deadlocke machinist


Metro-Jack and Deadlocke Machinist  Print Sale

I don’t have any cons lined up soon! So I thought I’d have a bit of a print sale!

Large size prints around 11x17 are $20.00 shipped
Small size which are a bit under 8.5 x11  and are $15.00 shipped. 

Deals for Multiple Items: Large Prints two for 30. 
Small Prints: 2 for 20
Mix prints, one large one small : $25.00

Send orders along with your payment and address to my paypal address at

Feel free to send any questions you may have in an ASK or to that same Email! :) 

(Note: Roark print only available in SMALL size)

Otakon Table from this past weekend! 

Thank you to all my sweet Metro-Jacks and the few Deadlockes who stopped by! It was so fun meeting you my dear little lurkers! I do think I saw more of you than ever this year! It was an exhausting weekend but your excitement for the comic really made my whole Otakon an amazing experience! I hope I get a chance to meet some more of you at Anime Weekend Atlanta next month!