being unlocked until he decided Peter was ready to access them - when Peter hadn’t even expressed that he wanted them in the first place - and then relied on Peter’s ignorance of his own suit’s potential to keep him from messing with it. His entire ‘make sure this lethal suit doesn’t accidentally kill people’ stratagem was based on the idea that no one, let alone Peter himself, could find a way around his safeguards - even though that was proven untrue, just as anyone whose seen every I/ron M/an movie ever could have predicted.

It never occurred to T/ony to use the actual superhero-in-training’s own morality as a safeguard to keep its harmful potential locked for the time being. Like, maybe if he’d ever actually told Peter what the suit was potentially capable of, Peter, being a pretty fucking brilliant kid and someone who absolutely does not want to hurt people, could’ve been trusted not to mess with it. He was extremely quick to shut down any chance of his suit killing someone once he knew that capability was there, after all. And yeah, granted, its not like Peter is a mindless automaton who blindly does everything T/ony tells him to throughout the movie, so maybe you could argue that there was no guarantee that if T/ony told him about the suit’s potential, he wouldn’t still try and hack it out of curiosity.

But again, that misses the point by a mile. Because hey, thought - but if I’m T/ony S/tark, super genius, and I don’t completely, one hundred percent trust that this superhero in training is up to the responsibility of respecting this suit’s awesome deadly potential….MAYBE I SHOULDN’T FUCKING GIVE IT TO HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. If he’s not ready for some of its capabilities yet, here’s an idea….don’t build them into the suit, just upgrade the suit once he IS ready. 

But there’s absolutely no justification for sending a fifteen year old out onto the streets with an actual arsenal of deadly weaponry at his disposal, when he has zero idea he’s toting around that arsenal at all. It was only Peter’s own quick thinking and reflexes that kept him from accidentally killing someone with his suit once he unlocked features he had no way of being prepared for. Again, if you’re like, SUPER DETERMINED to hold a fifteen year old more accountable than a forty something billionaire super genius with actual experience, then you could potentially argue that if Peter had accidentally killed one of the robbers at the gas station, it would have been his fault for hacking the suit.

But even with that, the majority of the responsibility must still lie with the dude who put a loaded gun in the hands of a minor and then essentially told him ‘oh by the way, that’s a water pistol’.

Like, imagine if the worst had happened there. If Peter had (in his eyes) found himself responsible for killing a man by virtue of technology he didn’t even know he had. What do you think that would have done to him?

And that is why all of T/ony’s extended introspective mea culpa scenes in AoU, CW, and any other movie mean jackshit to me, because he never learns. He’s still doing the same thing, making the exact same mistake, making decisions for other people he has no right to be making for them, and refusing to acknowledge that even when he is willing to admit some small measure of responsibility after things go wrong, that isn’t exactly a big fucking comfort to the people who are made unwitting accomplices to his ego and end up shouldering a hell of a lot more of the burden when all’s said and done.

  • Pugsley: Wednesday, did you finish building your weapon yet?
  • Wednesday: I have created the most deadly of maces!
  • Pugsley: Awesome! You know, I'm actually pretty proud of mine too. [shows her]
  • Wednesday: ...uh, wha?
  • Pugsley: It is a pine cone tied to a string, and then, I put some flowers on it and drew a face. I call him Davey.
  • Wednesday: ... Fantastic! Ho!
  • Pugsley: Ho!
  • Grandmama, to Morticia and Gomez: You know, when they turn 18, they're the government's problem.
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The city beyond contains glowing glass relics from a lost civilization. They call to her, but she wants freedom not mysteries. So, reinvented as ‘Micah Grey’, Gene joins the circus. As an aerialist, she discovers the joy of flight - but the circus has a dark side. She’s also plagued by visions foretelling danger. A storm is howling in from the past, but will she heed its roar?


Old magics are waking. But will the world survive their return?

Micah Grey almost died when he fled the circus with Drystan - now he and the ex-clown seek to outrun disaster. Drystan persuades his old friend Jasper Maske, a once-renowned magician, to take them in. But when he agrees to teach them his trade, Maske is challenged to the ultimate high-stakes duel by his embittered arch-nemesis.

Micah must perfect his skills of illusion, while navigating a tender new love. An investigator is also hunting the person he once seemed to be - a noble family’s runaway daughter. As the duel draws near, Micah increasingly suffers from visions showing him real magic and future terrors. Events that broke the ancient world are being replayed. But can Micah’s latent powers influence this deadly pattern?

Thanks, you awesome people. <3