The Walking Dead stuntman dead after on-set injury

John Bernecker, 33, a stuntman on The Walking Dead, died after sustaining serious injuries on the set. 

The incident occurred on location in Atlanta during production on season 8. Bernecker fell more than 20 feet and hit the concrete below. 

Bernecker performed stunt work on numerous films over the past few years, including more recently on Marvel’s Black Panther, Rampage, The Fate of the Furious, Logan and Get Out.

“Director” Michael Bay released a statement: “Such a sad day with the passing of John Bernecker, in a tragic accident on their set.”

Drawing in oil of a 16 years old girl, showing effects of congenital syphilis.
The teeth are ‘pegged’ and the bridge of the nose is flattened. Both eyes are affected with interstitial keratitis and the right, which is also affected with kerato-globus, was absolutely blind. Large patches of necrosis of the cranial bones are exposed by ulceration of the scalp.