Beautiful but Deadly

Aries: Hemlock Water Dropwart // every part of this plant is poisonous and the consumption of any part will cause death within hours

Taurus: Veratrum // consumption causes rapid cardiac failure and death

Gemini: Ragwort // consumption can cause fatal respiratory failure

Cancer: Adenium // large doses will cause a fatal heart attack

Leo: Aconitum // this poison is so strong it is used to kill adult whales

Virgo: Cerbera Odollom // known as the “Poison Tree” because its toxins paralyze the heart

Libra: Mountain Laurel // causes severely low blood pressure and death

Scorpio: Opium // suppresses the nervous system and causes coma and death

Sagittarius: Laburnum // consumption causes vomiting, frothing at the mouth, coma and death

Capricorn: Naked Lady // has a lovely smell but causes cardiovascular collapse if ingested

Aquarius: Daphne // ingestion of the berries of this plant causes delirium, convulsions and if coma ensues then death will most likely be the outcome

Pisces: Bloodroot // sometimes called “Sweet Slumber,” ingestion causes coma and death